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Member Feedback Survey 2011-2012. Organizational Makeup.

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1 Member Feedback Survey 2011-2012

2 Organizational Makeup

3 Meeting Attendance

4 Influences Attendance

5 Improve to Encourage Attendance

6 Suggestions to Raise Meeting Effectiveness Wednesdays are right in the middle of the week. Too much is packed on the Agenda, need more time for member input and discussion. There is a lot of listening, make it more of a discussion/conversation style meeting. Introduce new faces of the Coalition and spotlight what they do for affordable housing. People who have been in the coalition for awhile forget that newer members might not understand the topic at hand.

7 Communication Mediums

8 Suggested Topics for VAHC Meetings Stronger capitalization support from the State for non-profit housing developers. Sustainability of the Coalition, next steps. 501c3 Status for the Coalition New Grant Opportunities Individual Organization Accomplishments and Struggles.

9 Provide A Chance for Member Sharing Hold a Coffee Half-Hour before the Coalition Meeting to get together and talk. People Rush out after meetings to get their cars before their meters run out and there is no time for personal discussion. VAHC creates a great venue for sharing, but not the right amount of time.

10 Modes of Communication not Comfortable With

11 Suggestions to Make VAHC More Member Friendly Members should be able to give feedback more often and take more control of the meetings. Should we have some sort of celebration? VAHC has been around for a long time and has had a lot of successes.

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