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FRESH CONNECT Your Fresh Produce Marketing Solution Andrew H. Siegel, President 312 670 7879.

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1 FRESH CONNECT Your Fresh Produce Marketing Solution Andrew H. Siegel, President 312 670 7879

2 FRESH CONNECT Vision FRESH CONNECT… provides premier marketing, sales, opportunity management and grower representation which directly connects the fresh produce industry to foodservice marketing channels. Mission To constantly provide our principals with superior customer service, outstanding sales representation, rapid and thorough feedback that meets or exceeds their expectations and adds premium value to their organization. Philosophy At FRESH CONNECT our team dedicates themselves to meet all challenges, present new growth opportunities and to continue to represent our products with honesty, integrity, and innovation thereby putting our growers in the best possible position within the foodservice market.

3 FRESH CONNECT What we do… Develop Marketing and Sales strategies Launch business with foodservice for the grower, packer, and shipper community Provides complete ongoing sales representation.

4 Strategies utilized by FRESH CONNECT Headquarter calls to national and regional foodservice operators. Headquarter calls to food manufacturers and major ingredient buyers. Direct foodservice enduser calls. Headquarter and store service calls to club type stores.

5 FRESH CONNECT Consultation and Development Strategies Consultation and product development with Research & Development departments Product placement research Product development training

6 FRESH CONNECT Marketing Campaign Strategies Develop complete marketing strategy and plan for companies Develop individual product marketing campaigns Develop product placement strategies Product specific recipe development by our team of consulting chefs to support menu placement for product utilizations Develop and create new product utilizations with all types of users

7 FRESH CONNECT STRATEGIES for marketing materials Develop marketing materials Review existing marketing materials Develop customer specific point of sale materials Execute and manage marketing material production Propose and manage marketing materials budget Develop product marketing materials

8 FRESH CONNECT STRATEGIES to develop relationships Represent products at national and regional foodservice shows and also participate and develop relationships at conferences in the following areas: Foodservice School Catering Healthcare

9 FRESH CONNECT Connections McDonalds Burger King Outback Steakhouse Darden Restaurants Walt Disney Companies Sky Chef Dennys Wendys Sysco US Foods Fresh Point Markon Independent Foodservice Distributors All the top distributors To name a few

10 FRESH CONNECT Sales Strategies SALES REPRESENTATION Foodservice Broadliners Distribution centers Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or whatever is required

11 FRESH CONNECT Full Support Strategies Support services for the distributor community will include: Product Presentations Sales training sales meeting presentations promotion planning management, end user direct calls ride alongs sales campaign development other support that will grow and develop business with foodservice clients Food shows

12 FRESH CONNECT Strategies to provide feedback Provide electronic sales feedback (call reports) with complete information regarding products, pricing, competition, opportunities and follow- up steps on a daily, weekly basis to your sales desk, to your management and anyone else designated. Provide timely industry feedback to assist principals in product development and current industry conditions and trends as they relate to your products.

13 CONCLUSION FRESH CONNECT offers a complete sales solution for the produce industry. We have begun to assemble a dedicated team of sales professionals that will offer a level of sales professionalism that has not been offered for the foodservice produce supplier in the past. With our consolidated non-competing shippers, we offer our services at a lower cost as they will be spread over a large group of principals.

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