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Recipe Manager © Manage your Operation with Precision Recipe Manager General Sales Presentation 8/2005 Vydata Systems.

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1 Recipe Manager © Manage your Operation with Precision Recipe Manager General Sales Presentation 8/2005 Vydata Systems

2 What is Recipe Manager? Recipe Manager is a powerful application for restaurant data management. Built with the end user in mind, its simple even for the computer novice. Recipe Manager will bring form and function to the recipes that restaurants have built their good name on. It is a tool that can be used for any size organization from the single restaurant to the large chain. It can be integrated into a number of leading corporate business systems for real-time data management. Product Web Site :

3 Who is Vydata Systems? Vydata Systems, a Louisiana-based software company formed in 1996, has produced a number of business products designed on the Microsoft Windows operating system platform. The company has a national customer base which include clothing companies, jewelry stores, independent distributors, specialty and antique shops, restaurants, various service companies, etc. Vydata Systems added the Recipe Manager product into their offering in late 2002. Corporate Web Site :

4 Use Recipe Manager for… Multi-location Data Sharing Custom Menu Writing Custom Reporting Picture/Document Attaching Recipe Scaling Automatic Unit Conversions Inventory Tracking (Recipe/Ingredient) Cost Control Nutritional Analysis Interfacing to Other Systems

5 Inventory Tracking Keep track of waste Track ingredients by category Convert among units automatically Use recipes as ingredients Track purchases Track costs by different methods Flag when costs are too high

6 Cost Control Automatic unit conversions from inventory purchases Automatic cost / price number adjustment when recipes are scaled Analyze recipe and menu costs by single portion or yield. Calculate cost and profit margins by several different accounting methods Cost an entire menu, event, or catering job in minutes

7 Nutritional Analysis Automatic unit conversions from ingredient-entered elements Importation from USDA web site Easily change, add, or remove Nutrition Facts label elements Report on any nutritional component Print or export an entire list of recipes with similar nutritional data Build custom menus off recipes with high or low nutritional elements

8 Automatic importation of data in designated locations Can configure buttons to automatically launch 3 rd -party programs throughout the system Can export to many different formats including XML, XLS (Microsoft Excel), ASCII text, CSV, etc. Standard interfaces supported to many popular POS, PO, ERP, and accounting business systems Interfacing to Other Systems Popular interfaces include Micros, POSitouch, Aloha, EnterprisePOS, etc.

9 Case Study Piccadilly Restaurants, with corporate offices located in Louisiana, has 130 restaurants located throughout several southern states. Piccadilly upgraded from a competitor system in early 2002 to Recipe Manager and never looked back. They complained of several limitations with the old system and was looking for alternatives. After several meetings with key Vydata Systems consultants to map out their needs, Piccadilly decided to adopt Recipe Manager as their corporate standard. "Recipe Manager is a fantastic product. It has helped our business track detailed cost and nutrition information better than our previously used program. In addition it has greatly enhanced our ability to quickly distribute detailed recipe information to all of our restaurants!" Patrick Prudhomme Vice President - Purchasing Piccadilly Restaurants LLC

10 The system has helped Piccadilly… Provide a Nutrition Facts label on any food product on demand for restaurant customers. Comply with FDA / USDA nutritional standards. Provide a nutritional analysis page on their corporate web site for all popular food items. Track costs and profit margins for all recipes by single portion or yield. Quickly scale recipes up or down prior to food preparation. Track a number of custom fields such as allergens that their old system would not allow. Provide an automated way of recipe data distribution among all restaurants. Centrally control recipe data from the corporate office. Build custom reports with corporate standard layouts. Build custom menus for specific days and specific shifts. Track ingredient waste. Interface with other business systems. Automate unit conversions. Case Study Continued…

11 FAQs Why was Recipe Manager developed? Recipe Manager was originally written in 2001 to address a number of short-comings in other similar products on the market. Other systems had… Unreliable or difficult nutrition facts generation for food products. Unreliable ingredient-level and sub-recipe cost tracking. Inadequate interfacing to corporate purchasing and point-of-sale systems. Nonstandard user Interfaces - no Microsoft standards were adopted. Not incorporated the way Chefs work (using decimal units instead of fractions, for example). Not allowed for much custom reporting or menu generation. Recipe Manager does ALL THIS and more. How easy is the system to use? Extremely. We have designed the system with the end user in mind. We know the expertise of our customer base is in food service, not computers. The system was designed with keyboard shortcuts, a full on-line manual, a tutorial, and popup tool-tips throughout the system to ensure you always have the help you need.

12 Are there any networking concerns? Each enterprise license of Recipe Manager is a SITE license. This means you can load the system on as many computers as you want at any given physical location. Each copy can be easily connected to a network data source. Sharing recipe data among computers is generally very simple and can be accomplished in minutes. FAQs Continued… Are there any data security concerns? Important recipe data can be locked into a "Read Only" mode for non-management users. The restaurant staff will be able to see everything but not modify anything. This mode of operation protects your company's data. A multi-location business can managed their data from the corporate office and push information to the individual units for automatic synchronization when the system is opened. No user intervention is required at the restaurant level. Since the data is managed from 1 location data security can be centralized there. For a single location, a back-office computer can be designated as the only computer allowed to change anything. You only need to protect your source computer or location allowed to make changes to your data.

13 Can the system be used for marketing purposes? Absolutely. Some things you can do are… Query the database on all items with a specific nutritional element (for example, find all recipes with low carbohydrates to advertise your "Low Carb items). Analyze profit margins to base a marketing campaign around the most profitable items. Reduce your waste by advertising items with the highest waste percentages or spoilage to improve turn-around. Analyze reorders to base a marketing campaign around your most popular products. FAQs Continued… How does the system work? You enter your inventory first based on your vendor orders. For each item ordered, you will need to enter the purchase order and nutrition element detail (cholesterol, calories, fats, vitamin content, etc.). The purchase data can be interfaced to your corporate system and the nutritional information is generally provided by the vendor or can be imported from the USDA web site. That's it! Now, simply add the inventory items as ingredients into recipes. The nutrition and cost information will be pulled in, converted to the proper units, and scaled accordingly to provide you with all the detail you need.

14 John D. Albin Sales Manager Vydata Systems 866.272.6767 (Toll Free) 225.272.6767 (Office) 225.276.1903 (Cell) 225.275.1603 (Fax) Questions? Contact: CLICK HERE FOR A DEMO

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