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Barbara Abo Extension Educator Ada County. Eating Smart and moving more are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

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1 Barbara Abo Extension Educator Ada County

2 Eating Smart and moving more are the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

3 Balancing Calories Enjoy your food, but eat less Avoid oversized portions Foods to Increase Make half your plate fruits and vegetables Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk Foods to Reduce Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen mealsand choose the foods with lower numbers Drink water instead of sugary drinks

4 1. Prepare and eat more meals at home-stock your pantry 2. Tame the tube/unplug the screen 3. Choose to move more every day 4. Right-size your portions 5. Re-think your drink 6. Enjoy more fruits and vegetables

5 1. Use a kitchen scale. Portion sizes have gotten larger over the years, making it hard to tell whats appropriate. No, eyeballing isnt a good solution. Its best to weigh it before you eat it. A scale ensures that you keep portions the right size, every time.

6 Lettuce and other veggies are low in calories and high in nutritional value. Theyre also filling alongside a 4-ounce portion of protein (such as my Salt and Pepper Chicken Breasts) and a small whole-grain carbohydrate.

7 Treat yourselfwisely Bacon bits, croutons and cheese, oh my! These tasty toppings can make a salad special, but also add a significant amount of calories. Instead of indulging all at once, choose only one and use it sparingly.

8 Butter and sour cream on your baked potato adds calories, but salsa and a tablespoon of shredded cheddar are a much smarter choice that adds great flavor. Another smart trade? Sweet potatoes instead of white.

9 Lean proteins, like chicken and fish, are way more waist-friendly than a well-marbled steak (Ill be the first to admit the steak does taste great!) Take a cue from the Mediterranean-style of eating…limit red meat to once or twice a week.

10 Its a simple thing to choose whole grain breads over white, and whole wheat pasta. Do itthe whole grains aid your digestive tract.

11 Your mama probably told you this, but its really something to listen tobreakfast jumpstarts your body. So, eat something already!

12 Avocado and olive oil? Good fats. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish? Good fat. Butter and shortening? Bad fat. Choose fats that are good for your body over saturated or trans fats.

13 You know that feeling when you really, really want something? Instead of trying to ignore it and consequently overeating, say yesand have it in moderation. In the end, you will be more satisfied and be more likely to stick to your diet goals.

14 Its not enough just to eat right. Exercise. The general rule of thumb, at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine.

15 Baking Dried Goods Rice Tomatoes Vinegars Dried Pasta Condiments Oils Milks Canned goods Misc Dried Herbs Spices Extracts Fresh Produce Refrigerator or freezer staples

16 Utensils Baking dishes Pots and Pans Cutlery Baking equipment Electronics for the kitchen

17 Why Menu Plan? Where do you start? How to Plan: Web sites that have menu planning abilities What resources do you need to begin planning

18 Saves time You will have ingredients on hand Preparation could be started ahead of time Saves Money Fewer trips to the grocery store you will not buy unneeded items Spending less time in the store you will purchase fewer impulse items You have a plan for left over ingredients to be used in another meal, less food wastebatching You can buy on sale knowing how and when you will use the items Improves the nutritional value of meals Plan meals using all the food groups Add extra veggies to hot dishes Eat fruit as a desert Reduces stress by knowing what is for dinner You know what you will be having for dinner You have shopped and have all the needed supplies on hand

19 One main dish--two meals You get two meals out of the core ingredient. You save time preparing meals You save money by planning and using leftovers– for example chicken or beans or beef Left over chicken or beef with the liquid it was cooked in makes a tasty base for a soup or stew.

20 Weekly grocery ads and sales-know discount days at your stores Inventory of what you have on hand Looking through recipes Listing foods your family likes to eat

21 Where ever your starting point is record menus for a week, month, or longer Use paper and pencil Use soft ware or web site to record Whats for Dinner

22 A binder with copies of recipes and menus you use for planning for the week. Organizing kids snacks by the weekgive them three daily options fresh fruit & vegetables, whole-grain food and a healthy cookie or dessert. They pick one snack from each type every day. Or if you dont see every meal being planned- -keep a list of healthy ingredients to jog your memory of choices you have.

23 Clip coupons for items you plan on purchasing and using Take coupons with you to the store to purchase items for your meal plan Shop for unadvertised specials in the store

24 Buy family packs of meat-20 cents per pound cheaper. Repack when you get home, cook and freeze the extra for another day. Buy bagged potatoes, onions, and apples the cost per item is often less-weigh the bags you might get an extra ½ pound for the same price. Purchase store brands-you can save as much as 25% the taste is different but the quality is just as good. Grocers offer a money-back guarantee if their product does not meet your expectations.

25 has menu planning, grocery shopping, recipes and diet tracking tools Betty Crocker has menu planning and recipes Eating Well has menu planning and recipe tools Health Castle has menu planning and other nutrition related information. Spend Smart, Eat Smart Choose one that works for you and invest time and your plan to track what your family is eating.

26 Menu Planner Tracker for food and Physical activity

27 Type in and Select the foods you eat. Nutrients are tracked and graphed when a food is added

28 Emails come with new recipes and ideas, open the web site and explore from there.

29 Meal Finder-- Enter ingredients you have on hand for help with recipes and complete meal ideas.

30 Recipes Recipes storage Grocery list Sharing recipe

31 Write your list by hand, or use the computer to create a list that ties in with recipes, for example: Baking 1/2 cup Original Bisquick® mix Condiments 1/2 cup honey Dairy 1 cup milk 2 eggs 3/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese sour cream Ethnic 1 package Old El Paso® taco seasoning mix 1 can Old El Paso® chopped green chiles Old El Paso® salsa Frozen Food 2 cups Green Giant® Select® frozen sugar snap peas Meats/Poultry/Seafood 1 pound uncooked turkey breast 1 pound lean ground beef Produce 1 cup ready-to-eat baby-cut carrot 1 onion


33 Food & Nutrition Diet Guidelines Nutrition Basics Grocery Aisle Healthy Dine-out Super Foods Nutrition Books Food of the Month Diet Guidelines Nutrition Basics Grocery Aisle Healthy Dine-out Super Foods Nutrition Books Food of the Month Nutrition & Health Heart Smart Diet Cancer Diet Gout Diet Acid Reflux High Cholesterol Diabetes Diet Diverticulitis Diet Lactose Intolerance IBD Diet Gluten-Free Diet ADHD Diet Heart Smart Diet Cancer Diet Gout Diet Acid Reflux High Cholesterol Diabetes Diet Diverticulitis Diet Lactose Intolerance IBD Diet Gluten-Free Diet ADHD Diet Women's Nutrition Menopause Diet Osteoporosis Anemia Breast Cancer Diet Pregnancy Menopause Diet Osteoporosis Anemia Breast Cancer Diet Pregnancy


35 Interesting feature of this web sitecompares package mixes with made from scratch foods. Nutrients, cost, and preparation time are all considered.

36 Spend Smart Eat Smart has information, recipes, and tips for menu planning, shopping and preparing meals for your family. Low cost basic information.

37 My Pyramid has servings sizes in chart form. Look inside the Pyramid MyPyramid portion sizes relate to daily calorie intake, different from serving sizes on a nutrient label.

38 Light activity Grains6 ounces Vegetables2 ½ cups Fruits1 ½ cups Milk3 cups Meat/beans5 ounces Vigorous activity Grains 8 ounces Vegetables 3 cups Fruits 2 cups Milk 3 cups Meat/beans 6 ½ ounces

39 Dining out-think of eating out as a leisure time activity that includes a meal. Most often more expensive and time consuming. Save for special occasions. Takeout/deliverytrading cash for time to unwind. Is it really giving you enough time for the cost? Making your own pizza Making from scratch $3.00 ingredients and ½- 1 hour of time Ordering a pizza Cost: $18.00 Time: 2 minutes ordering and 1 minute accepting and paying Is $15.00 worth it?

40 Prepackage foodeating frozen dinners or food ready to heat and eat are more expensive than food cooked from scratch. They are a good choice when used occasionally but you are eating higher amounts of preservatives, salt etc. that might not be a healthy choice for every meal. Making your own foodis likely the cheapest and healthiest option but it takes time.

41 Use a Slow Cooker to reduce food prep time in the evening Create a Casserole Creating Planned-Over meals with ingredients you shopped and cooked earlier Having ingredients on hand that will create a meal in a short amount of time Cook once and serve twice

42 Take time to put your health firstexercise and move every day. Plan meals. Identify recipesuse a book or the internet but have a list to use and know where to find them. Use a shopping list to stock your pantry with ingredients to prepare planned meals. Know portion sizes and eat accordingly.

43 Photograph the contents of your pantry, cupboards, or fridge today Put into action what you learned today Photograph your pantry, cupboards, or fridge in April Submit both pictures to Health Matters Health Matters will feature your success as part of Mays Success Story!

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