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REMEMBER Recipe parts and resources

2 Beginning cooks need to know the essential parts of a recipe

3 Parts of a Recipe Yield List of ingredients and amounts
Step-by-step directions for mixing and handling Container (mixing bowl, pan/pot/baking pan/baking dish) size and type Temperature and time Nutritional analysis

4 What are Recipe Resources?
Cookbooks Magazines Newspapers Package labels Grocery ads Internet sites Family recipes

5 Key Terms Cooking temperature and time Equipment Ingredients
Directions Yield Nutritional analysis

6 First Part of a Recipe: Yield
The yield tells the number and size of servings the recipe will make. This information is important because it tells you how many people you can feed with that recipe. If you have more people to feed, you can increase the yield by doubling or tripling the amount. If you have less people to feed, you can decrease the yield by cutting the amount in half.

7 Second Part of a Recipe: List of Ingredients and Amounts
A well written recipe will have the ingredients listed in the order in which they have to be used.

8 Third Part of a Recipe: Directions
The directions contain the steps you have to take to execute the recipe. The steps are listed in the order in which they have to be done As you read the directions, look for special cooking skills you might need to execute the recipe

9 Fourth Part of a Recipe: Container Size and Type
A well written recipe will indicate the size of containers to be used to both mix and cook/bake the ingredients. For example, a recipe should tell you what size bowl you need to mix the ingredients or what size pan you need to use.

10 Fifth Part of a Recipe: Temperature and Time
A well written recipe will also have cooking temperatures and times. For example, a recipe will ask you to bake a cake at 350º F for 15 minutes. Sometimes, temperature is indicated with a cooking term, such as “heat water until it boils.”

11 Optional Part of a Recipe: Nutritional Information
Nutritional information is not necessary to execute a recipe, but it is very useful for your health. This information includes: Number of calories per serving Amount of nutrients, such as fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, or proteins Recommended amounts of nutrients needed per day


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