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ASIA BRTS- AMDAVAD Sanjeev Kumar Lohia OSD and E.O JS(UT),

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ASIA BRTS- AMDAVAD Sanjeev Kumar Lohia OSD and E.O JS(UT), Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India

2 Operational Efficiency by use of IT enabled process management
ITMS benefits and Opportunities Intelligent Transit Management System Productivity through Integration of Financial Processes, Operations Management, Commuter driven approach ensuring high availability. Operational Efficiency by use of IT enabled process management Enhanced Service Standards, bring in commuter oriented approach, better organization of planning and operations, including customer facing information delivery. Capital Improvements & Control, marketing, and automates collection and payment of transit fares.

3 Software Solutions Landscape
ITMS Project Scope Software Solutions Landscape Automated Fare Collection System (AFC) & Common Clearing System GPS based Fleet Monitoring System Passenger Information System (PIS) Financial Management System (FMS) Vehicle Despatch & Scheduling System (VDSS) Depot Management System (DMS) Bus Terminal Management System (BTMS) Incident Management System (IMS) Business Intelligence (BI) Enterprise Management System (EMS)

4 Infrastructure Landscape
ITMS Project Scope Infrastructure Landscape Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Site Control Centre ,Training Centre Bus Station Infrastructure Bus Infrastructure Communication Infrastructure

5 Hardware Solutions Landscape
ITMS Project Scope Hardware Solutions Landscape BUS Station Equipment's Turnstile Fare Gate Smart Card / Barcode Validator LED based Passenger Information System Displays Point Of Sale - Ticket Terminal Station Server & Communication Module Handheld based Ticket Checking Bus Equipment's Bus Driver Console Front/Rear/Middle Passenger Information Display System Integrated Bus Controller

6 Control Center and Disaster Recovery Center
Contd… Control Center and Disaster Recovery Center Automated Fare Collection System Financial Management System & Central Clearing House System Vehicle Location System Bulk Initialization System Card Personalization System Central Communications System Depot Management System Bus Terminal Management System Vehicle Scheduling & Dispatch System Incident Management System Enterprise Management System Video Wall for Operations Management

7 ITMS Project Scope Operations, Management & Maintenance Services
Ticket Operators, Control Centre operators Level-1 (Control Centre), Level-2 (Technical Operators) and Level-3 (bug fixing & roll out) Support System Administration and Database Administration Ticket Terminal Operations Over all Operations of AFC Vehicle Monitoring and communication services Incident Management System Vehicle Scheduling & Dispatch Service Passenger Information System Bus Terminal management System Depot Management System The service provider manages all operational activities within the guidelines decided of the transport company and hence provides management bandwidth to enable operations management and efficiency enhancement.

8 ITMS Enterprise View

Identify Efficiency Improvement Opportunities Identify Contact & Operations Centre Propagate New SOP’s Stakeholder Consultation Higher Revenue

10 TIMELINE process for Cyclic improvement through ITMS Implementation
Short Term Medium Term Long Term Public Transport System gets the necessary Traction Learning and feeback leads to efficient Processes. ITMS Creates a learning and feedback System. 2014- Onwards Business / Operational Intelligence and Feedback Measurement Learning Process Implementation and Impovement Achievement Base / Initial Deployment of ITMS

11 Unless we put the PUZZLE TOGETHER!
Financial Analytics Vehicle Analytics Passanger Analytics Traffic Analytics 360⁰ operational View and Analytics leads to efficient decision making process and delivers financially and operationally sustainable city transport model.

12 Operational Characteristics Knowledge Aggregation
Operational Benefits Progression Chart Initial Term Mid-Term Long Term Financial Regulation Bus Schedule Management Traffic Management Operational Characteristics Knowledge Aggregation Optimized Operational Plan Execution through operational Intelligence Feedback Operational Efficiency Increases over a period of time due to high predictability and data intelligence input to operations management team.

13 Bus Station Infrastructure
Off board fare collection Use of Flap Barriers Use of Smart card / tokens

14 Bus Station Infrastructure

15 Bus Station Infrastructure

16 Passenger Information System
LED and audio announcements inside buses LED displays at Bus stations and buses Audio announcement systems in buses

17 Bus ITS Equipment's Bus Driver Console

18 Central Control Centre
Operations monitoring & management at Control centre

19 ITMS Communication Network

20 ITMS Security Framework
Asset records maintenance & verification Access via authorization system Hw/SW Access Control Mechanism Authorized Access Control Control and Record of Entries Zone wise / Authorization wise access control Physical Security Hardware Security Access Permissions for data access International Practice of UID Password Mgmt Restricted Media drives access Access /Audit Trail Mgmt Logical Security Firewall for external network Secure VPN Policy Multi-layer security Online Network Auditing Network Security Data Management Architecture High Availability Architecture | Transaction Consistency Security Database Access Control | Data Auditing | Schema Change Management | Master Data Change Management Availability Performance Monitoring | Database Tuning | Backup & Recovery | Change Management | Storage Management

21 ITMS Security Framework
Logical Security Process Role Security, Operator role based Data security Encryption and other suitable standards like trail Management Secured VPN based communication interfaces Device Level Security All field devices operate in secure mode with secure keys and necessary hardware based secure SAM’s

22 Operations and Maintenance
Project Contours Capital Block Procurement of hardware and Software Includes bus, bus shelter and CCC equipments Operations and Maintenance Manpower cost for off board fare collection Manpower for CCC Manpower for AMC Maintenance cost of Hardware and Software

23 Procurement of Services – Implementation Plan
Hardware, Software and O&M Procurement Plan  Competitive bidding process to be undertaken to select single service provider to provide following services Hardware deployment and installation - Capital Expenditure Software deployment and implementation – Capital Expenditure Operations and Management for 6 years (payable monthly) to include following services: Manpower on bus stations for ticketing Manpower in Central Control Centre to provide operations support and maintenance Field Support Staff to maintain field equipment's Maintenance cost for deployed software and hardware

24 Thanks

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