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Sub-Regional Smoking Cessation Database Cumbria & Lancashire.

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1 Sub-Regional Smoking Cessation Database Cumbria & Lancashire

2 Every minute a patient record is entered into AN Computing Software

3 Every Hospital, Trust and PCT in England is using AN Computing software

4 HCAI (2007) Currently holds 680000 User base of 800 + Websurv North West (2006) Currently holds 500000 records User base 100 + H1N1 hospitalised Cases (2009) Currently holds 3000 cases User base 200 +

5 Demo Quit With Us

6 User and Access Data Collection Lead & Referral Management Client contact Monitoring and Reporting

7 Report NameDescriptionAvailable (A) Developed (D) Quarterly ReturnsThe report is used to allow reporting of the DOH Quarterly figures at a click of button. A DOH Missing FieldsThis report highlights key missing data inc (Ethnicity, SEC, Intervention Type, Intervention Setting, DOB) A PregnancyThis report produces pregnancy statistics by Ward, Ethnicity and age group based on a specified registration date range A

8 Report NameDescriptionAvailable (A) Developed (D) Pharmacy ServiceThis report produces pharmacy statistics by Ward, Ethnicity and age group based on a specified registration date range A Support Group Attendance This report lists the clients that are associated with a support group. It will not show clients for deleted clinics and allows a service to monitor the performance of support groups A MediaClients requesting media participation and what level A

9 Report NameDescriptionAvailable (A) Developed (D) New ReferralsThis report gives a breakdown of client referrals by gender, age, ethnicity, social economic status, geographical location and source of referral A Line ListingThe line listing report is a unique report that allows a user to create Taylor made reports by filtering out information they require on the system rather than having to export the data to be manipulated A Regional Reporting Summary This report will provide summary level activity on all 10 PCTs D

10 Report NameDescriptionAvailable (A) Developed (D) 4, 12, 26 and 52 week follow ups This report allows reporting on clients whose outcome has not been stated and needs to be followed up. The report will show a list of client ID, Name, Phone Number, Attempt Date, Support Group, Group Area and 4, 12, 26 or 52 Week Due Date. A 4, 12, 26 and 52 week quit by PCT This report will allow the reporting of the outcome of clients who have set a quit date in a certain PCT, the report will breakdown clients into CO Validated, Relapsed, Self Report, Lost To Follow Up, Awaiting Outcome and Total A DashboardDashboard reports a great way of getting instant reporting at a click of a button A

11 Project Approach

12 PCT based GroupDescription Lead – SSS Manager Remove log jams Gives final sign off Commit all resources IT – IT Manager or Analyst Understand local configuration provide legacy data in suitable format provide lookup tables Business Lead – Senior SC Advisor Organises training Main point of contact Signs of data migration Business process change IG – Information Governance Manager Assures PCT all security and IG concerns are covered

13 PreparationEnvironmentTraining Data migration Go Live

14 PIDOn-site meetingProject planConfiguration listsUser informationMigration specificationContact information Preparation

15 Training site setupDomain name & SSLInfrastructureLoad supplied configuration data Environment

16 Two days per PCTTrain the trainersDocumentationCascade training Training

17 Acquire the data (test)Migrate the dataOn-site acceptance testingAcquire the data (live) Data migration

18 Re-check configuration listLive site deploymentPost live reviewSetup User Group Meeting Go Live

19 What are the application support procedures ? What is approach to bug fixing, snagging and ongoing support ?

20 9-5 HelpdeskArchives Software Developments Security updates

21 24/7 availability Minor changes (FOC) Usability Training facility User Meetings

22 Solution Architecture

23 Network Design

24 Data Encrypted 128bit

25 Data Centre: Availability : Internet Connection 100% Uptime Scheduled Downtime : OS Security updates/patches Unscheduled Downtime : Hardware Upgrade, RAM, HDD Space Unexpected Downtime : Hardware Failure (1 hour fix time) (Multiple Servers Used : Data distributed. Minor disruption) Disaster Recovery : Backup / Develop Servers Used More PCTs mean more servers means less disruption

26 Monitoring: Website (URL Test). SQL Databases (Query Test). Links (Datacentre – DR – Develop) Performance (Response Times/Connection Times) Every 5 minutes 24 / 7 / 365

27 Data Backup: Databases Backed Every 30 mins (Full Every Day. Incremental every 30 mins) Servers Full Backup Every Day Databases Copied to DR Site each evening.

28 Future Proofing

29 Development iPhone Touch screen Technology SQL Server.NET Framework DOH Changes Inclusive Partnership

30 Top 10 benefits of Quit With Us

31 Text Messaging National Helpline Post Code Lookup Line Listing Dashboards

32 Gold Standard monitoring Form Data collection Users and Access Client Journey Reporting

33 Feedback from Phase 1

34 Representative from SFNW Confirm Hosting Send pack to all PCT group prior to meeting Arrange test account No changes to Scope

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