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NGfL CYMRU GCaD Instructions.

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1 NGfL CYMRU GCaD Instructions

2 NGfL CYMRU GCaD There are many different purposes for instructions. Instructions for games Instructions for construction Instructions for recipes

3 NGfL CYMRU GCaD Can you think of any other ways to write instructions? Talk to a partner. Cascade what you find out.

4 NGfL CYMRU GCaD Instructions can…. include pictures be text only be text and pictures be done in photostory

5 NGfL CYMRU GCaD Hello, my name is Nia. Which way do you think is best to write instructions?

6 NGfL CYMRU GCaD I have sent my friend in Nepal a welsh recipe, but I think its in the wrong order, can you help to sort it out? Word file of jumbled welsh cake recipe Photostory recipes

7 NGfL CYMRU GCaD Hello my name is ……. I live in Nepal. I have sent you a recipe to try. Hope you like it! Dhal Bhat Recipe Ingredients: 10 tbsp mixed lentils 2 chopped tomatoes 1 medium onion Chilli, corriander, garlic, ginger garam masala to taste Bhat Rice washed and stood in cold water Directions: Boil the lentils with 5 cups of water. Once they are soft, mash them and add the spices. In a separate pan fry the onion, garlic, and tomato and once done add to lentils. Finally, add a handfull of coriander to the soup. Cook rice from cold water. Pour dhal over the top of rice and eat1

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