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VESI Network Passport - Information and Feedback Session

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1 VESI Network Passport - Information and Feedback Session
Welcome VESI Network Passport - Information and Feedback Session

2 Agenda VESI Network Passport Adam Beel
Background Skills & Training Reference Committee Passport Rules ENA National Passport – Update COAG National Trade Licensing VESI Website Field Workers Handbook - Update VESI Passport Training Modules Rob Foord VESI Training Matrix Feedback Gerard Cooke

3 Background Victorian Electricity Supply Industry - VESI
Who is the Skills &Training Reference Committee? The committee consists of representatives from the Victorian Distribution Companies and Transmission Company. Adam Beel (Chair), Rob Foord Jemena Barry Culph, Pam O’Neill CitiPower / Powercor Chris Websdale, Dave Harden, Gerard Cooke SP Ausnet Discuss formally Sector Based Committee and Passport Working Group Registration was introduced in late 2004 with the passports following in early This system is now on-going and only requires day to day management from the businesses. It does however still need a level of coordination and cooperation at VESI level The SBC has effectively been in recess for the past 12 months, not having met since 3rd September 2008. Recognising that the SBC had achieved its initial goals, submissions in relation to the future of the SBC were called for in early 2008. Registration is a qualifications based system which ensures that electrical workers accessing electrical networks in Victoria hold the appropriate qualifications. The ESV administers registration and creates registration numbers. Where a Passport is issued to a registered person, the registration number shall be recorded in the Passport.

4 Skills & Training Ref. Committee
The scope of the Committee is to: Consider competencies and qualifications for persons accessing an electrical network. Establish VESI common refresher training modules. Establish agreed VESI common Passport entry requirements, to enable the classification of workers to undertake specific activities To manage the VESI Passport in conjunction with the ENA National Passport system. Represent VESI in appropriate Victorian & national forums. The objective of the Committee is to: Demonstrate how the participating Companies are meeting their Regulatory obligations of ensuring persons operating or maintaining its networks assets have standards of qualifications, proficiency and experience to safely perform those functions.

5 The Passport Purpose Scope
The purpose of the VESI Passport system is to: Provide portability between Network Operators for: Proof of competencies/refresher training currency Evidence of Network Operator issued authorities Where appropriate, encourage convergence in regard to authorities, refresher training & competencies for accessing electrical networks Encourage a consistent method for field personnel to maintain their individual records. Scope The VESI Passport is intended to be issued to any person who:- Holds a written authority issued by a Network Operator to access a network Is required by a Network Operator to undertake tasks requiring training specified in the VESI Passport Training Standard Background Initially rolled out in 2005 Give examples of who is to hold a passport

6 The Passport cont. Issue of Passport How to get a Passport?
Each Network Operator shall maintain their own database for recording details of each Passport they have issued or replaced The Record of issue on Page 75 shall be completed and returned How to get a Passport? CitiPower/Powercor Pam O’Neill ph Jemena Alex McRobert ph SP-Ausnet Carmelia Giuliano ph Interstate Passports Where Passports are presented by an individual from another jurisdiction, recognition of their Passport shall be evaluated and acknowledged and Network Operators shall review the training content to ensure compliance with VESI requirements.

7 Passport Entries Entries for training and authorisations shall be stamped and signed Entries for inductions shall be signed Each record is unique – if using stick on labels please do not cover original record All records in the passport can be subject to a full audit Attempts to falsify training records will result in action being taken against the parties involved Emphasis that inductions shall be recorded

8 VESI Update Green Book Training Standards Reprint of VESI Passport
Where there is a duplication of training modules refer to the Passport Training Module. Reprint of VESI Passport Pending development of ENA Passport, reprint may be late 2009 ENA National Passport Project Currently undertaking a national exercise with EE-Oz to standardise refresher training across the ESI. Targeted implementation date, late 2009 COAG National Trade Licensing COAG have included electrical occupations as an area to review in regard national licensing Earliest date of implementation is 2012 An update on: VESI Network Passport The Victorian passport will be reprinted and reissued in late 2009 as all the current passports should be full. There will be an opportunity to improve layout and content of the passport. Green Book Training Standards Currently under review. Where there is a duplication of training modules refer to the Passport Training Module. ENA Passport EE-OZ have contract to gather data from all jurisdictions in Australia, data collection and analysis to be completed by August Roll-out of the national passport system will be ????? COAG National Trade Licensing COAG have identified 11 trade areas that are currently being reviewed to see if state licensing can be replaced with a National licence. Our industry has been included.

9 VESI Website

10 Fieldworkers Handbook Update
Status Throughout 2008 the FWHB committee has undertaken a review and update of the 2006 version This has resulted in: An enhanced OH section to include rail crossings and conductor stringing above and below live conductors Re-designed metering section to include CT metering, AMI, meter reading and enhanced NST instruction SAD’s inclusive of Tree Clearing information First Aid update to new CPR requirements A new “Terminal Stations & Zone Substations” section A new “Rigging” appendix Final draft now complete, printing and circulation in first quarter 2009 Discuss website purpose and that this will be the source of information for the industry Fieldworkers Handbook Adam to complete…………

11 VESI Passport Training Modules

12 VESI Training Modules Purpose
Provide an agreed minimum standard of training modules which are common to all VESI Network Operators Provide an agreed set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each training module outlined in the VESI Passport Training Module Discuss Purpose and Scope

13 VESI Training Modules Scope
The scope of this document includes the Learning Outcomes that need to be met before any entry is made in the VESI Passport. This document excludes entries made under the headings of “National Training Competencies” and “Inductions”.

14 General These VESI Passport Modules are the minimum training requirements. Network Operators may implement further training as part of an induction process to support local requirements to allow access onto their Network.

15 Why these modules? Training Modules
The training modules were selected on the basis that they relate to the work activities undertaken by the Network Operators. To meet the Network Operators Health, Safety & Environmental Legislative and Network access requirements. Additional Modules may be added in the future. Discuss why these modules have been chosen Discuss how to use the training matrix ie. multiple job roles

16 Training Matrix Training Matrix Aligns refresher training modules to specific workgroups or work activity. Where training is not identified for a specific work activity or workgroup the Network Operator will determine the training required depending on the work being undertaken.

17 Training Matrix

18 Training Frequencies & Changes
Frequencies are determined by Industry requirements Training frequency for Traffic Management & Live Low Voltage have changed to align with the Code of Practice and Industry requirements. Training module name changes Health & Safety changed to VESI Safety Framework compliance by end June 2010 Environmental changed to VESI Environmental Framework HV Operating currently no module Training Frequencies in the VESI Network Passport have been changed, please refer to the website for updates in the future. Traffic Management changed to 3 years - aligned to Traffic Management Code of Practice. Live LV work changed to 3 years. 1 year frequency due to incidents on Network. Re-aligned to Industry requirement. VESI Safety Framework and VESI Environmental Framework are modules that have been in the passport since inception and it has now been identified that these will be mandatory for all individuals who hold a passport. These training modules shall be completed by end June 2010. HV Operating training module has not been developed at this stage.

19 Training Modules Training Reports Timeframes
write the exact VESI module name Timeframes Your training provider will give you an indicative time for completing of each module or bundle of modules Training Reports If Access Permit Training completed, and option of E&SC done assessment criteria 5.3, please list separately on training reports The training provider is the best person to let you know indicative timeframes for completing module. Please ensure that you allow enough time for modules to be completed properly!

20 Please complete evaluation form
Feedback Questions / Concerns Please complete evaluation form Acknowledge questions raised prior to the session. The questions and handouts have been given as a handout at registration. Questions raised today have been documented and will be added to the question and answer handout and published on the website. Please raise any further concerns/questions with a member of the Skills Training Reference Committee.

21 Thanks

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