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Mandate & Selection Committee November 2012. Are you familiar with LArches International Mandate, which calls everyone in LArche … To take ownership of.

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1 Mandate & Selection Committee November 2012

2 Are you familiar with LArches International Mandate, which calls everyone in LArche … To take ownership of our Mission To develop Leadership To engage with Culture and Society To shape the Federation? [ A complete copy of our this Mandate can be viewed at] Background 2 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

3 The International LArche Mandate was approved by communities of LArche from all over the world in Atlanta, U.S.A., this past June (2012), and has been adopted by LArche Canada as its own national Mandate (2013-17). So in cooperation with LArche International, the LArche Canada Board of Directors has now struck a Committee to engage us all in a process that will help us to bring our new Mandate to life. Background 3 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013 This process is called a Mandate & Selection Process, and it will help to prepare us for next years National General Assembly which is scheduled to take place in Vancouver, May 23 – 26, 2013.

4 The Mandate & Selection Process has two main aims: to finalize a new Strategic Framework that will enable LArche Canada to implement its mission and strategic priorities, based on the International mandate; and Aim 4 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013 to identify those who are called to lead LArche Canada in the implementation of its mission and strategic priorities for the next four years (May 2013 – May 2017).

5 Members of the Committee include: Eileen Glass (LArche International), Chair Donna Diskos (LArche Canada Board) Marc Larouche (LArche Le Printemps) Sonia Larouche (LArche Mauricie) Carl MacMillan (LArche Daybreak) John ODonnell (LArche Atlantic Region) Mandate & Selection Committee 5 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

6 Before we look at our new proposedStrategic Frameworklets look briefly at where weve been…. In November 2009, LArche communities across Canada met in Île Perrot near Montreal to ratify the current National Mandate (2009-13), and to affirm Hollee Card and Joe Egan as our National leaders. to ratify new corporate objects and bylaws governing LArche Canada to approve adoption of a new compensation policy The Road to Today 6 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

7 Since then, much has been achieved: Weve implemented the new governance structures at the regional and national levels; Weve implemented the new national Compensation Policy; Weve developed a number of excellent educational and outreach resources (e.g., the iBelong website); Weve developed a Growing as Servant Leaders Program which has the potential to transform our communities in many positive ways. The Road to Today (contd) 7 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

8 In March 2012, a Review of the 2009-13 Mandate confirmed, among other things, that weve improved communications and lessened the gap between the local and national levels of LArche; there is better and more meaningful inclusion of core members in our national structures (e.g., the National Council) The Road to Today (contd) 8 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

9 At the same time, we recognize that more needs to be done especially in the area of outreach, and to address concerns about the relationship of the Quebec Region with the rest of Canada. [For more details about the Review of the 2009-13 LArche Canada Mandate, visit] The Road to Today (contd) 9 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

10 In June 2012, delegates from LArche communities around the world ratified a new International Mandate in Atlanta. Having adopted the new International Mandate asOur Mandate, the current leadership of LArche Canada is now focusing its efforts on developing aStrategic Framework This Strategic Framework will enable us to implement the Mandate that we have embraced. The Road to Today (contd) 10 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

11 We are calling our New Plan a Strategic Framework because It has been developed thus far with a significant amount of input from those who have been charged by youthe members of LArche in Canadato provide strategic leadership for LArche at the national level: Members of the National Council, Members of the LArche Canada Board, Members of the LArche Canada Foundation Board, Members of the Regional Leaders Group, The National Leaders, and Other key national staff people. The Strategic Framework 11 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

12 We are calling our New Plan a Strategic Framework because It identifies key priorities and practical undertakings that will enable us to implement our new Mandate (i.e., the International Mandate) here in Canada, starting in the coming year (2013). 12 The Strategic Framework L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

13 The Strategic Framework identifies three (3) key priorities, along with a number of practical undertakings, that will enable us to implement our new National Mandate (2013-17). These priorities are: Leadership, Growth, and Outreach. Proposed Priorities (2013-17) 13 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

14 Note how our proposed Strategic Framework Priorities correspond with the International Mandate Priorities of Taking ownership of our Mission, Developing Leadership, Engaging with Culture and Society, and Shaping the Federation. 14 Proposed Priorities (2013-17) L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

15 Leadership is the single most important issue that will affect the continued growth and stability of LArche in the future. As we move from the era of the founder to the post founder era in our history, we need to ensure that we have a robust, inclusive and proactive leadership strategy. Priority #1: LEADERSHIP 15 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

16 Our Plan for Leadership commits us to invest more in the following: 1. LArche Servant Leadership Model: The LArche Servant Leadership Model translates the Identity and Mission into day to day actions in community. It is intended to inspire, teach, energize and focus leaders throughout the organization. 1. Recruiting: LArche needs to be more deliberate in attracting assistants who have the desire and ability to live out the mission over the long term. Priority #1: LEADERSHIP 16 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

17 3. Best Practice People Processes: The Growing as Servant Leaders Program will develop and implement human resource tools and best practices to support the development of leaders from their earliest months at LArche. 4. Continuous Learning Culture: LArche Canada envisions building a culture of ownership for the mission among all who support LArche. 5. Training and Formation: We will develop distinctive training and formation curricula based on the Servant Leadership model for all roles. Priority #1: LEADERSHIP 17 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

18 6. Individual Leader Focus: We will identify how to inspire, provide growth opportunities and connect with those assistants who have an interest in continuing their leadership growth journey at LArche. 6. Alumni Engagement: We will connect with, engage, support and draw on the many alumni who carry the spirit of servant leadership in their current roles and relationships beyond LArche. Priority #1: LEADERSHIP 18 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

19 Summary: Every community will need to make a commitment to implementing the proposed Growing as Servant Leaders Program. LArche Canada will ensure that adequate resources are allocated to this new leadership program, and that these improvements will continue to benefit LArche communities on an ongoing basis, once implemented. Priority #1: LEADERSHIP 19 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

20 We commit ourselves to growth, creating new homes and programs, expanding existing communities, and exploring new innovative ways of reaching out in friendship and service to Canadians who have an intellectual disability Priority #2: GROWTH 20 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013 We will expand the mission impact of LArche across Canada. This will require a stronger partnership between local LArche communities and LArche Canada.

21 Our Plan for Growth commits us to invest more in the following: 1. Creation of a new national leadership position to champion growth. a. Developing and implementing a proactive growth plan for LArche in Canada. b. Supporting the development of 2 or 3 new LArche models ordemonstration projects. c. Exploring relationships with other existing entities who are reaching out to LArche. Priority #2: GROWTH 21 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

22 2. Exploring and developing new funding options that are less dependent on government funding. 3. Reviewing and specifying how Regional Leaders can be most effectively engaged in the proactive growth of LArche in the future. Priority #2: GROWTH 22 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

23 4. Using the recent experience of developing our national leadership strategy (the Growing as Servant Leaders Program) as a model for developing a growth strategy. The national board will champion a working group to reflect about the growth of LArche in a proactive manner and to work closely with National staff. Priority #2: GROWTH 23 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

24 LArche is repeatedly asked to share its vision, values and practices with others. Our Plan for Outreach commits us to invest more in the following: Priority #3: OUTREACH 24 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013 1. Reallocate existing resources to maintain a full time role, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, to lead this strategy. Develop partnerships that will maximize the impact of our program outreach and generate revenue. Develop a plan to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of LArche that is directly tied to our mandate and its three overarching priorities.

25 Observe and report on social and political issues, and trends that are relevant for LArche and for people with developmental disabilities, and facilitating LArche Canadas participation in discussions and dialogues concerning those issues and trends. 2. Explore the idea of creating fee for service i.e. training workshops for other organizations. 3. Use the recent experience of developing our national leadership strategy (the Growing as Servant Leaders Program) as a model for focusing our program of outreach and engagement with society. Priority #3: OUTREACH 25 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

26 Mandate & Selection Process Timeline 26 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

27 Members of various bodies within each Community e.g., Boards, Councils, Assistant & Core Member Groups, etc.are invited now to take some time to discuss and to provide feedback on the questions posed on the next slide. Group feedback on the questions should then be sent to: Marc Larouche: or Carl MacMillan: The deadline for submitting feedback in this initial round of consultations is Friday, December 14, 2012. Questions & Discussion 27 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

28 Questions for Discussion & Feedback: What, in your view, are the two or three most important or inspiring elements of the Strategic Framework? Is there anything in the Strategic Framework that is difficult for you to support? If so, why? As the Mandate & Selection Committee moves forward with its work, is there anything that you want to communicate to the Committee, or is there an important addition or adjustment to the Framework that you would like the Committee to consider (please be as specific as possible)? Thank you for taking the time to participate in this phase of our Mandate & Selection Process! Questions & Discussion 28 L'Arche Canada Mandate 2013

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