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111 11 LC CATALOGING UPDATE AJL Convention Seattle, Washington, July 6, 2010 Lenore Bell Joan Biella Benjamin Fryser

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2 111 11 LC CATALOGING UPDATE AJL Convention Seattle, Washington, July 6, 2010 Lenore Bell Joan Biella Benjamin Fryser Marina Korenberg Ela Pelish Galina Teverovsky Aaron Taub, with the assistance of Roger Kohn Israel & Judaica Section, Asian & Middle East Division (Pt. 1)

3 22 22 LC CATALOGING UPDATE AJL CONVENTION / July 6, 2010 GENERAL NEWS –R2 Study of Bibliographic Record NON-ROMAN CATALOGING ISSUES –Non-Roman Authority Data –VIAF in NARs –Non-Roman in Bibs (ALCTS) DESCRIPTIVE –Serials/CONSER –Ephemera Project –Parashiyot ha-shavua Project –BIBCO Standard Record –A.I. Weinberg Vendor Records –LC ILS Transliterator –034 $2 for Geographic Coordinates SUBJECT & CLASSIFICATION –New/Changed Subject Headings –Qualifier Jewish –Relations of Faiths –Cooking/Cookbooks –Comparative literature –Pre-coordination of LCSH –New/Changed LC Class Numbers –Genre/Form Terms ROMANIZATION –Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Persian, Syriac –New Romanization Schemes –Changed & Notable Romanizations –Names & Language Contexts DOCUMENTATION –RDA Testing & Documentation –Informational Webcasts –FRSAD –Catalogers Desktop 3.0 –Class Web Enhancements –Marked-Up Subject Weekly Lists –SCM D Memos; GACs –Contents Codes FEATURE PRESENTATION

4 33 LC Study of the North American MARC Records Marketplace completed by R2 Consulting: Questions What is the overall cataloging capacity in North America? Where does it reside? What are the primary distribution pathways and channels for sharing records? How much redundancy is there?

5 44 R2 Study: Questions (Continued) What can we predict about cataloging capacity over the next 5 10 years? What is the estimated need/demand? How does this compare with capacity? What is the relative importance of authority control to libraries? What is the current reliance by North American Libraries on LC cataloging?

6 55 R2 Study: Conclusions 1.Library of Congress cataloging continues to be widely valued. 2.The Library of Congress subsidizes portions of the market. 3.LC records are significantly underpriced 4. Cataloging backlogs continue to grow in many areas and market segments.

7 66 R2 Study: Conclusions 5. There is adequate cataloging capacity in North America to meet the collective need. 6. Cooperative cataloging has not realized its full potential. 7. The market for cataloging records is conflicted. 8. The market provides insufficient incentives to stimulate additional original cataloging.

8 77 R2 Study: Conclusions 9. 80% of libraries edit records for English language monographs in their local catalog 10.78% of libraries are unaware of any restrictions on MARC record use or redistribution For the full text of the R2 study, visit: future/news/MARC_Record_Marketplace_2009- 10.pdf

9 88 As of June, 2010, the testing period continues. LCs Policy and Standards Division has drafted a survey which will be sent to interested parties very soon. Replies to the survey will help determine the guidelines. Nonroman Authority Data During the Testing Period (especially Hebrew script)

10 99 Category C Question 1: In non-Latin script references where AACR2 specifies the use of an English term (or an equivalent term in another language) added to the heading, a. Follow the principle of AACR2 and add the same English-language term (or substitute) used in the 1XX to each of the references, regardless of the language/script in the 4XX. b. Follow the principle of AACR2 and add the same English-language term (or substitute) used in the 1XX to the references, but with an exception to omit the English- language/romanized term from non-Latin script references where the name in 4XX is read right-to-left. c. Instead of adding the English-language (or substitute) term used in the 1XX for any 4XX, use equivalents in the same language/script of the name in 4XX $a. d. Other (specify): Category C Question 2: If the accepted policy becomes a.) or b.) above (supply or omit English language/romanized terms prescribed by AACR2), should an additional, optional, reference be allowed for non-Latin script references with non-Latin script equivalents provided for the English-language terms? a. Yes. b. No. Draft Survey Question

11 10 In the meantime, please keep those nonroman references coming, and alter or delete nonroman references already in records only if the error(s) are egregious and preferably ONLY if you can verify that they are wrong by consulting the item they came into the file from.

12 11 The latest about the …

13 12 The VIAF is available for all to search at: NACO catalogers may now use the VIAF as a reference source to identify persons, resolve conflicts, and disambiguate personal names. Justify information from VIAF in a 670 citation. 1)Name or code of the VIAF institution responsible for the information. 2) Date of the search (this is a dynamic file subject to change, thus the date viewed/consulted is very important). 3) Information found, including the heading and any identifying attributes as well as useful variants: 670 $a [Name of institution in VIAF], [date of search] $b (hdg.: ([name as found in the VIAF authority record or participating library data base; variants, if any])

14 13 670 $a BNF in VIAF, Nov. 12, 2009 $b (hdg.: Gaulle, Charles de, 1890-1970) which means: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, consulted on November 12th, 2009 For example:

15 14 The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) ALCTS Non-English Access Working Group on Romanization Draft Report (Nov. 24, 2009) The final report is not yet available.

16 15 CHARGE Examine the use of romanized data in bibliographic and authority records. Explore the following issues (including costs and benefits): (1) Alternative models (Model A and Model B) for multiscript records are specified in the MARC 21 formats. The continuing use of 880 fields (that is, Model A records) has been questioned, but some libraries may need to continue to use Model A records. What issues does using both Model A and Model B cause for LC, utilities, and vendors? (2) Requirements for access using non-Roman scripts (in general terms -- defining requirements for specific scripts falls under Recommendation 2) (3) Requirements for access using romanization

17 16

18 17 RECOMMENDATIONS 1.A majority of the Working Group believes that the factors discussed in this report are significant enough to make a general shift to Model B in bibliographic records premature at this point. Some members of the Working Group feel that having romanized access points in records provides enough added value that their use should be continued indefinitely. Others believe that in an environment of shrinking staffs and production pressures we should anticipate future developments in making our decision and recommend a move to Model B sooner rather than later. However, most believe that although a gradual move towards the use of Model B for current cataloging is probable, we should continue current practice for some time longer as we prepare for the transition.

19 18 2. Further research is needed into the remaining obstacles so that we can identify decision points that will allow us to move beyond the status quo. We recommend that ALCTS sponsor a survey of libraries and library systems to better understand the status quo and possible future directions from a technical perspective. 3. Automatic transliteration software should be utilized to reduce time needed to create the romanization, when possible. RECOMMENDATIONS, continued

20 19 4. The amount of romanization in records could be reduced by limiting it to fields including key data for access (titles and headings). 5. Since different languages and scripts raise very different issues, some language/script cataloging communities may decide to move to Model B sooner than others. A coordinated decision to change practice within each community would be preferable to individual decisions to implement Model B in different libraries at different times. RECOMMENDATIONS, concluded

21 20 Serials in LC: 2010 Update

22 21 1. Consequences of the LC ABA reorganization on serials processing 2. Saving money and labor and at the same time making bibliographic records more user friendly 3. Dealing with an increasingly international environment in OCLC 4. RDA for serials Serials in LC: 2010 Update

23 22 LC ABA Reorganization: the dissolution of Serial Record Division led to the dispersing of serials staff among monograph cataloging sections based on geography. Advantage: serials are processed from their arrival through all stages in one place, and it is easier to keep track of each serials issue Challenge: Clear communication became difficult, given the dispersal of staff Solution: creation of Serials Access and Workflow Advisory Group (SAAG) to facilitate communication among serials catalogers in changing environment. Serials in LC: 2010 Update

24 23 Saving time by simplifying serials cataloging –New coding for field 246 (variations in title), limited to: 246 1# with or without note in subfield i 246 11 for parallel titles –Minimal Level Cataloging & Collection Level Cataloging –Not practiced at LC: Dispensing with Description Based On (DBO) and Latest Issue Consulted (LIC) notes Serials in LC: 2010 Update

25 24 Serials in LC: 2010 Update: Shabat

26 25 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Havruta:

27 26 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Record without DBO and LIC

28 27 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Record with DBO and LIC

29 28 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Making records more user-friendly –Repeatable 260 Publication, distribution, etc. (Imprint) field: 1 st field: 260## as usual intervening field: 260 2# $3 $a … last field: 260 3# $3 $a … –DBO and LIC notes in 588 fields (which can be suppressed in OPAC) instead of 500 fields.

30 29 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Record with Repeatable 260 & 588

31 30 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Dealing with an increasingly international environment Problems associated with Hebrew vernacular fields in OCLC due to bi-directionality: Example: subfield c in 260the beginning date in romanized field looks like the ending date in the vernacular field. Current solution : omit subfield c and rely on 362 and 588 fields Parallel records for language of cataloging: Do NOT amalgamate with them

32 31 Serials in LC: 2010 Update Parallel Record for language of Cataloging

33 32 Making use of automation in the future of serials cataloging Corporate bodies in Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) RDA

34 33 Ephemera Collection The Hebraic section at the Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division maintains a dynamic collection of Israeli political and cultural ephemera The material documents the cultural, economic, political, religious, and social lives of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora

35 34 Whats in the collection? Advertisements Articles, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets Minor government and organizational reports Political Miscellanea such as lapel buttons, bumper stickers, flags Political platforms publications Posters

36 35 A poster sample

37 36 Bumper sticker samples

38 37 Organizing the material We organized the material by broad topical subject headings, by corporate bodies, and in the case of political ephemera by political party We housed the ephemera in acid free holding boxes where each box contained material on a single subject Record 1 of, for example, consists of the 7 boxes housing ephemera on subject headings A-E

39 38 Organizing the material (continued) At the present time only the subject headings listed in the contents note are accessible to the public; Other A-Z topical headings will be added to the contents note and become accessible to the public as time permits us to do so

40 39 Organizing the material (continued) We assigned each box a unique bar code number and affixed it on the box together with a label identifying its subject content and the name of the collection Each piece of ephemera within a box received that boxs unique bar code number thus allowing us to connect each piece with its proper box

41 40 Box and its labels

42 41 Collection consists of five Collection Level (CLC)-Vertical File hybrid records Public access to the records is through general subject headings LCCN 2008558412 (record 1 of 5) for subject headings A-E LCCN 2009446372 (record 2 of 5) for subject headings F-J LCCN 2009446373 (record 3 of 5) for subject headings K-O LCCN 2009446374 (record 4 of 5) for subject headings P-T LCCN 2009446375 (record 5 of 5) for subject headings U-Z

43 42 Example of record 1 of

44 43 Subject headings box 1 of

45 44 Subject headings box 1 of

46 45 Inventory control: holdings record

47 46 Inventory control: item (box) record

48 47 New Treatment Option for Parashiyot ha-Shavua

49 48 Current practice Current Practice: Full or Enhanced Minimal Level cataloging for each individual title; continue to add issues unchecked to existing records in LCDB New Treatment: Collection Level treatment for new titles (without AACR2 CONSER copy) Yet To Be Decided: Treatment of titles with AACR2 CONSER copy found

50 49 Model of Collection Level Record 245 Parashiyot ha-shavu a li-yeladim... 300 25 boxes 505 [1] Title A – [2] Title B – [3] Title C… – [25] Title Y – [26] Miscellaneous (no individual titles) 630 Bible. O.T. Pentateuch–Commentaries– Juvenile literature–Periodicals. 710 Body A. Title A. 710 Body B. Title B. 710 Body C. Title C. Example: LCCN 2008429397

51 50 Time Saving Measures for Staff Less cataloging time needed as materials are accessed by title and issuing body Bulk Purchase Orders (POs) for payment of parashiyot Adding titles to boxes rather than checking in each issue in Voyager

52 51 Keep in Mind: Cataloging time will still need to be allocated for CLC. Item records are needed for the boxes, if not for the individual titles.

53 52 ʽ

54 53 Parashiyot ha- shavu a (Continued)

55 54 Parashiyot ha- shavu a (continued)

56 55 Parashiyot ha-shavu a: Box Labels and Item Bar Codes

57 56 The New BIBCO Standard Record with Multiple Scripts PCC Guidelines for Creating Bibliographic Records in Multiple Character Sets May 3, 2010 PCCNonLatinGuidelines.pdf

58 57

59 58 This document contains guidelines for providing non- Latin script fields that are parallel to their Latin (romanized) counterparts within MARC bibliographic records using MARC21 Model A (non-Latin (vernacular) script and romanization). The guidelines apply to the scripts/languages which are represented by the current MARC-8 repertoire of UTF-8 (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Cyrillic). Although PCC-BIBCO records can currently also include text in other scripts that can be entered in OCLC but are outside of the MARC-8 repertoire, NACO, SACO and CONSER records cannot. As more scripts/languages are added in the future, this document will be updated as necessary. Although the decision to include data in non-Latin form in any PCC record is strictly optional, when that option is exercised, it must be done according to these guidelines.

60 59 1.5.2. Headings: Optional practice Omitting dates and cataloger-created qualifiers (right- to-left scripts only) For right-to-left scripts only, dates and cataloger- created qualifiers may be omitted from non-Latin parallel fields. 100 1# ǂa صادق زاده، عىن الدىن. 100 1# ǂa Ṣādiqʹzādah, ʻAyn al-Dīn, ǂd 1965- 710 2# בית המדרש יד־סופר. 710 2# Bet ha-midrash Yad-Sofer (Bene Beraḳ, Israel) 710 2# ǂa מכון המקדש. 710 2# ǂa Temple Institute (Jerusalem)

61 60 Special Notes for Hebrew/Yiddish 2.5.1. Provide an unpaired variant title (246) for a variant orthographic representation of the title proper if that variant appears elsewhere in the item being cataloged. Example: 245 10 ǂa עניין היהודים 245 10 ǂa ʽInyan-ha-Yehudim 246 13 ǂa ענין היהודים

62 61 Special Notes for Hebrew/Yiddish (continued) 2.5.2. If the date of publication is represented only in Hebrew letters, the numbers must be rendered in Western-style arabic numerals. 260 ## ǂa ירושלים : ǂb חמו״ל ], ǂc 715 [1954 or 1955 260 ## ǂa Yerushalayim : ǂb [ḥ. mo. l.], ǂc 715 [1954 or 1955]

63 62 Use of Weinberg Vendor Records in LC Cataloging Work Flow A.I. Weinberg had previously supplied such initial bibliographic control (IBC) records via RLIN until 2007, when that system ceased operating as a result of the combining of OCLC and RLG. A.I. Weinberg has resumed supplying dual Hebrew-Latin script IBC records via OCLCs WorldCat.

64 63 Weinberg Vendor Records (Continued) Weinberg copy can be found in the OCLC database for ca. 80% of IJ Sect.s monograph receipts from A.I. Weinberg. We find it very beneficial for creating initial bibliographic control records. Eliminates the process of having to create original IBC records (from scratch) Romanization is usually quite good.

65 64 Weinberg Copy in Z-Processor

66 65 Weinberg Copy in Z-Processor

67 66 LC IBC Record in Voyager Created From Weinberg Copy

68 67 Weinberg Vendor Records (Continued) Weinberg has been extremely receptive to feedback on the quality and utility of the records, which have supported the IJ Sections efforts to make new receipts accessible at the earliest stage of their processing.

69 68 Transliterator

70 69 1. Gershayim not inserted 2. Israel in roman letters transliterated as סרל 3. Second ו in טכנולוגייות not transliterated Errors in Transliterator Hebrew transcription

71 70 Field 034 Applies to geographic headings which reside in the Name Authority File only Optional for LC catalogers Records the coded form of the cartographic mathematical data relevant to the entry described in the authority record. Subfields: $d coordinates – westmost longitude (NR ) $e coordinates – eastmost longitude (NR ) $f coordinates – northmost latitude (NR) $g coordinates – southmost latitude (NR) $2 source: a MARC code that identifies the source of the data recorded in field 034 »

72 71 Example of Field 034

73 72 New Subject Headings

74 73 New Subject Headings: Bible Alcoholism in the Bible Animals, Mythical in the Bible Silence in the Bible Gender identity in the Bible Masculinity in the Bible Femininity in the Bible

75 74 Ziz, Behemoth, and Leviathan Animals, Mythical in the Bible

76 75 Alcoholism in the Bible The Drunkenness of Noah by Giovanni Bellini

77 76 Dysfunctional families in the Bible The Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio

78 77 Cancellations of Family: Use Families CANCEL: Family--Religious aspects USE: Families--Religious aspects CANCEL: Family--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] USE: Families--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

79 78 Family vs. Families (Continued) CANCEL: Family--Religious life USE: Families--Religious life CANCEL: Family--Religious life--Sermons USE: Families--Religious life--Sermons CANCEL: Family--Religious life--Sermons-Outlines, syllabi, etc. USE: Families--Religious lifeSermons--Outlines, syllabi, etc.

80 79 Family vs. Families (Continued) CANCEL: Communication in the family--Religious aspects USE: Communication in families--Religious aspects CANCEL: Communication in the family--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] USE: Communication in families--Religious aspects- -Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

81 80 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects AIDS (Disease)--Prevention--Religious aspects AIDS (Disease)--Prevention--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] American Dream--Religious aspects American Dream--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

82 81 New Subject Headings: --Religious aspects (Continued) Citizenship--Religious aspects Citizenship--Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] Citizenship--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity,etc.] Corporate governance--Religious aspects Corporate governance--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

83 82 New Subject Headings: --Religious aspects Computer sex--Religious aspects Computer sex--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Cows-Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Creative writing--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

84 83 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Goal (Psychology)--Religious aspects Goal (Psychology)--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Gold--Religious aspects Gold--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

85 84 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Headgear--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] HIV infections--Prevention--Religious aspects HIV infections--Prevention--Religious aspects- -Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Humanitarianism--Religious aspects-- Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

86 85 tie-dyed yarmulke HeadgearReligious aspects--Judaism

87 86 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) HIV infection--Treatment--Religious aspects HIV infections--Treatment--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Human skin color--Religious aspects Human skin color--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Insects--Religious aspects Insects--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

88 87 InsectsReligious aspectsJudaism פרת משה רבינו

89 88 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Intellectual life--Religious aspects Intellectual life--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Internet pornography--Religious aspects Internet pornography--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Introversion--Religious aspects Introversion--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

90 89 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Life on other planets--Religious aspects Life on other planets--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Menstruation--Religious aspects Menstruation--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Moon--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Natural disasters--Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

91 90 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Night--Religious aspects Night--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Patriotism--Religious aspects Patriotism--Religious aspects- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

92 91 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects (Continued) Pencil drawing--Religious aspects Pencil drawing--Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] Racially mixed people--Religious aspects Racially mixed people--Religious aspects-- Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Reason--Religious aspects Reason--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

93 92 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects Skis and skiing--Religious aspects Snowboarding--Religious aspects Struggle--Religious aspects Struggle--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] Sublimation (Psychology)--Religious aspects Sublimation (Psychology)--Religious aspects-- Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

94 93 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects CANCEL: War on Terrorism, 2001 USE: War on Terrorism, 2001 2009 CANCEL: War on Terrorism, 2001, in mass media USE: War on Terrorism, 2001 2009, in mass media CANCEL: War on Terrorism, 2001 --Religious aspects USE: War on Terrorism, 2001 2009--Religious aspects

95 94 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects CANCEL: War on Terrorism, 2001 --Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] USE: War on Terrorism, 2001 2009--Religious aspects--Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] CANCEL: War on Terrorism, 2001 --Religious aspects-Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] USE: War on Terrorism, 2001 2009--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

96 95 New Subject Headings: --Religious Aspects Peace building--Religious aspects Peace building--Religious aspects-- Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.] Sensuality--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

97 96 Qualifier Jewish PSD project to revise SHs with religious qualifiers, changing them from inverted to direct form Headings qualified by adjectives for religious groups, including the adjectives Jewish and Islamic, are established in uninverted form (cf. SHM H306 & H320) Decision made not to change at this time Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), given that broader consultation would be required to reconsider merits of retaining the qualifier at all, and possibly other aspects of the heading

98 97 Cancellation of Inverted Headings/References Project Continues CANCEL: Art, Jewish USE: Jewish art CANCEL: Arts, Jewish USE: Jewish arts CANCEL: Calendar, Jewish USE: Jewish calendar

99 98 Cancellation of Inverted Headings/References Project Continues CANCEL: Hebraists, Christian USE: Christian Hebraists CANCEL: Illumination of books and manuscripts, Jewish USE: Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts CANCEL: Legends, Jewish USE: Jewish legends CANCEL: Magic, Jewish USE: Jewish magic

100 99 Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts Ketubbah Ancona, 1774 New York Public Library

101 100 New Subject Headings: Classes of Persons Jewish dramatists Jewish fascists Jewish mathematicians Jewish painters Jewish television producers and directors Jewish transgender people

102 101 Jewish dramatists Lillian Hellman

103 102 Jewish painters Amedeo Modigliani

104 103 Jewish artists Barnett Newman

105 104 Jewish television producers and directors Norman Lear

106 105 100 Elijah (Biblical prophet)--In rabbinical literature New Subject Headings

107 106 New Subject Headings: in Rabbinical Literature Animals, Mythical, in rabbinical literature Biography in rabbinical literature Egypt in rabbinical literature Marriage in rabbinical literature Mate selection in rabbinical literature Monsters in rabbinical literature Strangers in rabbinical literature

108 107 New Subject Headings: Language and Literature Bookplates, Hebrew Bookplates, Yiddish English literature--Hebrew influences Rosen, Avivah (Fictitious character) Political satire, Yiddish Epigrams, Hebrew akétia language Judeo French language Young adult fiction, Hebrew

109 108 akétia language

110 109 New Subject Headings: in motion pictures Gods in motion pictures Religious leaders in motion pictures Religious fundamentalism in motion pictures Zionism in motion pictures

111 110 Phobias in motion pictures

112 111 Miscellaneous Subject Headings Abraham Lincoln House (Milwaukee, Wis.) Issachar (Tribe of Israel) Jerusalem Day sermons, Jewish Judaism--Biala rite Leo Baeck Preis Rosh ha Shanah cooking Self portraits, Israeli Synagogues--Vandalism Temperance and Judaism

113 112 Abraham Lincoln House (Milwaukee, Wisc.)

114 113 Self-portraits, Israeli Israel Carlos Lomovasky, Self-Portrait

115 114 New Subject Headings: Jewish Law Recording and registration (Jewish law) Kitniyyot (Jewish law) CANCEL: Antenuptial contracts (Jewish law) USE: Prenuptial agreements (Jewish law)

116 115 Kitniyyot (Jewish law)

117 116 Cancellation of the Subdivision --Legal status, laws, etc. (Jewish law) CANCEL: Brokers--Legal status, laws, etc. (Jewish law) USE: Brokers (Jewish law) Other Examples: Blind, Critically ill, Deaf, Drug addicts, Fetus, Foundlings, Gentiles, Married women, People with disabilities, Rabbis, Jewish soldiers, Widows, Women,

118 117 New Subject Headings

119 118 New Subject Headings: Family Names Belinḳov family Elkayam family Feuerman family Fireman family Polack family Rosenboom family Shishkin family Ts'iziḳ family

120 119 Zionism in motion pictures

121 120 Cancellation of: [Region/jurisdiction]–Military relationsForeign countries [Region/jurisdiction]–RelationsForeign countries (Further subdivision by –Foreign countries determined to be redundant) New practice: [Region/jurisdiction]Relations [Region/jurisdiction]Military relations (SHM H 1140, H 1996, and bib records will be revised)

122 121 Agricultural pests Geographical distribution Locusts at the Pyramids

123 122 Duck populationsEstimates

124 123 Folk music festivals

125 124 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Imaginary organization)

126 125 Striped cucumber beetle Spotted cucumber beetle פרת משה רבחנו

127 126 Snow cones

128 127 Non- monogamous relationships in literature King Solomon and his Wives by Emanuel Luzzati

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