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Introduction and LIMS use Field Operations and Record Management System II Lite FORMS II Lite Version 5.0 August 30, 2001.

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1 Introduction and LIMS use Field Operations and Record Management System II Lite FORMS II Lite Version 5.0 August 30, 2001

2 2 What is FORMS II Lite? A flexible and easy-to-use, stand-alone, Windows-based application for: Generating bottle and tag labels; Generating Traffic Report / Chain of Custody forms; Tracking samples from field to laboratory; Facilitating electronic capture of sample information into databases; and Exporting data electronically as XML,.dbf or.txt files.

3 3 How is FORMS II Lite used? The user enters information prior to or during the sampling event. The wizard-like format takes the user through a logical sequence of steps paralleling processes associated with documenting sampling activities. Users enter information on: Site and project; Sampling team members; Analyses to be performed; Location, matrix, date/time collected, measurements; Sample and tag numbers; Laboratories receiving samples; and Sample shipments.

4 4 Benefits Applicable to all environmental data; Customizable to meet everyones needs; Reduces time and effort of field sampling activities; Eliminates manual transcription errors; and Produces customized electronic output for input into user-specific databases.

5 5 Case Study Calcasieu Estuary, Louisiana 800-sample project Remedial investigation/ feasibility study Feedback provided by samplers - parallel testing 10-15 minutes saved per sample Reducing labor hours by 50% and increasing productivity by 100% Saving approximately 200 labor hours (25 working days) for an 800-sample project

6 6 Handwritten Traffic Report

7 7 FORMS II Lite Traffic Report

8 8 Current Status In the field today FORMS II Lite is now in use in eight USEPA Regions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10. EPA has provided hands- on training for most Regions. Feedback is always gathered for future enhancements.

9 9 Our Partners Participating States: MI – DEQ OH – EPA UT – DEQ MD – DOE SC – DHEC OR – DEQ IL – EPA IN – DEM NY - DEC Other Federal and Local Agencies: Bureau of Reclamation US Department of Energy (formal request to EPA for use of FORMS II Lite throughout their Federal Technology Exchange Program) NAVSEA Los Alamos National Laboratory Santa Rosa Rancheria Tribal

10 10 Future Initiatives Lab Sample Login Interface with LIMS Capitalizes on Electronic Chain of Custody Decreases Laboratory Data Entry Increases Accuracy Electronic Chain of Custody Submission Internet-Enabled COC Submissions Central Hub for COC – Regions, CLASS/SMO, Labs PDA Version Gets Data at The Source More Convenient and Less Costly Than Using Laptops

11 11 Paper Based COC Flow

12 12 Future Concept of COC Flow

13 13 LIMS Import of F2L TR Export F2Lite exports an XML file for a single TR or a batch of TRs Can be created as a Region copy showing all the data, or as a Lab copy keeping Site and Lab QC information blind. Working with Region 2 to create an application to process this file and prepare samples for import into their Labworks LIMS - Codename F2Lims

14 14 LIMS Process with Paper TR

15 15 LIMS with F2Lims

16 16 How F2Lims works Imports the F2Lite XML exports Allows addition/deletion of samples/bottles Keeps original COC and changes for audit Allows Labs to customize everything Allows user to translate analysis, matrix and preservative names to LIMS standard names Provides all F2Lite export fields plus custom fields Allows user to customize all Field names Allows user to setup custom text exports by setting field order and delimiters Considering ODBC direct transfer of data if supported by LIMS

17 17 F2Lims with Labworks F2Lims user imports F2Lite XML export Values are translated for LIMS Samples are confirmed present Samples assigned a Location Code which brings in default/preselected information once in LIMS Samples assigned a project number F2Lims user exports batch for LIMS File is formatted as required by LIMS – fields and format For Labworks this is a text file with hard carriage returns and leading field names Location code is a required value Labworks imports & automatically assigns lab sample numbers


19 19 Command Line for Labworks Labworks provides a routine which can be coded to be called from F2Lims or can be manually called by the user to login samples into Labworks. The routine processes an ASCII delimited text file containing information which describes the samples to be logged in. ALOGINO YOURPWORD 0800SAMPS.TMP LIMODE:ASCII This logs samples described in ASCII delimited file 0800SMPS.TMP in the users directory into default database with no login batch specified

20 20 F2Lims for Other LIMS Most LIMS will have similar login processes as Labworks Other LIMS will have a pickup utility for samples similar to that for instrument data With enough customizable features – most LIMS users should be able to use this utility without requiring further development from EPA

21 21 Willie Wong, USEPA OERR/AOC, 703-603-8846 FORMS II Lite Project Manager Web Sites FORMS II Lite Technical Support 703-715-4474 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST) Contact Information

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