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Presenting Jazz Deadline: October 12, 2012 Notification: December 2012.

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1 Presenting Jazz Deadline: October 12, 2012 Notification: December 2012

2 A grant program supporting U.S. presenters that engage small, professional jazz ensembles based in the U.S. for a minimum of one public concert during the grant period, January 1-December 31, 2013. What is Presenting Jazz

3 present emerging or mid-career ensembles or represent new programming directions for the presenter Presenting Jazz gives priority to projects that:

4 Core support: ($5,000-10,000) for concert fees, travel, hotel, per diem, cartage, marketing, and production Incentive 1: ($1,000) for engaging a CMA New Jazz Works grantee Incentive 2: ($1,000) if the New Jazz Works grantee performs a CMA commissioned work Presenting Jazz offers three levels of funding support:

5 Eligibility

6 be based in the United States or its territories be a 501 (c)(3) organization have presented 10 public music concerts by professional music ensembles in the past 2 years be a CMA Organizational-level member have no overdue reports or financial obligations to CMA A presenter must:

7 be a professional composer-led or collective jazz ensemble be based in the U.S. or its territories consist of 2-10 members, including guest musicians(s) include improvisation as an integral part of its composition and performance The ensemble must:

8 The Application

9 written narrative budget CD-R work sample supplemental materials Application consists of:

10 contain 2-3 tracks, with up to 5 minutes of one work or excerpts from one work on each track be in CD-R format (not Mp3 data CD, DVD, or midi realization) feature the ensembles music on tracks 1 and 2 feature guest artists music on track 3, if applicable CD-R Work Sample must:

11 answer the questions that are asked be as specific as possible (who, where, when, why) do not repeat yourself Written Narrative:

12 CMA will fund up to 75% of the eligible expenses presenter must match with a minimum of 25% earned or contributed income in-kind revenue may not be used as part of the match Budget:

13 operating budget for the year in which the performance(s) will take place recent audited financial statement, or IRS Form 990 or 990EZ publicity and press materials from both the presenter and ensemble documentation for each of the 10 concerts listed in the application letter of Intent between presenter and ensemble 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt determination letter Supplemental materials:

14 there are four rounds of review a select number of applications are advanced after each round in the final round, the panel chooses approximately 10 grantees Panel process:

15 scoring system of 10 (excellent), 4 (good to very good), 1 (non-competitive) panelists score and provide written comments in each round panel feedback given by appointment following notification Scoring and feedback:

16 ensemble artistry (tracks 1 and 2, CD-R Work Sample) ability to perform scored and improvised music (with the aide of cue timings in CD-R Work Sample Sheet) if applicable, guest artists musicianship (track 3, CD-R Work Sample) The panel listens for:

17 fit of proposal with the organizations mission and history if new to jazz, the reason for adding jazz well-thought audience development and marketing plan sound budget and financials organizations capacity to successfully carry out the project The panel looks for:

18 Page 4 of Guidelines Application Checklist Process for completing and submitting application:

19 What is Jazz? What is an emerging or mid-career ensemble? Applicant determines and panel evaluates.

20 each component of your application must be strong all elements must create a unified and unique case for funding proofread for content and accuracy Closing tips:

21 Jeanette Vuocolo, program director, CMA Jazz,, Adam Reifsteck, membership manager, Good luck with your application! For additional information, contact:

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