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Ida Asner Director, Consulting Services Stephanie Stewart

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1 Coaching for Student Success: Supporting the Feedback Loop for Student Learning AAC&U March 2014
Ida Asner Director, Consulting Services Stephanie Stewart Director of Implementation

2 Student Learning Context
Faculty/ Program/ Institution STUDENT LEARNING Student Self-Reflection Community/External Experiences

3 Beliefs about Assessment

4 Truth about Assessment

5 Power of Effective Assessment
Provide the answers to accountability questions Guide decisions and changes within programs and the unit Enhance the learning process

6 Commitment to Vision Mission Resources Policy Leadership

7 Support from Leadership
… the key to creating and sustaining ‘buy in’

8 Positions: Roles and Interaction
Assessment Coordinator is presented as a resource for faculty in the NCATE process: Associate Dean is the NCATE Coordinator, and holds ultimate responsibility for accreditation process. Holds faculty accountability tasks or deadlines. Dean, Associate Dean, and Assessment Coordinator form the SOE’s “NCATE triangle.” Meet regularly to remain in clear communication on the accreditation process.


10 Expectations for Spring 2008
1. Incorporate conceptual framework standards into spring syllabi. Identify core assessments for each program area. Definition of core assessment: -- an assessment of 8 Conceptual Framework standards (All SOE programs) -- an assessment which EVERY student experiences across his/her program -- an assessment of SPA standards (SPA programs only) Align core assessments and corresponding rubrics to CF and/or SPA standards. Post at least ONE assessment and corresponding rubric from each spring 2008 course to LiveText. Note: Faculty will have the opportunity to do this during Jan. 9 LiveText workshop (1-2 pm, Rm. 201, 25EP). Score assessments in LiveText.

11 LiveText’s Commitment to your Vision
Planning Consulting Services Support Implementation Services Community (Regional & National)

12 Why is Change Management Important?
Organize transition to new tools Increase productivity, adoption, and satisfaction Achieve the highest return on investments A McKinsey study showed a significantly higher ROI— 108% difference —for projects with excellent vs. poor or no change management

13 Communicating for Success (ROI)
Marketing No one method It’s multi-faceted Web Video Orientations Ongoing A common language and ability to respond to FAQ

14 LiveText facilitates…
Plan Assess Analyze & Improve

15 Integration with LMS Blackboard® Moodle™ Desire2Learn®
Authentication technology is considered a focal point in our ability to provide true enterprise software. In partnering with Blackboard®, we provide Single Sign-On Technology for Blackboard 9.1 SP4+ and 8.x. Moodle™ We provide Single Sign-On Technology for Moodle™ 1.9 and 2.0, making access to LiveText seamless and easy. Desire2Learn® We provide Single Sign-On Technology for Desire2Learn®, making access to LiveText seamless and easy.

16 Video Assessment with In-line Feedback

17 e-Portfolio Publishing

18 Aggregated Reports: Programs & Institution

19 Aggregate data on Core Competencies

20 Q & A Ida Asner Stephanie Stewart

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