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Advanced Student Representative Enhancement Programme 2010/2011.

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1 Advanced Student Representative Enhancement Programme 2010/2011

2 Aims of Workshop -Present a model of accredited enhanced representative training -Explore the mutual benefits for students, the students association and the institution -Demonstrate the impact on learning and teaching




6 Level 3 (QCF) Award in First Line Management

7 1.Enable more effective representation 2.Develop students personal skills 3.Offer a professional qualification

8 10 STEPS 1Initial Rep TrainingOct 10 2Goal Setting for Success WorkshopNov 10 3Committee Communications WorkshopNov 10 4Committee Communications Follow Up ExerciseNov 10-Jan 11 5Student Support ExerciseNov 10-Jan 11 6Personal Development PlanningEarly Jan 11 7Personal Development PlanningLate Jan 11 8Reflective ExerciseFeb 11 9Workbook SubmissionFeb 11 10Certificate PresentationMar 11

9 Impact on Learning and Teaching Students ?

10 Impact on Learning and Teaching Students Students Association + Institution ?

11 The Edinburgh Napier Experience Students Students Association Institution

12 Student Perspective Build CV Enhanced assertiveness and confidence Increased understanding of the university structure

13 Student Perspective Improved critical analysis Increased awareness of leadership techniques Increased understanding of committee communication and jargon

14 Napier Students Association Profile Collaboration Strategic

15 Institution Common Understanding Staff Development agenda Responsibility to empower



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