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#SPSSAN June 30, 2012 San Diego Convention Center Keeping the Feedback Loop Alive with SP.

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1 #SPSSAN June 30, 2012 San Diego Convention Center Keeping the Feedback Loop Alive with SP

2 #SPSSAN My background Strategic Communications What version of SharePoint are you using? WAGGENER EDSTROM WORLDWIDE OFFICES Austin Beijing Bengaluru Boston Delhi Hong Kong Johannesburg London Mumbai Munich New York Paris Portland San Francisco Seattle Shanghai Singapore Washington, D.C. WAGGENER EDSTROM SUBSIDARIES Maloney + Fox New York ShoutKorea Buchan Consulting Group Australia GLOBAL ALLIANCE PARTNERS Australia Benelux Brazil Brussels Canada Central and Eastern Europe Czech Republic Israel Italy Japan Kenya Korea LATAM Malaysia Middle East Nordics Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Spain Thailand Taiwan Turkey Vietnam Over 15 years experience in IT, web design to Information Management and System Integration Implemented all versions of SP Currently using SP 2010 for Intranet and Extranet platforms. Planning to upgrade in Q1 2013.

3 #SPSSAN Agenda User Feedback Loops Why so important for SP solutions? SP Feedback Tool options Things to watch out for Case Studies Examples of Feedback Loops What Worked – What Didnt GatherReportActMeasureImplement Iterative Design Cycle

4 #SPSSAN Why Are User Feedback Loops So Important? Feedback from users can help: Inform iterative design cycles Focus resource efforts Determine feature set choices Identify power user learning opportunities Drive adoption To gain status updates on: New feature usage New content ideas New process/solution ideas Training needs

5 #SPSSAN Why So Important for SP Solutions? Additional SP Considerations: Broad spectrum of solutions Build/design tools for regular users Multiple integration points Overlap with other solution sets Governance plan must be evergreen Your companys culture/process ROI & VOI metrics: Platform performance Business Process Feature Usage Content Value Types of SP Feedback tools: System Tools Survey Tools Feature Tools Solicited vs. Derived requirements

6 #SPSSAN Watch out for… During info-gathering stage: Ambiguous feedback questions (too many metrics in one question, screenshots, etc.) Middle of the fence answer matrix (1-4 vs. 1-5 + qualifier) Limited attention span (max 10 questions, mail merge Hello Jim…) During decision-making stage and implementation: Tunnel vision on SharePoint feature sets (Silverlight, tagging, customization) Executive trumping that doesnt solve specific biz problems (Lets do BI!) Loudest squeaky wheel and other distractions (broken things, new process, etc.) Using ITIL as a service framework helps keep things on track.

7 #SPSSAN SP Feedback ToolsProsCons Site Administration Reports Configured out-of-the-box Happens automatically (low effort) Search logs Configured out-of-the-box Happens automatically (low effort) Great way to manage keywords & best bets Needs more configuration for best results Best to watch trends over time Web analytics Configured out-of-the-box Happens automatically (low effort) Needs more configuration for best results Best to watch trends over time Notification Emails/Alerts Self-service feedback loop Helps employees monitor site security and content updates Dependent on site owner or individual to set up and monitor Workflows Creates a business process loop Makes it easier to find process break points and fix quickly SharePoint Designer expertise (and patience) SharePoint System Tools (derived requirements) People ProcessTechnology

8 #SPSSAN SP Feedback ToolsProsCons Surveys Quick & easy to build and administerLimitations on QA structure Results have to be exported to find value InfoPath forms More control over QA structure Can use images Library manages results easier More time to build Interviews In-depth feedback & context Desktop sharing options Shows that you care Trends show in a group as small as 8-10 Time-consuming Smaller survey base means each response matters more Brownbag Learning Sessions Creates feedback and peer group for site owners Can be administered primarily by other power users Extends training efforts Competing priorities SharePoint Survey Tools People ProcessTechnology

9 #SPSSAN SP Feedback ToolsProsCons Comments on blogs & feature stories Can add in many places Ongoing feedback loop They post to Thoughts tab on My Site (buried) Layout limitations Like It & Tagging Can add in many places Ongoing feedback loop They post to Thoughts tab on My Site (buried) Business value may not be obvious to users Rate this article Can add in many places Ongoing feedback loop Ambiguity about rating scale Cultural shift SharePoint Feature Tools People ProcessTechnology Other feedback tools youve used?

10 #SPSSAN Feedback Loops Weve Created 1. Home Page Quick Poll 2. Blogs 3. Comments on feature stories 4. Agency-wide InfoPath survey twice yearly 5. Phone interviews and desktop-sharing sessions 6. Super user brownbag learning sessions

11 #SPSSAN 1 - Intranet Home Page Quick Poll Feedback Value: Its fun Instant gratification Good way to gather in-the-moment feedback about any topic

12 #SPSSAN 2 - Blogs Feedback Value: Biz units can communicate with employees Creates employee self-help paths Quick set-up – quick ROI

13 #SPSSAN Internal Blog Example #1 Intranet Redesign Feedback Feedback Value: Builds conversation between employees Great way to get preliminary feedback during design phase

14 #SPSSAN Internal Blog Example #2 Intranet Award Feedback Feedback Value: Illustrates SP value to the organization & mngmnt Triggers users to consider additional SP solutions Does your organization blog?

15 #SPSSAN 3 - Intranet Feature Comments Feedback Value: Easy to update with additional info based on user need Attracts interest to important stories Creates instant communities of interest and self-help opportunities

16 #SPSSAN 4 - InfoPath Surveys Feedback Value: Can gather very specific feedback about a feature Easy to track results in an Excel doc connected to the form library Can identify employees willing to participate further in focus groups or interviews

17 #SPSSAN Quarterly Feedback Summaries Q1 Report Q3 Report Feedback Value: Reveals usage trends and problems Great way to summarize increasing business value of SP solutions for management How do you report SP solution status to your business? How often?

18 #SPSSAN 5 - Extranet Case Study: Phone Interviews & Desktop Sharing Feedback Value: Targeted feedback from power users Can see how the employee is using the solution and quickly identify problem areas Adds depth and context to your results

19 #SPSSAN 6 - Brownbag Learning Sessions Feedback Value: Increases # of SP power users (beyond lists & libraries) Widens the scope of SP solution sharing (build it once, use it broadly) The more employees understand SP the easier it will be for you to build solutions for them.

20 #SPSSAN Additional Feedback Loop Resources SharePoint 2010 Submit Feedback Flyout WebPart using jquery sharepoint-spc102/ sharepoint-spc102/ Thank you! Lara Ferguson Please be sure to fill out your session evaluation!

21 #SPSSAN The After-Party : SharePint Karl Strauss Brewing Company 1157 Columbia Street San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: 619-234-2739 Immediately following event closing & prize drawings (@6:30 pm) Directions (.9 miles): 1. Head northeast on 1st Ave 2. Turn left onto W B St 3. Turn left onto Columbia St Karl Strauss will be on the left

22 #SPSSAN June 30, 2012 San Diego Convention Center THANK OUR SPONSORS

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