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Ch10_5-2 9917005 蔡佩蓉 9928017 謝欣芸.

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1 Ch10_5-2 蔡佩蓉 謝欣芸

2 Step in Practicing the Skill
Clarify the assignment Specify the employee’s range of discretion Allow the employee to participate Inform others that delegation has occurred Establish feedback channels

3 Scenario Ricky Lee is the manager of the contracts group of a large regional office supply distributor. His boss, Anne Zumwalt , has asked him to prepare by the end of the month the department’s new procedures manual that will outline the steps followed in negotiating contracts with office products ˇmanufacturers who supply the organization’s products. Because Ricky has another major project he’s working on, he went to Anne and asked her if it would be possible to assign the rewriting of the procedures manual to Bill Harmon, one of his employees who’s worked in the contracts group for about three years. Anne said she had no problems with Ricky reassigning the project as long as Bill knew the parameters and the expectations for the completion of the project. Ricky is preparing for his meeting in the morning with Bill regarding this assignment.

4 Our solution – Clarify the assignment
Manager: Ricky Lee The employee: Bill Harmon Ask Bill’s intention. Clarify the objectives of the department’s new procedures. Goal: Finish the department’s new procedures manual. Due date: The end of the month. Information needed: Steps followed in negotiating contracts with suppliers. Parameters and expectations: 1. The procedures should be clear and achievable. 2. The procedures should be efficient and effective to reach our goal. 3. The manual should be handed in digital file. 4. The manual should be handed according to the progress dates. 5. The manual will be revised several times before the final edition.

5 Our Solution – Specify the employee’s range of discretion
Communicate to employee of department and ask their experience to reference When the procedure is relevant to other department, Bill can ask their manager or employees about their work content and details. Bill can’t change others’ work content.

6 Our Solution-Allow the employee to participate
Ricky should delegate to Bill in person. If Bill has any question, Ricky should give him advices.

7 Our Solution-Inform others that delegation has occurred
Inform workers of department that Bill is delegated this job

8 Our Solution-Establish feedback channels
Recorded the difficulties and solutions when Bill faced during establishing the new manual. According to the record, next manager who need to establish new manual can avoid this difficulties.

9 The End

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