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What else? Alternatives to DFG Lynn Collingbourne.

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1 What else? Alternatives to DFG Lynn Collingbourne

2 The funding problem DFG allocation increased by 5.9% in 2011/12 £20 million extra funding from DH January 2012 BUT..... Reduction in renewal funding from £1.07 billion in 2008/9 to £300 million in 2010/11 and zero from 2011/12 Supporting People funding reducing year on year with no allowance for inflation Handyperson funding reduced from £20 million in 2010/11 to £13.5 million in 2012/13 (£10.50 million for 2014/15) RPs increasingly using DFG

3 Changing needs? Changing aspirations of the baby boomers Living longer, healthier lives Desire to continue living in own homes, not institutional settings People over 65 control 80% UK wealth Require choice and control and a quick solution once decision made... need to mainstream accessibility!

4 The right help at the right time: Centres for Independent Living Dorset and Bristol

5 Dorset -The structure Customer adviser- facilitator The healthy living zone The aids and adaptations zone The safety zone The transport zone The leisure and connections zone The financial and benefits zone The meeting room and consultation room The skills training and education zone The guest agencys zone The café and hire a café bar zone


7 An impression of how the entrance can be modified to create the front of the house. Behind the door will be a kitchen, bedroom, and lounge area. The door can provide a range of experiential learning opportunities.

8 The main corridor, there is an opportunity to create a street scene here where information can be displayed through shop windows, and a interactive walkway created to provide experiential training in using aids and adaptations for mobility

9 Outside, there is a garden area which as well as being aesthetically pleasing lends itself ideally for Gardening aids and adaptations, how to enjoy the countryside, active outdoor living etc. Note the perimeter is a mix of decking and paving and can be adjusted to create a mobility, wheelchair training and assessment area




13 The move-on option

14 Barriers to moving Emotional ties with existing home Potential loss of local support network Seen as a major disruption Difficulty in identifying suitable home Complex application process and CBL systems Difficulty in going to view homes and envisage how they will work Stress!

15 Table 1: General Needs Homes let through Devon Home Choice by Accessibility - 1 April 10 - 31 March 2011 Accessibility Need (Applicant) Accessibility Details (Property) 1. Wheelchair Accessible 2. Part Wheelchair 3. Lifetime home4. Step free5. Max of 3 steps6. General needsNot specifiedTotal (Properties) 1. Wheelchair Accessible 8202011023 2. Part Wheelchair 1303011523 3. Lifetime home 00000123 4. Step free 853231168116234 5. Maximum of 3 steps 2443659252292649 6. General needs 1071840661,1478862,174 Not specified 011022296122 Total (Applicants) 2922261041381,5021,4073,228 For example: 5 of the 234 step free homes were let to applicants assessed as having a Part Wheelchair need and 2 of the 29 applicants assessed as needing Wheelchair Accessible housing were housed in homes with a maximum of 3 steps.

16 Tenant scrutiny feedback Better information needed Photos and floor plans helpful Use of icons for accessibility features Extend void target for accessible homes Use of home coming soon feature Also looked at incentives and support

17 Bristol project 2010/11 – adaptation costs over £10k – only 2 of 41 rehoused. Savings for the two movers £48k! Rehousing OT appointed Jan 2012 – aim to rehouse at least 10 households requiring expensive adaptations each year Menu of discretionary incentives available plus practical help provided by OT/OTA and WEC&R Better joint working between Adaptations/ HCB/Under- occupancy project/Landlord Services/Development teams 20 households moved to date!

18 THCP – Lynn Collingbourne 07825 828668

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