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Distance Learning Training October 16, 2009 a.k.a. Melinda and Shelley Take Distance on the Road!

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1 Distance Learning Training October 16, 2009 a.k.a. Melinda and Shelley Take Distance on the Road!

2 Welcome We are your Technophobic Distance Learning Trainers (if we can do, you can do it!) Melinda : Was led onto the DL train in 2007 Shelley : Pushed underneath the DL train in 2008 Who are you and where are you at with Distance Learning?

3 Overview of Distance Learning Originally from a RAEC Grant to form partnerships with employers Piloted with 3 programs in January 2008 Currently at 12 programs in Montana

4 Logging On to GED Online Go to Click on student login Instructors user is: GEDMT(plus last name and first two letters of first name---all CAPS) Instructors password is: TEACHER (all CAPS)

5 Homepage (it may say Missouri but its ) Montana Workroom is for instructors – FAQ has great reference materials Under My Courses youll find your classroom – This is where you will work with your students – Students will also click on this link to get to their assignments

6 Pushing the Right Buttons (in your sites virtual classroom) Announcements---shows current and past Course Info---Blackboard tour starts here Assignments---4 levels where students can go Communications---email the group here External link---GED practice test websites Tools---user manual for Blackboard here Discussion board---we dont use; we have LINCS Staff info---add all online personnel here Report Broken links---if links arent working

7 Tool Box below the buttons has the Control Panel (where the action is ) Under Course tools (second box on the left): Announcements Add announcements easily Put start and stop date Let students know your sites closures, testing times, etc.

8 Back to the action under Control Panel Under User Management (first box on the right) List/Modify Users Change passwords and see user info Create User (not enroll user) Sign up new students here Make sure you get students email address User: GED, site initials, last name, first two letters of first name Password: GED, site initials, birthdate mmddyy Remove User from Course (dont use) Email Carol removals 1 st Monday of the month

9 Action under Control Panel (cont.) Under Assessment (second box on the right) Gradebook Views 1. Check users to see work completed View grades by user click on name user grade list shows date/scores of quizzes 2. Reset quizzes Same as #1, then click on score clear attempt submit 3. View the quiz itself Same as #1, then click on view on the far right

10 Skills Tutor (limited seating) 1.Log in to GED Online 2.Go to Skills Tutor under Level 1 or 2 Assignments 3. Log in for instructors in Skills Tutor is: User: GED plus your sites initials Password: GED plus your sites initials Site: Missouri01 (thats numbers 0 & 1) Each program will have an individual class built into Skills Tutor

11 Adding Students to Skills Tutor Classes class properties students enrollment add new students Use same username and password as you assigned the student for GED Online You will need to give them the site name: Missouri01 (thats numbers 0 & 1)

12 Checking Students Work in Skills Tutor Reports Student Detail Select the student(s)and Continue Select the subject(s) and Continue Select the time frame and Continue We select specified periods and check daily

13 Assigning Curriculum Use TABE and interview to determine student assignments Solicit frequent feedback from students We use an Excel Curriculum Form to create an individual program of instruction to print or email to the student Due dates encourage completion of assignments Add new assignments as others are completed As time allows, access curriculum to assess content

14 Best Practices Show and Tell Time! (Well go first!) Whats worked for you? Having a group email so everyone knows Whats bombed for you? Overwhelming them with all assignments at once What would you like to try? Meeting once a week in person

15 Thank you for riding with us! Questions Comments Please fill out the evaluation form (Did we tank?)

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