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Purposive Communication

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1 Purposive Communication
Globalization and Communication

2 Globalization It is the disappearance if borders between nations and the rise of international relations

3 Impact of Globalization
Interpersonal Group communication Intrapersonal Mass Communication



6 Impact of Globalization
Interconnectedness of people on global scale Virtual communication Cultural awareness Time

7 ICT (Information and communication technology)
It is the combination of hardware equipment, organizational structures and social values through which individuals collect process and exchange information with other individuals History: Invention of Human Speech to Present

8 Characteristics of ICT
Interactivity De-massification Asynchronicity

9 Social Media It refers to the web-based and mobile communication applications that lets people interact with each other and build networks

10 Social Media It is a group of internet based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations allowing the creation and exchange of user-generated content. (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010) Online magazines, internet forums, weblogs social blogs, podcasts, photographs, videos, ratings and social bookmarking.

11 Classification of Social Media
Collaborative projects (Wikipedia ), blogs, micro blogs (twitter) Content communities (Youtube)

12 Social media Social networking (Facebook) Virtual gameworlds (World Of Warcraft) Virtual social worlds (Second life)

13 Social media Other technologies (Flickr, vlogs, wall posting, s, instant messaging, crowd sourcing, VOIP, etc.

14 Uses of Social Media (Richman)
Communication Cause-support Competitions Communication research Connection Client service Community Service

15 communication

16 Cause support

17 competitions

18 Communication research

19 connection

20 Client service

21 Community service

22 Proper Decorum in Online Interactions
Think before you click Be your authentic self

23 Proper Decorum in Online Interactions
If you tweet, be kind and offer random tweets of kindness Experience now, share later

24 Proper Decorum in Online Interactions
Be proactive, not reactive Respond with full attention

25 Proper Decorum in Online Interactions
Use mobile social media sparingly Practice letting go Enjoy social media

26 Challenge: Responsible use of Communication Technology

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