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The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Moving towards an Integrated ASM/ATFCM/ATS Approach Brussels – 20-21 September 2012 Cooperation.

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1 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Moving towards an Integrated ASM/ATFCM/ATS Approach Brussels – 20-21 September 2012 Cooperation in crisis and contingency situations Asli OCAL -DNM- Francois CERVO -DSS-

2 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation EACCC Overview

3 Network Disruptions Management 3

4 4 EACCC Process In case of crisis, the EACCC Chairman will contact: the relevant State Focal Points, any organisation/agency that may provide information/help (eg. VAAC, EC Radiation Protection unit, NATO, External CAAs) EACCC is convened via meeting or teleconference, A crisis mitigation policy is discussed, agreed and approved by EACCC, Information is disseminated to relevant parties, When the crisis is resolved, EACCC is deactivated, A debriefing EACCC session is held to address the lessons-learned and remaining actions.

5 Network Disruptions Management 5 Network Managers Role During crisis: NM, with the support of EACCC, will coordinate the response, mitigate the impact, and escalate issues to appropriate bodies. EACCC composition shall be extended to include impacted state representatives and other operational contacts where deemed necessary by NM. The State Focal Points will be the link between their respective local Crisis Structures and the EACCC. During normal times: NM will lead and coordinate the follow-up actions/lessons-learned stemming from previous crises. EACCC members shall provide feedback concerning these actions to NM keeping NM always in the loop. NM and EACCC will conduct exercises to maintain the high level of preparedness for possible crisis events.

6 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Practical Example and Lessons Learned

7 Network Disruptions Management 77 Overview and Impact Libya Malta European Network Users Feedback Libyan Crisis Management Process Chronology Coordination Process Network Manager role and concerns Network Disruption Management Process Overview Lessons Learned Potential Way Ahead ATM AND THE LIBYAN OPERATIONS

8 Network Disruptions Management 8 Concern: No Fly Zone covering only a part of Libyan FIR 8 LIBYA – Airspace Closure October 2010 March 2011

9 Network Disruptions Management 99 MALTA : IMPACT Regulations: Nil Delays: Nil Capacities: - Before March 10 : 55-75 - March 10 / April 06 : 36-39 - After April 06 : 55-75

10 Network Disruptions Management 10 Global Impact : No major network impact Delays: No* Regulations: No Capacities / ATC Re-routings IFPS workload EUROPEAN NETWORK IMPACT

11 Network Disruptions Management 11 Specific Situation : Greek industrial unrest Staffing / Reduced capacities High delays Rerouting Adjacent sectors overload Combined with Libya Disruption on the Network EUROPEAN NETWORK IMPACT KANAR AMIBO

12 Network Disruptions Management 12 USERS IMPACT

13 Network Disruptions Management 13 USERS IMPACT AOs FEEDBACK - Cost - Fuel (2500T AF) - Payload limitation - Schedule - Charges

14 Network Disruptions Management 14 Specific Situation: (aggravated by Greek situation) Mileage 200nm Fuel Flight time 20/30 Schedule Delay 3hrs Compensation requests? USERS IMPACT

15 Network Disruptions Management 15 19 March STRIKES 17 March U.N MALTA Tactical Management Contacts Deconfliction FPL Airspace ECTL Support Info 17-23 March REACTION 24-30 March TRANSITION 30 March > COORDINATION FP L Routes Corridors Maps Coordination Humanitarian Flights NATO Procedure Airspace CAOC/JACC CHRONOLOGY Civil-Military ATM Coordination Meeting Teleconf.(OACI)

16 Network Disruptions Management 16 COORDINATION PROCESS 1- Coordination at local level DECONFLICTION Airspace re-organized (E4,Routes)E4Routes FPL Info Procedures Points of contact 2 - Coordination at strategic level To Support and enforce decisions To implement them To prepare long term actions (SPINS…) Civil-Military ATM Coordination Meeting Teleconferences (OACI Canada) MALTA CAOC 5 RAMSTEIN EUCARF CFMU GREECE ITALY COALITION NATO HQ ICAO FAA NATO EUROCONTROL MALTA ITALY GREECE COALITION?

17 Network Disruptions Management 17 EUROCONTROL(NM): ROLE and CONCERNS Support – Network Management Coordination Airspaces implementation (direct Routes) Flight Planning DCT Route Utilization - Rerouting Authorized Flights – Procedures / SPINS Manual Process (RAD) ATFM exemption and protection procedures OAT / GAT MILO Flight Plan (Coordination UK, Fr, US, LEMO) Airspace requests (Greek direct Routes) Info promulgation Return to normal situation in Libya Information Malta NOTAMs – Libyan AIP NM airspace management aeronautical information and charting group - Libya Maps PIBs /AIMs NOPNOP / D-1 Conference

18 Network Disruptions Management 18 LESSONS LEARNED WHAT? - ATM interface has to be included in Crisis Management WHEN? - Each different crisis period has to be addressed Crisis Preparation Military Operations / Network Disruption Return to normal operations HOW? - An ATM coordination cell has to be established for: Coordination with NM Civ-mil Coordination at both local and regional levels Whatever the operation, It is important to have an initial contact point with the coalition « Ops leader » to enforce the necessary ATM Coordination.

19 Network Disruptions Management 19 WAY AHEAD ATM crisis management handbook Notification / Contact with NM (Inputs for Civ-Mil coord. rules in NM procedures) ATM Impact assessment – Level of disruption Point of Contact (HQ/JFACC / NM / States / ATCs …) Mitigation measures elaborated and coordinated Implementation –adaptation – coordination at tactical level (ATC / CAOC) Transition to normal situation– Measures lifted / support to normal operations Mil representatives DNMC/EACCC FAB – ACCs – Airfields Procedures harmonization should facilitate this coordination (FPL, EUROAT…)

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