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NHS TDA focus on the Nurse Director : NEXT GENERATION

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1 NHS TDA focus on the Nurse Director : NEXT GENERATION
Peter Blythin Director of Nursing Jacqueline McKenna Deputy Director of Nursing Philippa Davies, Deputy Director of Nursing East and North Herts NHS Trust


3 The Director of Nursing - new spot light?
Which ? Most scrutinised Board position. Many roles within the post – portfolios increasingly being rationalised Many situations – not just the acute setting Many challenges – individual and collective

4 Director of Nursing post
The Current Situation... Director of Nursing post Number Substantive, experienced DN in post for more than one year 56 (plus four resigned still in post) Substantive, experienced DN in post for less than one year 13 (four due to start in next few months) Substantive post, first DN post 12 Vacant, Deputy DN acting up 8 Vacant, Interim in post 10 Total = 99

5 NTDA objective to have excellent, sustainable clinical leadership
BUT… Labour market tight Search companies competing for talent

6 Additional considerations ...
First post – no such thing as a small trust to ‘cut your teeth on’ Evidence exists that deputies almost ready but not quite there or are hesitant to apply? Not always able to appoint – Boards much clearer about what they need / want Trend DNs retiring at 55 Diversity

7 Developing the talent …
Pre – interview advice Post interview feedback and coaching – spot talent Opportunities and coaching by DNs re board behaviour/expectations Developed the NHS TDA Next Generation Programme with the Leadership Academy First cohort Jan-April 2014

8 Next Generation Programme
Criteria experienced deputy/divisional nurse and applying for ND posts Spotting talent Giving people targeted support and development Individual feedback on CV and discussion about career aspirations Screening

9 Next Generation Programme
Two day session in partnership with the Leadership Academy Focus on individual and personal impact Moving from Senior Nurse to Board application Contact with experienced Nurse Directors Sponsorship – by experienced Nurse Directors Detailed look at the Nurse Director recruitment process Exposure to search companies

10 Next Generation Programme
Putting it into practice Apply for a fictitious Nurse Director role in real time at Central Manchester NHS FT and Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust; CV Stakeholder events Panel interview Individual feedback

11 Next Generation Programme, early evaluation
“Have never attended a programme that was consistently this positive and useful throughout” “A very different refreshing approach to usual leadership development – not just about recruitment, gave a wider perspective on leadership. Thank you” “I have rarely enjoyed a 2 day event as much as the past 2 days. I have learnt lots and I can apply to my professional development”.

12 Next Generation Programme, early evaluation
Session Excellent Good Experiences 5/6 1/6 Interviewing for success Session Excellent Good Pre vacancy 1/6 5/6 Preliminary interviews Demystifying Exec Search Pre Interview activity 2/5 3/5 Panel Interview 3/6 Negotiation session 0/6 6/6

13 Next Generation Programme,
personal reflection Philippa Davies

14 Outcomes… Time to reflect on career aspirations
Better understanding of the ND role and working at Board level Better understanding of the ND recruitment process Development due to feedback Secure a ND role, tracking

15 In summary… We value and understand the importance of the ND role
We understand the challenges and opportunities you face We know how challenging it is to secure a ND post and to transition into the role Offer you as much support as you want Committed to your development and success

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