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Introduction CD Volunteer Scheme CDEC NFPC Conclusion.

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3 Introduction CD Volunteer Scheme CDEC NFPC Conclusion

4 o Emergency Procedure o Basic Skills & CD Activities o Cope with any eventuality Involvement of Community

5 o Established CDCC o Recruitment o Training o Other CD Activities

6 To achieve maximum participation of the civilian population in CD

7 To educate and prepare the residents and volunteers to cope with emergencies so as to minimise sufferings and loss of lives and property

8 o To oversea and monitor the recruitment, training and organisation of resident volunteers o To develop and maintain a competent Civil Defence capability in the constituency

9 oTo organise CD related activities and emergency exercises for CD Volunteers, Leaders and residents oTo disseminate information to CD Volunteers, Leaders and residents and to channel feedback to SCDF oTo mobilise CD Volunteers, Leaders for emergency exercises and during disaster oTo manage the CD shelters during emergency exercises and disaster

10 One ACIOs to cover 4 to 5 constituencies Assistant Community Liaison Officer

11 o First-Aid o Fire-Fighting o Rescue & Evacuation o Emergency Procedure

12 o Community Clubs, RC Centres o CD Volunteer are formed into Operational Units after the training

13 o Advanced FA Course o Shelter Management Training o Volunteer Leaders Course o Volunteer Instructors Course - Methods of Instructions - Shelter Management - Fire Fighting & Rescue - BCLS

14 o Render FA to surface casualties o Put out incipient fires o Support CD in rescue operation

15 o Assist other Agencies on CD related o matters in the constituencies o Function as feedback channel for SCDF in the constituencies

16 o Appointed as a Block Leaders on matters pertaining to CD for both during peacetime or emergency

17 o To assist their CDECs in organising CD related activities for residents o To respond to any localised incidents when activated by higher authority o To encourage residents to participate in CD activities

18 o To assist in the education of o the residents in emergency procedures o To assist in identifying residents requiring special assistance during emergencies

19 o To lead & guide residents to safety or to shelter o To assist SCDF Shelter Unit o To assist to implement CD Routine o To render surface Rescue & FA treatment o To provide feedback on CD matters

20 NS CLAs Set-up to support the CDECs.

21 Comsists of National Servicemen – NCOs to Sr NCOs posted to serve in the CDEC in-lieu of the NS liability

22 o The Civil Defence Executive Committees work directly with the Citizens Consultative Committees in the Constituency. o The CDECs come directly under Peoples Association (PA)

23 Division ACIOs officers are responsible to link-up with the CDEC in the constituency by working closely with them & build-up a well organised CD activities & training for the community

24 HEAD PAB Community Involvement CLAS Public Education ACIOs


26 CPR training for residents CD Shelter Exercise for residents

27 Grassroots visit to CD installations Informal dialogue session with CDEC

28 CDEC Grassroot visit residents to render assistant in fire mishap

29 The NFPC is committed towards making Singapores residential, industrial, commercial and school sectors safe from fires by promoting greater fire safety and preventive awareness amongst the public

30 o To promote public awareness on outbreak of fires o To educate them on fire prevention/ protection o measure against lost of live and property o To study, develop and improve fire prevention o and protection measures suitable for adoption by the public. cont

31 o To coordinate fire prevention and protection measures o promoted by any organisation interested in such activities. o To recommend measures suitable for use and practice by the public, industries and commercial sectors.

32 o NFPC obtains its Policy and Directional Guidance from SCDF. o The research data collated by SCDF such as Fire Trend Analysis and Hot Spots Patterns are used by NFPC to formulate programmes and activities for it to undertake. o SCDF also supports NFPC in areas such as logistics and staffing of the secretariat, provision of speakers and lecturers, staging of exhibitions and practical session. cont

33 o NFPC ledges on SCDFs support mechanisms such as its grassroots network. Through this, NFPC partners SCDF in engaging the community through Community, Safety and Security Programmes (CSSP). o prevention and protection measures jointly with SCDF. o Recommend measures suitable for compliance by public and the Industries.


35 The NFPC Board of Directors comprise of professionals, prominent businessmen, government officials and community leaders The duties of the BOD are: - To formulate policy and planned fire prevention and educational programmes - To organise and supervise the day-to-day activities of the Council as well contribute to its decision making process - To organise activities and events in fulfilment of our objectives

36 Chairman Commercial Premises Committee Chairman Industrial Premises Committee Chairman Fire Safety for Schools Committee Chairman Public Relations Committee Chairman Housing Premises Committee Chairman NFPC Vice Chairman NFPC Chairman Fund Raising & Membership Committee

37 - Singapore Civil Defence Force - Singapore Hotel Association - Fire Safety Managers Association of Singapore - Peoples Association - Community Development Councils - Resident Committees - Singapore Institute of Safety Officers - Singapore Confederation of Industries - Civil Defence Executive Committees

38 Mass Evacuation Drill being carried during the Fire safety Campaign A fire extinguisher training session being conducted during the Mass Evacuation Drill A Home Fire Safety Seminar being held during the Campaign Fire Safety Skills Competition

39 Annual Fire Safety Campaign

40 1. Home Fire Safety Exhibitions 2. Producing & Disseminating educational Material on fire safety 3. Foreign Maid Fire Safety & Prevention Training 4. CSSP for Markets 5. Installation of fire points at Kreta Ayer and Little India - Educate tenants on over-crowding, evacuation and fire safety prevention 6. CD Emergency Handbook Community Programmes for the Heartlanders

41 Installation of fire points at Kreta Ayer & Little India to educate tenants on fire safety A/P Chin Tet Yung distributing fire safety pamphlets during CSSP for market visit A Home Fire Safety Exhibition A/P Chin Tet Yung distributing CD Emergency Handbooks during Ops Reach


43 International Fire Safety Exhibitions & Conferences Seminars for hotels & industries Fire Safety Excellence Award Drama and Magic shows to inculcate fire safety awareness Children Art & Skit Competition

44 Participants attending an industrial fire safety seminar Magic shows to inculcate fire safety awareness An SCDF officer conducting audit checks for a participating outlet for the Fire Safety Excellence Award Fire Safety Robots to inculcate fire safety awareness

45 Fundraising Activities: - Donation Draws - Charity Golf Tournaments - Charity Film Premiere - Recruit new corporate members - Donation - Sponsorship of Projects

46 o First Please Get to know us first. o Visit our website ( so that you can have first hand info. Of our events and activities schedules o Participate actively and volunteer your services, products and sponsorships o Participate in our seminars and conferences


48 CD volunteers, CDECs and NFPC form an integral part in the nations preparedness against civil threats. They are SCDFs strategic partners in the protection of the civilian population.


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