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The 21st Century Classroom: How It Is Different

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1 The 21st Century Classroom: How It Is Different
AchieveNJ Common Core PARCC Assessment Presented by the Administrative Team Cresskill Public Schools Dr. Loretta Bellina, Superintendent March 4, 2014

2 AchieveNJ Mr. Michael Burke, Principal, Cresskill Middle/High School
Mr. Paul Diverio, Principal, Merritt School Mr. Michael Henzel, Principal, Bryan School

3 What is AchieveNJ? Designed to recognize those who excel, identify those who need additional support, and provide meaningful feedback and professional development to all teachers Relies on weighted multiple measures of performance to evaluate teachers Student achievement Teacher practice

4 Background/History Created by New Jersey educators for New Jersey educators in 2010 Derived from lessons learned from pilot districts, emerging research around evaluation, and ongoing outreach to educators

5 Key Provisions of AchieveNJ

6 Home and School Connection

7 How Important Is a Highly Effective Teacher?

8 The Framework for Teaching Components (Charlotte Danielson, 2013)
Creating an Environment of Respect & Rapport Establishing a Culture of Learning Managing Classroom Procedures Managing Student Behavior Communicating with Students Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques Engaging Students in Learning Using Assessment in Instruction

9 Engaging Students in Learning – Highly Effective Characteristics
Virtually all students are highly engaged in the lesson. Students take initiative to modify a learning task to make it more meaningful or relevant to their needs. Students suggest modifications to the grouping patterns used. Students have extensive choice in how they complete tasks. Students suggest modifications or additions to the materials being used. Students have an opportunity for reflection and closure on the lesson to consolidate their understanding.

10 How Is It Connected?

11 Common Core Mr. Donald Bergamini, Assistant Principal, Cresskill Middle/High School Mr. Erik Roth, K-12 Supervisor of English Mr. Michael Pasciuto, K-12 Supervisor of Social Studies Mrs. Jill Kurek, K-12 Supervisor of Math

12 Shift in Standards; Shift in Assessment; Shift in Instruction

13 Common Core State Standards
June : The NJ State Board of Education adopted resolution to align curriculum standards to Common Core Standards. Phased in over time starting with curriculum development in






19 Assessment on CCSS : First time students will be assessed on the Common Core Standards New Standards & Assessments will influence the priorities, focus, and sequence of instruction




23 Session 1: Session 2: Begin by reading an anchor text
Write a summary or short analysis of the piece Session 2: Read two additional sources (may include a multimedia text) Answer a few questions about each text Write the final essay Synthesize their understandings into an analytic essay using textual evidence from several of the sources




27 Number of Stadium Seats: Grade 4 Part A

28 Part B

29 Part C

30 What does effective implementation of the Common Core really look like?



33 Instruction should be differentiated.
Learning opportunities will continue to vary across schools and school systems.


35 Brain-Based Learning Immerse students in learning-attention to learning style Eliminate fear in learning-creating choice Actively process learning-active learners Accessing information Lessons constructed around real problems Students monitor progress

36 PARCC Assessment Mrs. Julie Keating, District Test Coordinator
Dr. Louise Witkoskie, Director of Data and Technology Integration Mr. John Massaro, K-12 Science Supervisor, Middle School Dean of Students Dr. Janelle Amato, Supervisor of Special Services

37 Why PARCC? Computer-based state mandated assessment
Aligned with Common Core standards Measures Career and College Readiness Administered 2-3 times a year Administered to students in Grades 3 through 11

38 Accessibility Features
All students will have access to accessibility features that include but are not limited to: headphones * pop up glossary spell checker highlight tool (*field test students are asked to bring in their own headphones)

39 Accommodations with IEP/504 and ELL Accommodations for students:
Extended time Small group testing Specific accommodations to meet students’ need (example: Braille test for visually impaired) Accommodations to be determined by IEP/504/ELL team in advance and must be contained the appropriate documents

40 PARCC 2014-2015 PBA: Performance Based Assessment
Administered after 70% of school year Math – 2 sessions LAL – 3 sessions EOY: End of Year Assessment Administered after 90% of school year LAL – 2 sessions

41 The Cresskill School District is prepared for PARCC:
Preparation over the last two years: Attended all Department of Education workshops Participated in all webinars Ran tests of bandwidth Provided inventory and bandwidth data to the state and authorized third parties. We are ready for PARCC!

42 Links to Explore AchieveNJ: Common Core: PARCC:

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