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Chairman, RBNQA Award Committee, IMC Managing Director, Qimpro

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1 Chairman, RBNQA Award Committee, IMC Managing Director, Qimpro
IMC RBNQA Examination Process Overview Suresh Lulla Chairman, RBNQA Award Committee, IMC Managing Director, Qimpro October 2002

2 Suresh Lulla, Chairman, IMC RBNQA Committee
IMC RBNQA Overview Participating organizations are discovering that writing an RBNQA application is a marvelous self-assessment benchmark process. In addition, submitting an application is a terrific and relatively inexpensive way to gain valuable feedback that would cost several lakh rupees from a consulting firm. Suresh Lulla, Chairman, IMC RBNQA Committee October 2002

3 IMC RBNQA Overview Established by IMC RBNQA Trust in 1994
Criteria and process based on the MBNQA Completed 5 successful cycles Over 20 leading companies apply each year Over 100 trained examiners Qimpro is the exclusive training partner for IMC RBNQA. October 2002

4 IMC RBNQA Purpose Promote quality awareness and practices in Indian business Recognize quality achievements of Indian companies Publicize successful quality strategies and programmes. October 2002

5 IMC RBNQA Model October 2002 L E A D R S H I P 100 1 B
U N T 400 7 October 2002

6 IMC RBNQA Criteria Can be used for self-assessment of quality improvement efforts Provide guidance on how superior organizations are changing their cultures to achieve eminence Provide guidelines for submitting an application for the IMC RBNQA contest 7 Criteria and 22 Criterion Parts and 229 Areas Based on MBNQA. October 2002

7 IMC RBNQA Overview Organization of the Award Program Manufacturing
Service Small business Award Ceremony Making Quality Happen conference. October 2002

8 Key Players IMC Quality Cell RBNQA Trust RBNQA Committee
Panel of Judges Process Improvement Group Board of Examiners Award Recipients IMC Quality Cell. October 2002

9 Evaluation Process Application submission Allocation of examiners
Individual review Consensus review Site visit review Selection of recommended awardees Feedback system Award announcement. October 2002

10 Allocation of Examiners
Team composition Senior Examiner and Facilitator Previous performance Qualification CEQM/CSEQM Functional knowledge of applicant’s business Number of applications per Examiner Conflict of interest. October 2002

11 Individual Review Study application Develop comments Score
Submit for collation Develop scorebook Upto 40 hours required Completed in August – September. October 2002

12 Consensus Review Lead by Senior Examiner Facilitator present
Study collated scorebook Discuss comments Decide scoring range Prepare consensus scorebook Upto 2 meetings Completed in October. October 2002

13 Site Visit Review RBNQA Committee Team composition Inform applicant
Site visit issues Code of conduct Formal opening and closing meeting Complete site visit record Completed in November. October 2002

14 Selection of Awardees RBNQA Committee Panel of Judges
Recommendation to RBNQA Trust. October 2002

15 Feedback System Every applicant receives feedback report
Includes strengths and areas for improvement Not prescriptive Includes scoring range. October 2002

16 Code of Conduct Detailed guidelines – Dos and Don’ts NO gifts
NO employment/assignment upto one/two years NO sharing of personal observations. October 2002

17 Qimpro’s Role Develop/review criteria Conduct workshops
Understand the requirements Examiner training Refresher for examiners Self assessment for applicants Calibration with IQMM. October 2002

18 Thank You October 2002

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