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Pomfret Board of Education Presentation March 26, 2014.

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1 Pomfret Board of Education Presentation March 26, 2014

2 OUTLINE -Guiding Beliefs -Leadership Principles -Overall Return on Investment -Pomfret Data -2014/2015 Budget -Where we are going… -Feedback/Data Collection

3 Woodstock Academy Guiding Beliefs Vision Woodstock Academy is a student-centered school which emphasizes individual growth and development through student engagement in diverse instructional opportunities effectively managed by an empowered faculty, supported by a participating community, and characterized by the highest global values of a rapidly changing world. Mission Woodstock Academy prepares ALL students for a lifetime of learning by providing academic rigor, a safe environment, and a diversity of educational experiences which will foster a sense of respect for self and others, and will encourage active investment in family, school, community, and the world. Motto RESPICE FUTURUM Look to the Future

4 Woodstock Academy Leadership Principles

5 The Woodstock Academy Investment Over 42 co-curricular activities that appeal to a variety of unique studentsthe Academy offers something for everyone! From Earthsave to Robotics and more! 55% of all students are a part of an athletic team ~~ 62% of fall athletes made the Honor Roll Six different World Languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, German and Latin) Over 80 unique electives, including; Entrepreneurship, Alternative Energy and Construction, Biotechnology, and Digital Media Production. Three Unified Sports Teams with 51 athletes (Soccer, Bowling and Basketball) Thirty-four (34) opportunities for students to earn college credit (AP and ECE) Five different Music organizations: Pep Band, Jazz Band, Drum-line, Hill Singers, and Tri-M. Eight Honor Societies: National Honor Society, Athletic, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin, and Tri-M. Math to be added soon. Four foreign trips offered each year including a service- learning trip to Haiti. 105 CAPT scholars ~~ 18 had perfect 5s. Nationally recognized Art, Music, and International Relations programs

6 The Woodstock Academy Investment Four students were accepted into UCONNs prestigious Chemistry SECRET Program. (Only 8 students are accepted from the entire state) The Music Department received over 20 awards and special recognitions at various competitions and festivals throughout the country. 99.6% Graduation Rate Manufacturing Team won three awards at the 10 th Annual High School Manufacturing Expo for their remote-controlled vertical power strip design. 24 AP Scholars 6 were from Pomfret (largest single town distribution) Quiz Bowl Team placed 3 rd in the Chemistry Olympiad. Higher CAPT scores than the state, DRG, and Windham County averages on all four CAPT subtests. Digital Media Production and Environmental Science collaborated with the Last Green Valley and the Department of the Interior to create a video on water trail from Southbridge to Norwich. The video was presented to the Library of Congress in the Fall. SAT scores are significantly higher (46 points on average) than Windham Country scores, and are also higher than the state average on the writing and reading subtests. 95.3% of the Class of 2013 continued their education (college or Armed Services) Model UN Program received 12 awards at four conferences.

7 Pomfret 2013 CAPT Data

8 Pomfret SAT Data

9 Student Maximum based on current staffing, programming and facilities. (1040) Enrollment Trend

10 Projected Billing Enrollment Summary 2014/2015 Projected 2013/2014 Actual Brooklyn180183 Canterbury9093 Eastford58 Pomfret189 Union21 Woodstock388 Sending Town Total926932 Private Domestic15 Private International8580 Private Total10095 TOTAL10261027

11 Historical Tuition Revenue

12 2014/2015 Fiscal Plan Strategies The fiscal plan was developed with the Woodstock Academy Vision and the Mission as its foundation and with the belief that the Academy should prepare all students for the 21 st Century economy. The motto of the Academy is Look to the Future. The fiscal plan was designed to continue to invest in a diversity of programs for Academy students, increase the marketing presence in the region, and to increase educational excellence while maintaining reasonable costs for sending districts. Todays investment leads to tomorrows success in our region and beyond. The major areas of focus are: Programmatic enhancements based on current data trends and needs; Overall student and campus safety; Execution of the Enrollment Management Plan to maintain maximum efficiency and assist sending districts; and Employing areas of efficiency that benefit the Academy for the long-term and help to prepare students for the 21st Century economy.


14 Significant Regular Operating Investments: Universal ReadiStep and PSAT Testing Full funding for Ice Hockey Program Upgrade campus-wide camera system Upgrade website used for development and admissions Late bus run (looking to add Pomfret stop) Continue shift from textbooks to on-line options Significant changes to the ACES program Out-source some aspects of the technology department Significant Private Tuition Budget Investments: New mathematics teacher in response to the impact of the International Program Additional funding for conference and travel, increasing recruitment in Europe and South America. Restore the Director of Public Relations Restore a Marketing/Public Relations Budget Completion of sewer project for The Avis Spalding House Putnam Property (efficiency) Add to Academy reserves

15 Where we are going……… Development of a Woodstock Academy 2030 – Fifteen Year Strategic Plan A tablet in every hand – 1:1 Program Growth of relevant vocational, career and technical offerings Modify the GPA structure – more equitable Historic Grants: Academy Building and Avis-Spalding Barn Hyde Building Upgrades – Art, Music and Field House Academic Newsletter Comprehensive recruitment and hiring handbook Expand parent/Academy partnerships Execute comprehensive marketing plan Expand development office efforts.

16 Feedback/Data Collection… Where can the Academy improve? What do we do well? We really want to hear from you; you are our some of our most important educational partners. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you this evening. Thank you to all the staff that work to prepare some of the greatest students to walk the Academy campus

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