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Miranda Simond Why should we welcome e-assessment?

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1 Miranda Simond Why should we welcome e-assessment?

2 Computers: Are part of our lives Are part of a teachers tool box Are central to pupils learning day to day Extend the assessment possibilities Increase the quality of the assessment In this context – are paper and pencil tests valid any more?

3 Pupils views of e-assessment Pupils view computer assessment positively: This is better than any paper-based task…You cant watch a video on a piece of paper! This task is much more interesting than a paper-based task. I prefer this because it is more technologised. It is a lot less intimidating than a paper-based test.

4 Teachers views of e-assessment Many teachers view computer assessment positively: I couldnt go back to only paper-based assessment. Pupils work electronically in lessons, the assessment must reflect this. Pupils are engaged and motivated by technology. E assessment is the future!

5 Drivers for change Demands to: Personalise pupils learning Implement when ready assessment Have more data and information to inform: Pupils Teachers Parents Have more formative assessment information Have instant or faster results

6 Benefits of e-assessment Reflects a modern curriculum Can include multimedia and interactivity Allows different forms of assessment e.g. the portfolio Allows for adaptability of test questions Easily allows alternatives to marks e.g. Thurstone pairs Potential to increase access to tests (for some) Potential to improve test security Potential for cost savings Improves the efficiency and quality of marking

7 scoris assessor E-marking software for markers

8 Marking: scoris assessor


10 Key stage 3 ICT test

11 On-screen English, mathematics and history

12 Demonstration on-screen history assessment

13 Welcome to the RM Inform Conference

14 Overview of presentation Background information What some of our customers think Centres perspective Teachers perspective Invitation to take part

15 AQA has been working with RM on the delivery of on-screen tests since 2002 This has to be the future and right for modern learners Integrity of assessment is paramount to us Weve made a long term commitment – TEAL We have a product development strategy; more to come

16 Since Nov 2006 weve delivered over 3,000 GCSE Science tests; the latest series went really well In February 2008 we piloted Entry Level Numeracy June 2008 were including Functional Skills We are working with RM to expand the number, types and design of questions that can be set on screen AQA has been working with RM on the delivery of on-screen tests since 2002

17 Centres Less paper-based bureaucracy Faster entries results process Calibrated tests for some subjects will enable on-demand in the future

18 Centres Improved security Were using feedback to improve the system We support the move for richer feedback e.g. linked to assessment objectives We have worked on the supporting documentation to make it clear concise easy to use Weve now also got dedicated phone support

19 Teachers Matches your classroom experience Engaging for learners; enriching assessment Practice tests are easy to administer and provide instant feedback Teachers are shaping the assessment and system through feedback and our consultations We are keen to learn more about breaking down barriers to adoption

20 Join In! Engaging learners as active partners, building independence through interactions, stimulation and collaboration Complement and build on good work already underway You may already be prepared to start, but if not we can help you to do so quickly Come and have a go, try a test on our stand Also note that we have information for curriculum managers preparing for the new GCEs and GCSEs available free of charge on our stand

21 Thank you – Get involved Visit the RM stand and try out: NAA Key Stage 3 ICT tasks QCA History task Visit the AQA stand and try out: GCSE Science onscreen assessment

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