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GBC Team Building Committee

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1 GBC Team Building Committee
Report to the ISKCON Leadership Sanga

2 Our Mandate To ever improve the already wonderful
relationships and camaraderie among the GBC members Did I hear someone laugh :) ? Refer to the six committees set up by the GBC Body – GBC TBC being one of them. 1)Srila Prabhupadas position 2) Parallel lines of authority and economy 3) Team Building 4) Succession 5) Constitution 6) Outreach More have been added since.

3 Vision Statement We aim to serve and assist the GBC by researching and implementing those initiatives that will enable us to improve our cohesion as a team for the ultimate benefit of ISKCON, helping us to work together toward common goals.

4 Mission Statement The GBC team building committee is striving to develop initiatives for team building that respects and increases human relationships on a spiritual level.

5 Current Members of TBC Bhakti Caitanya Swami Lokanath Swami
Malati devi dasi Laxmimoni devi dasi Praghosa das

6 Some Highlights from our 8 Team Building Days with the GBC body since 2007
- Spontaneous drama skits at the Jaganath Mandir where all members let their considerable hair down! - Preparing and serving prasad to devotees at Mayapur - Morning walk with Srila Prabhupada on Juhu beach Some earlier initiatives became a standard part of future team building sessions

7 Continued - Team building exercises – 1 to 10 and one on one discussions which provided a great opportunity for GBC members to express & hear each others histories - Code of Honour adopted by the GBC Body – an agent for cultural change. 1-10 … great opportunity for GBC members to express & hear each others varied views on important topic


9 Highlights Continued - Avijnata Sakha - Unity in Diversity:
4 quadrant Polarity Management

10 Continued - Feedback to the GBC from International observational survey - Elephant in the room - OODA Loop - Puzzles and Dots O – observation O – Orientation D – decision A - action

11 Feedback - Via your efforts I have come to know and understand many of my fellow GBC members much better. Any exercises that help with team builidng, empathetic listening i.e. skills we can take home with us, are much appreciated ….. - The more we get to know and understand each other, the more we build personal relationships, the better. Stay with it. It is slowly working. - Through the years the team building has done an excellent job. Keep going. - A good combination of facts and participation .…. keep trying new ideas.

12 For more information please contact:
Into the Future To continue to work together with the GBC body striving to reach a level of cooperation and teamwork among all the members to the point of telepathic communication. For more information please contact:

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