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Celebrating Our Success! CTCP-Sponsored Law Enforcement Roundtables Project 2007 – 2011 April 2011.

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1 Celebrating Our Success! CTCP-Sponsored Law Enforcement Roundtables Project 2007 – 2011 April 2011

2 Goals 1.To convene 4 tobacco control enforcement roundtables in diverse regions of the state, addressing illegal sales of tobacco to minors. 2. To gather together enforcement staff and public health representatives from multiple jurisdictions to identify, share, and document enforcement-related successes, challenges, and possible solutions to identified challenges. 3. To generate material for an Enforcement Roundtables Planning Toolkit which will be made available to all local jurisdictions.

3 Dates & Attendance Los Angeles County (Glendale) – September 8, jurisdictions 42 participants Mary Strode, lead Bay Area (Walnut Creek) – May 9, jurisdictions 58 participants Bhumi Bhutani, lead Central Valley (Bakersfield) – March 9, jurisdictions 26 participants Andrea Valdez, lead Northern California (Grass Valley) – March 25, jurisdictions 29 participants Mary Strode, lead 155 Total Attendees

4 Planning Committee Los Angeles County Roundtable – Bhumi Bhutani – Debbie Kelley – Kelly Gordon – Christina Reyes – Monty Messex – Ian McLaughlin – Nora Manzanilla – Jeanette Treiber – Mary Strode (lead)

5 Planning Committee Bay Area Roundtable – Mary Strode – Alyonik Hrushow – Denice Dennis – Nicole Coxe – Marcia Brown- Machen – Paul Cummings – Maureen Pacheco – Bob Curry – Derek Smith – Kelly Gordon – Ian McLaughlin – Vanessa Marvin – Jeanette Treiber – Bhumi Bhutani (lead)

6 Planning Committee Central Valley Roundtable – Nsele Nsuangani – Leila Gholamrezai – Susan Pearman – Justin Garrett – Kelly Gordon – Ian McLaughlin – Christina Reyes – Mary Strode – Jeanette Treiber – Andrea Valdez (lead)

7 Planning Committee Northern CA Roundtable – Felicia Sobonya – Tina Lavy – Justin Garrett – Steve Layton – Ian McLaughlin – Bob Curry – Andrea Valdez – Jeanette Treiber – Mary Strode (lead)

8 In Appreciation CTCP Support Staff – Scott Martin – Jennifer Le – Laine Clark Logistics – Barbara Lowell CTCP Management – Tonia Hagaman – April Roeseler Evaluation -Jeanette Treiber Guidance -Point of Sale Practices Workgroup

9 In Appreciation State Enforcement Agency Representatives – Attorney Generals Office - Tobacco Litigation and Enforcement Section – Board of Equalization - Investigations Division – CDPH Food and Drug Branch - STAKE Unit – Alcoholic Beverage Control – Investigations Division

10 In Appreciation All the local level participants!

11 Key Outcomes (Examples) Enforcement Successes – Good relationship with the D.A. – Consistent sting operations – Provide youth decoys with incentives – Request and obtain a sales receipt from retailers during sting operations For more Roundtable outcomes, visit

12 Key Outcomes (Examples) Enforcement Challenges & Possible Solutions Challenge: Retailer phone tree - Possible solution: Wait 15 minutes to an hour before going back into the store to issue citation Challenge: Perception that tobacco retailer licensing fees are hard on retailers - Possible solution: Offer counter argument that hard economic times is not impacting tobacco sales; retailers are making large profits!

13 Key Outcomes (Examples) Enforcement Challenges & Possible Solutions Challenge: Black market products – Possible solution: Work closely with BOE Challenge: Unpredictable youth decoys – Possible solution: Arrange transportation for youth decoys For more Roundtable outcomes, visit

14 Key Outcomes (Examples) Administrative Successes – Lay out the business practices of your licensing program and have the relevant forms in place before you start your enforcement activities. – Set up streamlined procedures to increase the efficiency of your program, e.g., see if retailer notices can be consolidated. – Have a point person within a jurisdiction to coordinate interagency communication.

15 Key Outcomes (Examples) Administrative Challenges & Possible Solutions Challenge: Procedural inefficiencies – Possible solution: Streamline retailer notifications Challenge: Inaccurate list of retailers – Possible solution: Obtain list of retailers from BOE and cross-check with your list; also seek input from community volunteers to help keep list accurate For more Roundtable outcomes, visit

16 Follow-Up Summary of outcomes for each Roundtable Final analysis of all outcomes Anticipated dissemination October 2011 Roundtable Planning Toolkit Anticipated dissemination October 2011

17 Evaluation Strategy Post-Roundtable Feedback Sessions – Lessons learned Key Informant Interviews – Phase I: 2010 – Phase II: 2011 Participant Evaluations Participant Surveys – Assess impact of Roundtables on enforcement efforts

18 LA County Roundtable






24 Bay Area Roundtable





29 Central Valley Roundtable






35 Northern CA Roundtable








43 For more information: Mary Strode STAKE Act Coordinator California Tobacco Control Program California Department of Public Health

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