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Next Helping students to read with speed and fluency. Reading in the Holy Quran.

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2 Next


4 Helping students to read with speed and fluency. Reading in the Holy Quran

5 By using reading variations the teacher can assure that students provide experiences which support building the confidence of a reader. These variations also provide opportunities for children to experience and practice fluency and expression. *Why do we need to teach READING VARIATIONS to teachers?

6 Sight Words

7 Reading variations help students -learn sight words -Improve sight vocabulary -recognize sight words Reading variations are useful for - teaching sight vocabulary What is a sight word?

8 90%

9 These words are used to hold thoughts together, these words must be recognized at a glance before a child can read with confidence. The larger the store of sight words, the more quickly and fluently a child is able to read.

10 Count With Me! If you teach your students the following 12 words, they will be able to read a quarter of all reading. If you teach your students the following 20 words in addition to the preceding ones (words will be 12+20=32), they will be able to read a third of all reading. heanda isinI thatofit wastothe atasareall hadforbutbe nothishimhave sosaidoneon youwithwethey

11 beenbackanabout callbybigbefore couldcomecancame firstdowndodid hasgogetfrom intoifhereher looklittlelikejust memoremakemade nomymustmuch oldoffnownew otherouroronly sherightoverout themtheirsomesee twothistherethen wentwellwantup wherewhenwhatwere yourwillwho If you add the following 68 words (making a total of 100 words), your students will be able to read half of all reading in English.




15 Partner (4) Repeated (5) Tape-Assisted (3) Choral (2) Echo (1) Theater (7) Shared (6)

16 What is echo reading? Echo reading is an activity where a skilled reader reads a text, a sentence at a time, as the learner tracks. The student then echoes or imitates the skilled reader. Echo Reading (1)

17 Steps 1- Students should turn to the first page and point to the beginning word or the beginning sentence. 2- Students should track the print while the teacher is reading. 3- Students should track the print and read the word/ sentence aloud as the teacher does. 4- Students should continue through the text. Echo Reading (1)


19 Choral Reading is where the whole class reads aloud from the same selection. The teacher also reads and sets the pace as well as modeling proper pronunciation and variation in tone. Choral Reading (2) What is choral reading?

20 Steps 1- Students track the print and read together. 2- Students read the same way as the teacher does. 3- In groups, students read parts that the teacher tells them to read. 4- They read aloud with the teacher. Students track the print. Choral Reading (2)


22 Tape Assisted Reading (3) What is tape assisted reading? Tape assisted reading is an individual or group reading activity where a student reads along with a passage which has been recorded on audio or video tape.

23 Steps 1- Students listen to the tape while following along on the paper copy of the passage. 2- Students read along with the tape. 3- Students read aloud individually without the tape. Tape Assisted Reading (3)


25 Partner Reading (4) What is partner reading? Partner reading is an activity that provides an opportunity to students to read orally and to give repeated practice to improve their fluency as well as their self-confidence.

26 Steps 1-Pair students carefully, i.e. (high, middle) (middle, middle) (middle, low). 2- Each student reads the selected text aloud while her partner is listening actively and following along. 3- Partners give help if needed. 4- After the first student is done, partner gives feedback on reading. 5- Students switch roles together and they repeat the procedure. Partner Reading (4)


28 Repeated Reading (5) What is repeated reading? It is an individual activity where students develop confidence, and speed.

29 Steps 1- Have the students read along with a fluent reader, or a cassette tape of a fluent reader. 2- Give the students a time goal which is the same length of time it would take a fluent reader to read the passage at a moderate pace. 3- Have the students read the same passage alone until they are able to read the passage in the specified time. 4- When the time goal is reached, repeat the process with a new passage. Repeated Reading (5)


31 Shared Reading (6) What is Shared Reading? Shared Reading is exactly what it sounds like - It is a time for sharing a story and reading together!

32 Steps 1- Select an interesting story with repetition, or use a favorite story. 2- When introducing a new story, talk about the title, the cover illustration, and the kind of story. 3- Read the story to the group, tracking each word with a pointer as you read. 4- Students join in as they are able. 5- Talk about expression and intonation used in reading. Shared Reading (6)














46 Readers Theatre (7) What is Readers theater? It is an activity where students work together in pairs or in groups. They take roles in dialogues. This activity builds personality and self-confidence.

47 Steps 1- Students will be working in pairs or in groups. 2- Each student will be assigned a role from a dialogue. 3- Students read the script. 4- Teacher gives feedback and support. 5- They perform their reading before an audience. Readers Theatre (7)


49 Partner (4) Repeated (5) Tape-Assisted (3) Choral (2) Echo (1) Theater (7) Shared (6)

50 Notebook

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