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Altra Medical Productions One life, one choice Presented by: Jaco Coetzer.

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1 Altra Medical Productions One life, one choice Presented by: Jaco Coetzer

2 Altra Medical Productions Background Products & Services Established in 1997 with offices in Gauteng and Cape Town BEE compliant (level 4) In good standing with workman's compensation Sole South African importer of Flipper educational products OHS act compliance Emergency and disaster planning OHS related Training programs Medical and fire equipment and supplies

3 Our Clients - References First National Bank British American Tobacco Sun International Edcon KPMG Afrox Department of Labour Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Altra Medical Productions

4 Company RegistrationFacilitators SAQA HWSETA Department of labour CI 193 In house Assessors and Moderators Health Professions council of SA Minimum of 3 years experience with emergency services Facilitation qualification Registered as assessors with the HWSETA

5 Learner Entry Entry requirements are set according to SAQA unit standard requirements. Course applications must be received 5 working days prior to proposed training Learners are required to submit a copy of his/her ID document Learners who do not meet the requirements are assisted in finding an ABET training provider

6 Program Delivery Studies showed that humans remember : 1. 10% of what they hear, 2. 20% of what they read, 3. 80% of what they see and do, Facilitation achieve unit standard outcomes and maximum memory retention through 1. Demonstrations. 2. Case studies 3. Problem solving 4. Research

7 Understanding the audience Visual communicators – make up 40% of the population, They think in pictures, videos, make hand gestures Kinaesthetic communicators- make up 40% of the population They communicate in terms of feelings Auditory communicators – make up 10% of the population, They learn best by listening Program Delivery - Continued

8 Facilitators will fall in one of the 3 groups and normally communicate in their own language. This means at least 60% of the audience do not benefit 100% from the lecture. Facilitation guides ensure that all three types of people get maximum exposure. Program Delivery - Continued

9 Formative Assessment – During training Formative assessments are done throughout the program and evaluated by learners and peers. Facilitator guidance and support enforce the effectiveness of formative assessments Formative assessments are used to identify learners with possible problems Learners who may need additional coaching are identified and assisted

10 Summative assessment - Final Assessment tools include theory, practical demonstration and case Studies and are designed to meet SAQA requirements: 1. Valid 2. Fair 3. Sufficient 4. Current 5. Authentic Critical cross field outcomes are measured throughout the range Learners are given immediate feedback on assessment results NOT YET COMPETENT learners are given feedback, support and 2 additional opportunities for re-assessment

11 Moderation and Verification Learner and client feedback questionaries are used to improve on service delivery Learner details are uploaded onto the SAQA national learner database Statement of results and certificates are issued within 10 working days 10% of all assessments are moderated HWSETA verify all achievements quarterly

12 Contact details: Tel: 086 111 1504 Cell: 083 442 5052 Email: Web: Altra Medical Productions

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