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Infinigate Security Day September 9 th 2011 Marcel Kooring Business Development Manager.

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1 Infinigate Security Day September 9 th 2011 Marcel Kooring Business Development Manager

2 Agenda Introduction Statistics from our yearly Work/Life survey. Challenges on the Internet – Web 2.0/Social Media – Data Leakage Benefits of the Web Gateway Benefits of the Email Gateway

3 Web 2.0 / Social Media 2

4 Facebook users? Raise your hand if you have a Facebook account! 3

5 Social Media in Denmark According to the European Union Denmark has 2,566,060 Facebook users on a total population of 5,515,575 citizens! That is a 46,5% penetration rate. 4

6 Results from our work/life research 80% of managers see the business benefits of the new social Web. 48% of managers have identified Web 2.0 usage as an issue of concern at management level. 19% of markets in 2011 report that their companies are engaged in blocking, as opposed to 9% in 2010 There is widespread concern about Web 2.0 among managers, with 57% expressing security concerns, 48% worried about loss of confidential data via employees 5

7 Web 2.0 benefits Wide variety of useful tools and services that people use in domestic and business life Communication is the most common benefit expected Web-enabled devices and Cloud based services drive usage forward The growth of social media for marketing is accelerating 6 41%+ Tweets per day Monthly Signups 52% 104% increase in Android apps 600k developers 900k apps 13B api requests per day

8 On the downside… Virus proliferation is much higher on Web than on email Popular websites offer a greater chance of malicious infection We need Web Security Solutions to allow us to benefit from the web in a save way! 7

9 Today's Challenges 8 Even (large) trusted websites are being exploited Large sites, with lots of traffic are the ideal way to spread malware. Dynamic content / Web 2.0/ Social Media Web content is not controlled by a single webmaster anymore, but comes from many sources, is user generated and changes rapidly! Preferred attack vector –The web is becoming the attack vector of choice. Challenges: Number and types of sites increasing dramatically Legitimate sites are used to embed spyware and malware Proxy avoidance used widely to avoid URL categorization Encrypted end-to-end content cant be inspected Mashups aggregate content from multiple sites Static URL databases are increasingly ineffective HTTPS is being adopted widely Challenges: Number and types of sites increasing dramatically Legitimate sites are used to embed spyware and malware Proxy avoidance used widely to avoid URL categorization Encrypted end-to-end content cant be inspected Mashups aggregate content from multiple sites Static URL databases are increasingly ineffective HTTPS is being adopted widely

10 Spam and Malware Short lived success for the good guys 9

11 Malware 10

12 Data Leakage 11

13 Data Leakage The 4 main reasons of data leakage are: 1.Accidentally publishing information through Email or Web. So make sure you check all web and email traffic 2.Malware designed to steel information. Make sure you protect yourself from malware that is mainly distributed by web and email. 3.Hackers who break there way into networks. 4.Employees steeling information for personal gain 12

14 Data Leakage It is a multi headed monster Do not try to solve everything in one go! Pure-play DLP solutions are often very expensive and very complex......and until today they have failed to proof their value! Start with the obvious and start protecting you Web and Email traffic. Clearswift has 20 years of experience in this area and is probably one of few companies that actually have very large, high security customers protecting their information with Clearswifts products on a daily basis! 13

15 SECURE Web Gateway

16 Technology Overview Unified Web and Email security that offers easier management, shared policy and enhanced reporting across all web and email based communications SECURE Email Gateway SECURE Web Gateway Integrated AV/Malware & Anti-SPAM Automated on-box encryption HTML, Web 2.0 and HTTPS traffic Integrated Cache, URL filtering, Anti-Virus/Malware & SPYware Introduction to Clearswift 15

17 Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway 16 Easy to use & manage 100% web-based GUI. Graphical drill-down reporting. Automatic security software updates. Easy to install – Up and running in under an hour. – Pre-configured with Default Standard Policy. Secure and resilient platform –Pre-built and supplied on Dell hardware. –Deployed on own hardware or as VMware. –Optimisation of Linux OS tuned for web gateway.


19 Complete Web Gateway protection 18 Anti-spyware Spyware call home prevention Tracking Cookie detection/removal MIMEsweeper content-aware policy engine – True binary signature file identification – Suspicious script analysis URL filtering – 77 categories, million of web sites – Security Risk Group – Malware, Phishing – Anonymous proxies Kaspersky Anti-virus/malware – Viruses, worms, Trojans and malicious code

20 Comprehensive URL filtering capabilities 19 URL Database – Millions of sites – 77 categories – Daily updates Real-time categoriser – Pornography – Anoynmizer – Hate, violence etc. Embedded URL detection – Google & Yahoo! Cached items – Google translation pages


22 Lexical Analysis 21 Detect and prevent document types being uploaded – Office, Open Office, Drawing formats – True signature based file recognition – Deep content inspection i.e. inside zips, embedded in documents Lexical content rules easily configured to search for words or phrases within: – Requested URL – Documents Excel, Word, etc. – Web Page or status updates – HTTP Headers

23 Full HTTPS content scanning and certificate policy Full content scanning of HTTPS/SSL encrypted data Detects malware or data leakage in encrypted HTTPS traffic Provides policy based certificate checking for added protection


25 Data loss templates & compliance lists 24 Predefined regular expressions for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PCl (Personal Credit Information) – National insurance number – Credit card numbers – Social security number Editable compliance dictionaries – Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Securities and Equities Commission (SEC) and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX). Benefits – Easy to use (simply add to route) – No configuration errors

26 Interactive and scheduled reporting 25 Interactive drill downs


28 Easy to understand and use policy model 27 Policy Configuration – User authentication with NTLM or Kerberos – Policy based on Users, Content Rules & Routes – The Web policy protects Everyone Viruses, Spyware, dangerous payloads types such as executables Dubious types of site such as Pornography, Hacking, etc. Block uploading of office or confidential documents

29 Personalized user feedback 28 Block Pages – Policy violations Progress Pages – Informative feedback when downloading large files Acceptable Use Policy Page – Users are reminded at regular intervals with Accept button

30 29 Web Gateway Email Gateway Policy Fully conjoined policy updating


32 SNMP and SMTP alerting 31

33 32 Clearswift provides professional, intelligent and adaptable support and training services to meet the exacting needs of our enterprise Customers Clearswift Global Support (24x7 as standard) is provided to help with any questions or issues relating to your Clearswift deployment Technical information is available at anytime for our supported Customers from the Clearswift Knowledge Base We pride ourselves on exceeding Customers expectations.

34 Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

35 SECURE Email Gateway Highly Scalable, Resilient Message processing suite – Security – Routing – Logging and Reporting Keeps the Spam and Viruses out – Multi-layer Malware control – Multi-layer Anti-spam, Phishing Prevents sensitive data leaks and maintain compliance – Pre-built dictionaries: PCI, PII, SEC, SOX, HIPAA – On-board encryption Prevents inappropriate usage – Pornography, profanity, copyright infringement Granular policies to ensure collaboration with right people – Provides consistent enforcement of AUP – AD integration Introduction to Clearswift - America's Growth Capital 2011 34

36 INBOUND THREATS Introduction to Clearswift - America's Growth Capital 2011 35

37 36 Email still remains a vector for viruses to propagate Many thousands of new viruses and variants are created daily Kaspersky Content Detection Zero- Hour Multi-layered Malware protection system

38 37 TRUSTmanager – global reputation network – Rejects 80-90% of all traffic before it reaches your gateway SpamLogic – delivers in total 99.6% accuracy rate – Multi-engine layered defence World class spam protection

39 38 Reputation Greylisting BATV Anti-Spoof RBL SPF Validate Sender LDAP Signatures (Junk/Bulk) CURBL Bayesian Anti-spam Engine 80-90%+ of spam rejected using these filters Connection/Network Level Checks Content Level Checks Multi-layered spam defences

40 39 Web Portal to permit users to release own messages Digests allow end users to perform simple tasks or they can connect to the portal 24x7 using their existing Windows credentials Per-user localisations: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese End user message release


42 41 Files detected using true-file type technology Banned file types can be blocked or stripped from messages Selective scanning enables searches of areas of interest –Headers, Messages, Attachments (MS Office, Open Office, PDF, HTML) Powerful search criteria –Dictionaries for PCI, PII, Profanity, etc. –Expressions, Regular expressions and Operators ImageLogic to detect registered images from distribution Deep inspection – multiple ways to inspect message content

43 42 Received: from eric ([]) by (8.14.1/8.14.1) with SMTP id nB2MGP3d006083 for; Wed, 2 Dec 2009 22:16:27 GMT Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2009 22:16:25 GMT Message-Id: From: To: Subject: Here is a great document Hi Eric This is a really document, call me on 01189 038503 Regards Alyn Here is my site Headers, footers and meta-data

44 43 Predefined regular expressions for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PCl (Personal Credit Information) –National insurance number –Credit card numbers –Social security number –IBAN numbers Editable Compliance dictionaries –GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, SEC, PCI, PII Data loss templates

45 Powerful regular expression engine Powerful expression list features permit customers to build up search patterns for detecting content leaks Regular expression engine combined by boolean and positional operators permit constructs such as – Credit card numbers NEAR expiry dates – Employee id AND postal code – Reference Number FOLLOWEDBY =1 Part Number 44


47 46 Supports PGP, S/MIME and Password Protected messages Allows signing, encryption and decryption of messages Policy based encryption, i.e. by route or by content Opportunistic TLS for server to server communications Portal based encryption Email Encryption

48 47 On a policy route On a content rule Encryption by direction or content


50 49 Contents Rules to inspect the data applied to Policy Routes that define what is allowed over that email communication channel Easy policy model

51 Content Rules Predefined Policy enables customers to get up and running quickly and easily Customers can build policies on – Encryption/Decryption* Signature validation – Active Content – Filenames – Textual Phrases in headers, body and attachments – Media Types – Spam – Unacceptable Images – Malware – Missing Managers – Message Size – Disclaimers 50

52 51 Track messages using extensive criteria Works across peer group Message Tracking across peers Export data into CSV file

53 52 Over 70 different reports available Scheduled or on-demand Built-in Reporting

54 53 Over 60 different alarms available SMTP and SNMP as standard System Alerting


56 Conclusion Clearswifts technology will enable your organisation to maximise the benefits from Web & Email while keeping out the security risks. We enable a safe and controlled way of taken the full benefit from Web 2.0 and Social Media Data Leakage Prevention is part of our standard offering


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