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Source…the taste test Source Rivers Trial Applications Review.

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1 Source…the taste test Source Rivers Trial Applications Review

2 Purpose of Trial Applications Assess Source Rivers in an application for a target river system to determine: Source meets eWater Partners modelling requirements for water resource planning and management (ie, Fit for Purpose) – a complete integrated package How well Source performs against existing modelling tool – comparisons to IQQM, REALM, BIGMOD influence the software development process itself - direct link between model testing & ongoing model construction Wide variety of different river systems to test the usefulness of Source – good coverage

3 Macintyre Brook Pioneer Murrumbidgee Murray River: Lower Lakes to Colignan Goulburn-Broken-Loddon-Campaspe Namoi River Goulburn river ACT Melbourne metropolitan catchments Trial applications established in 2008/2009 Locations of Source Rivers Trial Applications Murray River: Upstream of Lock 9

4 Source Rivers Feature Macintyre Brook, Qld Namoi, NSWGBCL, Vic Murray River, SA & MDBA Comparison model platformIQQM REALMMSM BIGMOD Confluence, inflow, gauge, loss, splitters Minimum Flow Requirement Maximum Order Constraint Storage Weir Wetlands Water User > Demand models Water User > On-farm storages Link flow routing GSWIT Groundwater Constituent routing Ownershipin development Resource Assessment Systems Continuous Sharing Continuous Accounting Annual Accountingin development Murray-style accountingin development Off allocation Ordering systems Rules-based Ordering system Network Linear Programming (NetLP)Monthly model

5 Feedback to development Producing content for User Documentation – SRG and User Guide Development and delivery of Source Rivers training Trial Application workshops –Forster a community of practice –Progress updates on each trial application –Feature demos –How to build plugins workshop Trial Application involvement in Source Reporting on outcomes of trial applications and assessing Source capabilities Formal reporting requirements for SEWPAC/NWC funding agreement fitness for purpose report

6 Outcomes of Trial Applications All were successful in configuring Source Rivers to simulate their target systems. In general, all reported that Source Rivers compared well to the outputs of the existing modelling platform, –most differences explainable or an improvement due to enhancements in functionality. Modelling complex interactions of target system highlighted: –Areas where Source improves upon existing modelling platforms –areas that require usability improvements and documentations/guidance for converting to Source –Innovative approaches to modelling aspects of river system if functionality was unavailable

7 Outcomes of Trial Applications Some discrepancies were reported and still require investigation –Critical defects preventing testing resolved in latest release –On-going process of testing and review Problems with performance of load and runtimes; stability Beneficial features –Expression editor: widely used, flexible, powerful tool –Chart tool: visualisation, first-cut analysis of scenario results –Outputs: easy export of required results; great variety of outputs –Plugins: customised functionality, extensibility (although steep learning curve)

8 Summary of recommendations Improving the performance and stability of Source. Continue testing existing and new features within the current trial application project. –Continued investigation of differences in outputs between Source Rivers and existing modelling platform –Continued testing of existing functionality as defects and issues are fixed by the Source development team (ie, Source Rivers version 2.17 & 2.18) –Testing required functionality not available this year –Expansion of trial application beyond agreed requirements

9 Summary of recommendations Continue Source Rivers code development to provide functionality that has been identified as essential to complete the trial applications. User Interface & tools improvements –Chart tool functionality – more features – expression editor – improve usability & docs –recording outputs – descriptions, improved selection

10 So…Yum or Yuck? Yum, but needs cream and sprinkles! Full reports and feedback from other trial applications collated into Summary report at end of Nov – endorsed by Rivers URG Inform work plan for 2012 and beyond Final workshop next week – take stock of past few years

11 Thanks to all involved in the Rivers Trial Applications!

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