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If you were asked to draw a house would we all draw the same things? Would you have included a Chimney Greenery Garage Path Drawn in 3D

2 Putting things in context….Improving Pupil Progress.
Quality Feedback and Meta-Cognitive approaches (student reflect and think for themselves) comes out top in Impact vs Cost

3 Example of Success Criteria/Feedback Sheets… (although I know lots of teachers use these already)

4 Mini whiteboards are the modern version of slate and chalk……..
Mini whiteboards are essential for gaining whole class feedback and checking knowledge/understanding before a piece of work – makes feedback and intervention easier

5 E.G This isn’t good enough
Quality Feedback (and forward!) must fit into one of the following areas and must relate back to the success criteria/lesson objective E.G You have identified the link between plate boundaries and where earthquakes occur E.G Include actual facts about conditions in sweatshops E.G This isn’t good enough E.G Great Work, Keep it up!

6 Use a range of techniques to assess students.
All of the work we mark fits into one of the following categories. They all have strengths and weaknesses but what matters is that it’s effective. Pick one and use as a trial for a class and see if it improved pupil performance Teacher marks individual pupil work and gives individual written feedback Teacher ‘marks’ individual work and gives individual written feedback using technology to support (e.g labels; feedback sheets) Teacher ‘marks’ individual feedback and uses a coding system (letters, numbers, colours) that can be explained to whole class Teacher ‘marks’ one piece of work and gives whole class feedback – using technology to support (tablet?) E.g take a photo of student work instantly and you annotate and explain on whiteboard (‘educreations’ is a good App) Teacher marks individual work verbally and give individual verbal feedback – pupil writes this down. Use Verbal feedback stamp/sticker Pupils mark each other’s work and give each other feedback. E.g Austin’s Butterfly approach

7 “Soft on people, hard on content”
This is the way forward…..!!!!!!!!!! This helps us, as teachers, evidence the discussion we have all the time with students. It also allows us to be “Soft on people, hard on content” Students then write down what is going well and what they need to do to improve (meta-cognitive approach)

8 Austin’s Butterfly – Pupil Feedback and Redrafting

9 Year 7 Letter to Indian Prime Minister

10 Word Mats/Language for Learning Mats

11 Overview Marking is all about getting a return on your investment – and that’s what OFSTED want to see. They’re interested in pupil response/dialogue Simple success criteria – linked to LO Value re-drafting and taking time to reflect (Austin’s Butterfly) Don’t be afraid to take time out and use ‘Reflecting’ as part of the lesson objective Use of ‘place mats’ (include content; task; success criteria; model answer with marking annotations; checklist of expectations) ‘Sky News’ lessons (LO with simple success criteria, could embed a video, language mat and maybe some other pic/text all on one slide)


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