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COB.NET R2 Program - 02 June 2014 Guidance Automation Toolkit VISUG 09/08/2006 Jelle Druyts

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1 COB.NET R2 Program - 02 June 2014 Guidance Automation Toolkit VISUG 09/08/2006 Jelle Druyts

2 Agenda Introduction Wizards (Recipes) More than just wizards Continuous Guidance

3 Guidance Automation Toolkit Introduction

4 Have you ever needed... A 40-page document full of guidelines Architectural layers Solution/project structure Namespaces, class names, method names,... Best practices Step-by-step instructions Visual Studio customizations Custom actions Custom Add New items (classes, projects) Code generation Empty quick-start solutions for development teams Home > Introduction

5 Visual Studio SDK Visual Studio has an object model Call the Visual Studio APIs directly EnvDTE.dll and EnvDTE80.dll Powerful Entire Visual Studio object model is exposed Difficult Registering custom packages in Visual Studio COM interop with EnvDTE object model Home > Introduction

6 Guidance Automation Toolkit Guidance Automation Making reusable code and pattern assets directly available in Visual Studio 2005 Integrating reusable code into applications Guiding developers through complex procedures Uses Visual Studio SDK behind the scenes Built and used by Microsoft Patterns & Practices Web Service Software Factory Smart Client Software Factory Mobile Client Software Factory Latest release: June 2006 CTP Home > Introduction

7 GAX & GAT Home > Introduction

8 Guidance Automation Toolkit Wizards (Recipes)

9 Guidance Automation Packages A Guidance Package consists of Visual Studio Templates Provide integration with Visual Studio Create New Project/Item dialog box Create Solutions, Projects, Project Items,... Defined in.vstemplate files Guidance Automation Recipes Automated activities that define a series of instructions Abstract an action that the developer would need to do manually E.g. create projects, add references,... Defined in an xml file Link between both: Templates refer to Recipes Home > Wizards (Recipes)

10 Visual Studio Templates Home > Wizards (Recipes) Application Block Guidance Package that creates a new Application Block. CSharp ApplicationBlock.ico Projects\Runtime\Runtime.vstemplate Microsoft.Practices.RecipeFramework.VisualStudio, Version=1.0.51206.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a Microsoft.Practices.RecipeFramework.VisualStudio.Templates.UnfoldTemplate