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The Hearts and Minds safety program was developed by Shell 2002, after years of co-operation with leading universities in Leiden, Manchester and Aberdeen. The program is being successfully applied in different industries around the world. The Hearts and Minds Toolkit assists in creating and maintaining change in the organisational safety culture by involving all staff in managing Health, Safety and Environment. All the tools can be used in short sessions as well as parts of longer workshops. In order to make the workshop materials attractive and fun to use, a lot of attention has been given to the design and colours. The complete Toolkit as well as separate brochures can be ordered via: The Energy institute: All the profits are devoted to further development and updating of the tools as well as on HSSE related academic research.

2 Improving Supervision
Sample Presentation

3 Improving Supervision
WHAT? A simple tool that helps to identify non-technical problems in supervision and suggests ways to manage them WHY? Good supervision can prevent incidents from happening HOW? By improving Supervisors’ non-technical skills

4 What makes a good Supervisor?
A good supervisor is excellent (Super) at performing the job, in a safe way and has a foresight (Vision) to manage unexpected events.

5 HSE Performance over time
Technology and standards Behaviour Visible leadership / personal accountability Shared purpose & belief Aligned performance commitment & external view HSE delivers business value HSE Management Systems Engineering improvements Hardware improvements Safety emphasis E&H Compliance Improved culture Integrated HSE-MS Reporting Assurance Competence Risk Management Incident rate Time

6 The Plan – Do – Review – Feedback process

7 Team Leadership Involve the team Ask for current issues and new ideas
Be a role model Give feedback Admit to errors Concentrate on the problem not a person Concentrate on common goals Discuss the differences

8 Motivation and Trust Provide freedom to work and experiment (within the approved safety regulations) Encourage good performance Show concern Be consistent

9 Job Planning Plan-Do-Review-and-Feedback Be prepared for rule breaking
Be proactive Always have a “Plan B”

10 Responding to Technical Problems
Be proactive Use problems for coaching Coach your team on how to recognise the problems Choose your moment to step in

11 Action, Evaluation, Improvement Do It and Review It
Monitor the performance Do NOT compromise on safety Search for solutions that maintain and improve safety and production levels Ask for comments EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT Ask your team: How did it go? What needs to be improved? How are we going to improve it?

12 Identifying the appropriate leadership style for your crew
Motivation HIGH LOW Teaching Telling Participating Delegating Crew Competence LOW HIGH

13 Full version of this presentation is available to Hearts and Minds customers. Full Hearts & Minds presentations include facilitator notes, extra theory, slides and workshops If you would like to purchase the Improving Supervision brochure, please visit


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