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Understanding Median Student Growth Percentiles (mSGP) Or Surviving Pompeii.

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1 Understanding Median Student Growth Percentiles (mSGP) Or Surviving Pompeii

2 What is a median Student Growth Percentile? The 2012-13 SGP data does NOT count toward your 2013-14 evaluation NJ measures growth for an individual student by comparing the change in his NJ ASK score from one year to the next to his academic peers The term academic peers refers to all other students in the state who had similar historical NJ ASK results The change in NJ ASK scores is measured from 1 to 99

3 How is the SGP calculated for individual teachers? Create an ascending list of SGPs of the qualifying students The median value on this list is the teachers mSGP score A minimum of 20 unique student SGPs are required to calculate a valid mSGP

4 A Sample 2012-13 mSGP Report SID NumbermSGP# Students Language Arts2656 MathematicsN/A0 Overall2656

5 What does my mSGP mean for my evaluation under AchieveNJ? 2013-14 mSGPs will count for 30% of your rating The mSGP will be convered to a 1.0- 4.0 score, weighted at 30% That score will be factored into your SGO score and Marzano teacher practice score

6 mSGP Conversion Chart Your 2013-14 mSGP score will be available in early 2015, but you will be rated on other components by the end of the 2013-14


8 Verify the Data The qualification that a teacher must have at least 20 unique students with SGPs may be achieved over multiple years (i.e., a teacher may have 12 students for one school year and 14 students the following year, thereby allowing for an mSGP value in the second year when the total is at least 20). The End Game Districts are encouraged to identify ways in which 2012-13 mSGP data might inform individual teachers professional growth and to share these ideas – along with any other suggestions, concerns, and feedback – with the NJDOE What are my next steps?

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