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The Thuringian Bratwurst. Structure 1.Idea 2.History 3.Records of the Bratwurst 4.Interesting facts about the Bratwurst 5.From raw material to the product.

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1 The Thuringian Bratwurst

2 Structure 1.Idea 2.History 3.Records of the Bratwurst 4.Interesting facts about the Bratwurst 5.From raw material to the product 6.The ingredients of the sausage Spices Pork as the basis for the production Fattened pig A chain of evaluation 7. The productionof the fried sausages Recipe Video for the production The comparison of different butchers 8. From barbecue to enjoying Prescriptions Video how to grill a Bratwurst 9. Regulate around the fried sausage 10. The Thuringian Bratwurst worldwide – dolivery for example the Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Schmalkalden 11. Energy balance of the sausage Analysis of the questionairs Facts and figures poels pig breeding GmbH Rippershausen Energy balance 12. References

3 1. Term Thüringer Bratwurst name is not derived from roast, but the worst of production: small sausage is minced meat different sausages – including sausages cans; fried sausages is also better distinguished Rostbratwurst, Roster, Grillwurst or Griller called regional Bratwurst – specials Thüringer Rostbratwurst at last cm long medium fine Rostbratwurst close natural casing, raw or steamed, spicy flavour note since the 6th January 2004 the protection of geographical of the Thüringer Bratwurst

4 2. The history of the Thuringian Bratwurst centuries old tradition oldest written reference in the State Archives in Rudolfstadt in a copy of the provosts account of the Virgin Monastery of Arnstadt in 1404 oldest known recipe is located in the State Archives in Weimar recipe Thuringian – Erfurtsches Cookbook in 1797 many regional legends about the - Jenaprießnitz – assertition: in 1404 on the weekly famers market invented - Invention in Erfurt - a butcher at the medival market at Gotha has invented it in the year years only consists of chopped pork with spices first name Brati at the beginning you ate it with dumpling, later with rolls EU regulation: should only come from Thuringia

5 3. Records of the Bratwurst 1994 regions of Bratwürste also keep records meters long, the long white, which produced a butcher from Jena in rd Thuringia Day in Ilmenau October, meters long intestine was filled with 1.7 tons of sausage mass meters - The longest sausage in the world was produced in the formation region of Bratwurst, Thuringia World record of the Thuringian butcher Zollner from Laasdorf with 5000 metres. World record of the butcher Ossner from Weihbüchl near Landshut with 5888 metres. (see to the longest sausage – sheet 9) 2002 Hans-Joachim Fuchs from Erfurt was barbecue world champion a 333 metres long sausage was grilled on 25th June 2005 at 4 oclock in one piece Fastest Bratwurst - Eater Sonya Thomas, the 45 kg flywight devoured, ate on 8th August Bratwürste in ten minutes and had beaten the old record of 19,5 significantly. Everything has an end – only the sausage has two.

6 4. Interesting facts about the Bratwurst Bratwurst fixed: 14. bratwurst fair Niederzwehren/Kassel ) 2. Bergisch grill championsship ) 4.Bratwurstiade,Holzhausen Thüringen ( )

7 Museum of the Bratwurst The museum houses a permanent exhibition on the history, tradition and cultural significance of the sausage in the social life in general and the Thuringian Bratwurst in particular. Everything about the sausage has its place here. From pig to slaughter up to the equipment for Bratwurst production exhibits the rich. -Wachsenburggemeinde / OT Holzhausen

8 Queens of the Bratwurst 1. Thuringian Sausage- Queen 2000 Barbara Göhring Mengersgereuth-Hämmern Butchers company Blechschmidt 7. Thuringia Sausage - Queen Annett Appenrodt Gotha Butchers company Schlenstedt

9 The longest Bratwurst 27/06/1999 Butcher Bernhart Oßner is a team of 16 butchers and volunteers in the picnic area at Landshut Weihbüchl with 5888 m the longest Bratwurst ago at a time. The production in a specially converted barn lasted nine hours and 13 minutes. To fill sheep casings are used, each approximately 30 m in length, which were pushed 10 cm at the end time of each other. There were 1700 kg cooked sausage meat that came from around 30 pigs. For good taste, wait about 50 kg spices necessary.

10 Fleisch -und Wurstwaren GmbH Schmalkalden more information about the Bratwurst average day production : 2,5 t 5 days = 12,5 t/a week 12, 5 t/week 50 weeks = 625 t /year before Pentecost : 8-9 t details pro batch: 1 batch purchase 150 kilogram fried sausage (absorption volume of the machine) ca. 17 batches every day casing for 1 batch: 350 meter of pig casing or 450 meter of sheep casing the pig casing comes mostly from china, because of the low water- and energy costs + own establishing consumption 350 meter 625 t = meter = circa 219 kilometer pig casing / year slaughtering – 1500 pigs/ week 1 t (Tonne) = 1000 kilogram

11 Bratwurst in other languages DeutschBratwurst Arabischبراتوورست Jiddischבראַטווערסט Russischколбаса Japanischsōsēji Slowenischklobasa Afrikaansbraadworst Kreolisch (Haiti)bratweur Polnischkiełbasa Ukrainischковбаса

12 Raw materials Beet Salt Pepper Nutmeg Potatoes Grass Grain 5. From raw material to the product Processing plant Products Sugar Refinery Spice mill Butcher Slaughterhouse Pigsty Sugar Ground Spices (Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg) Bratwurst Mature pig slaughter Meat, Intestine Water

13 6. The ingredients of the sausage Ingredients: Pork Natural casings (pork or lamb) Spices Antioxidant: ascorbic E300 Milk protein Where are the ingredients? Pork – from Thuringa Spices – Friom India, Indonesia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Southern France, Balcan countries, Italy PorkSpices

14 Origin of Spices Salt: PolandPepper: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, BrazilMuscat: India, IndonesiaCardamom: India, MalaysiaMarjoram: Mediterranean countries, Central and Eastern EuropeGarlic: Southern Europe (Spain, Italy), Mediterranean countries, ChinaLemons: China Click here for the next folia

15 Pork as the basis for the production of Thuringian Bratwurst Meat is one of the full food optimal supply of important ones: Person needs per day: g protein (build your own body protein) g fat (supplier of energy during physical activity) NutrientsKnitted fabrics and complementary - Protein (about 19%) - Fat (2.5%) - Carbohydrates (1.2%) - Water (75%) - Vitamins (B, A, C, E, K) - Trace elements (Mg, Fe, Zn) - Residual nitrogen (ca.1.65%) - Ash (approximately 0.65%) - Minerals (Ca, P, S, Na, K)

16 In raw pork - lean meat - fat meat (E.g. pulp, nut, fillet, Steak) (z.B. rib, abdomen ) 22%protein17% 2,5%fat22% 0,6%carbohydrates0,5% 1%minerals 0,8% 110 kcalenergy content266 kcal (464 kJ)(1118 kJ) In pork is more vitamin B1 per kg (9 mg) and included in the beef (1 mg) per – head – eating pork from 39,3 – 40,1 kg (in the last 5 years) Self-sufficiency in Germany – 99% in thuringia – ca. 70% (estimates 2004)

17 Fattened pigs Objective: production of pig meat with great wealth and high proportion of valuable cuts high biological performance of absolutly healthy animal wih a increase of more than 750 g per day feed conversion under 3 kg feed per 1 kg gaim fattened final weight of 115 – 120 kg and 90 – 95 kg carcan weight lean meat content of 55 – 58 % low loss (less than 3 %) high cost discipline in all expense items the average producer price of slaughter pigs : bis 2008 – 1.38 /kg – 1,42 /kg (ZMP)

18 The percentage shares relates of a total value 358

19 7. The production of the fried sausages production: finely minced pork possibly also calf or beef sometimes beside salt and pepper also curmin, Majoranand garlic are used dependirg on regional development the spice mixture can be varied the majority of raw materials must come from Thuringia (51%) you mix all ingredience well and put them afterwards into natural intestine

20 Amounts given for 100 kg sausage meat 50 kg lean pork shoulder 30 kg fat pork shoulder 20 kg uncured roast beef sausage about 100 m pork or sheep casing spices per kg 22 g salt 2 g freshly ground pepper 1g freshly ground cumin 0,5 g freshly ground mace

21 Video for the production Click here. ( Part 1 )Click here. Click here. ( Part 2 )Click here. Click here. ( Part 3 )Click here.

22 The comparison of different butcher`s Edeka Der Landschlachter Fleischerei Albrecht Fleischerei Poser Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Fleischerei Rügheimer Fleischerei Weisheit

23 8. From barbecue to enjoying Prescription: Thuringian fried sausage with vegetables Ingredients: Preparation: Potatoes bite-firmly simmer. Pect the onions and cut in stripes. Peppers wash, cut them into quarters. Cut the sausages into small pieces. Oil in a frying pan heat it up. Paprika in it sear. Onions, suasge and potatoes inflickt and with sear. With salt, pepper and paprikapowder spicing. Serve everything on a plate with parsley strews. quantitymeasureingredient 1kgpotatoes 150gonions 1packetpeppers mix 400 = 4 g pices Thuringian sausages somethingsalt, pepper, paprikapowder somethingparsley

24 Recipe: fresh fried sausage with potatoes and red cabbage Ingredients for 4 people 4 big sausage medium size 1 apple- grate it 1 kg potatoes. Medium size or big 1bottel red cabbage 1 bay leaf pepper, salt oil some juniper berries

25 Preparation wash potatoes, peel them and cut them into let cold, salted water boil put red cabbage into a pot and heat it up add bay leal and junuper berries (according into taste) add the grated too drain the cooked potatoes and serve them with fried sausage and red cobbage Good appetit !! The same can be served with pickled cabbage.

26 Video how to grill a Bratwurst Click here. ( Part 1 )Click here. Click here. ( Part 2 )Click here.

27 9. Regulate around the fried sausage only original ones of the rust use Thuringian charcoal not with mrasures and fork, but with the hand, fried sausage and roll with Born mustard or Born ketchup, like one it likes, originally genurie Thuringian mustard supplements with: - potatoe salad - Sauerkraut - parsely potatoes - Thuringian Klöße - mashed potatoes The worst, which you can do with the Thuringian fried sausage is to convert to a curry sausage.

28 10. The Thuringian Bratwurst worldwide dolivery for example: Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Schmalkalden 60 own bronchos all over Thuringia administrative distructs: Wartburgkreis Schmalkalden – Meiningen Hildburghausen towns: Erfurt, Suhl, Eisfeld other countries:- Austria- Transport with truck - England- Transport with truck - Belgium- Transport with truck - Sweden- aircraft / plane - Russia- ship armed forces in Afghanistan, KFOR – troops in Pristina (Kosovo) (scald, frozen) truck airport admission to sale from production to consume: 5-6 days

29 Salesways abroad Schmalkalden Sweden Austria England Belgium Russia Afghanistan (Armed forces) Kosovo (KFOR- troops)

30 11. Energy balance of the sausage energy expenses for 1 kg meat waterfoodenergy Farming division0,8 l0,36 kg0,16 kWh piglets0,5 l0,27 kg- mast5 l2,5 kg0,36 kWh meat products ltd. Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Fleischerei 0,2 l-0,11 kWh 6,5 l3,13 kg0,63 kWh 1 kg meat = 8 sausage a 125 g 1 kg meat = 10 sausage a 100 g

31 Extrapolation: In this statement there are no transport costs included. Comparision Costs for 1 bread made from more than one kind of flour (1 kg) 2,30 waterfoodenergy 1 sausage0,65 l0, 313 kg0,063 kWh 10 sausages6,5 l3,13 kg0,63 kWh 100 sausages65 l31,3 kg6,3 kWh 1000 sausages650 l313 kg63 kWh agriculture (27%) mill (8%) bakery (47%) transport (16%) 1 bread0,621 0,184 1,081 0, breads6,21 1,84 10,81 3, breads62,10 18,4 108,10 36, breads621,- 184,- 1081,- 368

32 Joulcalories 1 sausage1830 kJ460 1 sausage with a roll2350 kJ585 In an gym, you need 55,2 min for 460 calorie (sausage) or 70,2 min for 585 calorie (sausage with bread roll) with 5,5 km/h and a pitch of 8% on a treadmill Nutritional value 1 kg bread 7,53 MJ finish energy 9 MJ burning value (3/4 bakery und agriculture) 1 MJ = 1000 kJ 1 bread (1 kg) agriculturemillbakerytransport 1 bread2 MJ (2000 kJ) 0,7 MJ (700 kJ) 3,8 MJ (3800 kJ) 1,1 MJ (1100 kJ)

33 Comparision The increase of productivity is dependent of physical work. foundation + increase of = whole turnover productivity turnover foundation turnover increase of productivity whole turnover 6700 kJ kJ =10470 kJat easy physical work 6700 kJ kJ =12560 kJat middle heavy physical work 6700 kJ kJ =16750 kJat heavy physical work

34 Facts and figures Peols pig breeding GmbH Ripperhausen attiude: sows maintenance (insemination, gestation, farrowing) complete lining of the sows included rearing expenses water expenses including cleaning energy expense (current and feed preparation) energy expense 1 kg real (factory farming) Waterchuck energy breeding pro rata0,8 l0,36 kg0,16 kWh piglet 0,5 l0,27 kg wast 5 l 2,5 kg0,36 kWh chuck: - ¾ grain – is orbiting in an average of 5 km harvested and placed directly - ¼ expeller, sunflower grist, soja, mineral feed pig farm itself is based on no grain Slaughter in Weimar Feed and animal transport: 1 truck transport of 30 tons of corn or 190 pigs slaughtered

35 Analysis of the questionnairs Please click here.

36 Comparison of the origin / the production of the fried sausage Bratwurst To compare the large butchers company Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Schmalkaldenwith the smaller butchers shops of the region of Haselgrund we had to make a projection on 1 sentence= 150 kg meat. We didnt get facts from all of the butchers companies so we used the majority of facts. Smaller butchers companies produce and sell a less amount of Bratwurst. So they have higher costs for energy, water and cleaning and the costs for the production are higher too. That means the prices of the Bratwurst in these smaller companies are higher. They use different spices to produce the Bratwurst. But most butchers see the recipes as their companys secret and keep it. But all of them use salt, pepper, megnut, garlic and cumin. To fill in the meat mixture people use intertimez of pigs. Each butchers has a very high level of quality because this means to keep the satisfaction of their customers. Bratwurst is produced with a weight of 100 g, 120 g or 125 g. It is 15 to 30 cm long. The butchers produce different kinds of Bratwurst. There are e.g. the Thuringian Bratwurst – fine and coarse, Bratwurst home-made and others. The name Thuringian Rostbratwurst is geographically determined and has a copyright. Its only called a Thuringian Rostbratwurst when 51% of all ingrediants come originally from Thuringia and there are only 20% (+ / - 5%) animal fat in it. The meat production plays an important role in the production of Bratwurst. Most butchers get their meat from Thuringia. That keeps the costs for transportation lower than if they bought the meat from all over Germany. The meat production company in our region is in Rippershausen. While the regional butchers shops sell their own Bratwurst in the towns and villages in the region of Haselgrund the Bratwürste of the company Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Schmalkalden are transported all over Thuringia as well as in other European countries.

37 12. References tschaft,Schlachthof,Norddeutsche-Fleischzentrale-Schlachthof-Emstek.jpg CD Herbert Roth, Star Collektion, BMG

38 We thank everybody for their help to make the presentation a success! The End

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