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Chef Charles Club Nutrition Education for Older Adults Funded by USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education Carlene Russell, MS RD LD

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1 Chef Charles Club Nutrition Education for Older Adults Funded by USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education Carlene Russell, MS RD LD 4th State Units on Aging Nutritionists & Administrators Conference August 2006

2 Iowans are living Longer 4th in the nation over age of 60 (19%) 2 nd in the nation for 85 and older (2.2%) 941 Iowans 100 years or older


4 Fruit and Vegetable Intake 33% older Iowans consume 5 servings ( BRFSS ) Low income groups consume fewer servings 26% consume 2 servings ( Chef Charles ) 21% consume 3 servings 18 % consume 4 servings 8% consume 5 servings

5 Program Objectives Eat more fruits and vegetables Be more physically active each day Prepare and cook foods safely

6 Congregate Meal Program in Iowa 77,796 individuals served in 2005 82.3% at or below 185% poverty Receive nutrition education monthly with Older Americans Act funding 3000 Chef Charles Club newsletters distributed monthly 100 meal sites

7 Group Nutrition Education Congregate meal sites Lay leaders Scripted nutrition modules Incorporated adult learning strategies –small groups –hands on activities –visual resources





12 3 Focus group suggestions Be brief in presenting nutrition information. Avoid lectures; provide nutrition information in a brief interactive way. Provide tasting opportunities that illustrate new foods and recipes. Give suggestions on how to purchase, ripen, store and eat fruits and vegetables. Encourage physical activity on the Chef Charles bingo card. Most Influential Recipes Food Samples Snack & Act Bingo

13 Pick a Better…Dessert. A demonstration of a simple dessert. 10 Pick A Better…Dessert The April newsletter recipe (a copy of the recipe is on the next page) demonstrates how to satisfy your hunger for dessert and provide nutrition. It uses only three ingredients and requires no cooking. One recipe makes three servings and can make six small samples. The directions suggest using a blender or food processor to finish the recipe for a smooth consistency. We have also tried this alternative and find it works well. Add the orange juice to the other ingredients in the freezer bag, close the bag tightly and squeeze the bag to incorporate the 3 ingredients together. The pineapple will be a little chunky, but very satisfying. Make sure to note to the participants that this is low fat and low sodium dessert that provides yellow/orange produce and helps to maintain heart and vision health.

14 Order Your Materials (provided to Iowa Nutrition Network Partners Only) Contact Name_______________________________________________ Area Agency on Aging________________________________________ Congregate Meal Site_________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________ City, State, and Zip___________________________________________ Phone Number___________________ FAX Number________________ 15 Month# newsletters# Refrigerator Magnets (Only for new participants) # Incentives (order guide:meal sites under 50=5 each; 50-75=7 each; 76-100= 10 each item). April Refrigerator Memo Boards___ Measuring Spoons_____ Pineapple Recipes_____ Answers to Chef Charles Says questions: 1.__________ __________ 2.__________ 3. ________ _________ 4. ______ ________ 5. _____ Return to: Marilyn Jones, IDPH, Lucas Building, 5 th Floor, 321 E. 12 th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319 or by FAX 515-281-4913. For questions call Marilyn at 800-532-1579 or 515-281-6047.


16 Feedback Participants like –newsletters –exercise bands were a big hit –food samples Leaders like –easy to use materials –colorful apron

17 Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake Program Eval 05 55% report increasing intake 46% tasted new F&V 49% tried new recipes containing F&V 78% agreed they may develop health problems if they do not eat F&V 62% report they feel they can eat 2.5 cups of F&V.

18 Safe Food Handling Program Eval05 As a result of the Chef Charles program 64 % report washing hands more often 70% report learning new nutrition info 40% report using a refrigerator thermometer 22% report using a thermometer to test doneness of meat (21% plan to increase use) 67% wait for hot food to cool before refrigerating it

19 Physical Activity Program Eval 05 As a result of the Chef Charles program 39% report increasing physical activity 42% report 30 minutes most days 21% plan to increase in next month 17% plan to increase in 6 months 68% agree that PA will reduce falls 73% agree that PA will improve Q of L 43% report that can perform PA 30 minutes

20 Stage of Change Those planning to increase PA tended to consume more fruits/fruit juice than those who did not have plans. 76.1% vs 60.7% (<0.05) Not significant for vegetable intake

21 Challenges Funding –leader time –tasting opportunities Delineation of OAA and FSNE responsibility for nutrition education

22 Opportunities Provide nutrition education to congregate meal participants Enjoyable Easy to use Utilize goal setting to move participants to preparation and action stages for F&V, PA, and food safety practices

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