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Sample Proposal and Feedback Proposal on Ecotourism.

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1 Sample Proposal and Feedback Proposal on Ecotourism

2 Statement of the problem Original Sumela (Virgin Mary Monastery) Importance of Ecotourism. Suggestion The potential of Sumela Monastery for ecotourism has not yet been fully utilized.

3 Purpose of study Original: This work varieties of alternative tourism, eco- tourism is a great potential. Sumela Monastery gained economic and environmental impacts of eco-tourism.

4 Purpose of study: Suggestion: This work will explore the varieties of ecotourism that could be carried out at Sumela Monastery. Sumela Monastery could gain important economic value through ecotourism. However, the environmental impact of ecotourism should also be considered.

5 Research Questions What is the potential for ecotourism Sumela monastery by region and country? Suggestion: What is the potential of Sumela Monastery for ecotourism for the region and country?

6 Significance of the Study Trabzon is undoubtedly the most effective model of eco-tourism is tourism. Suggestion: For the city of Trabzon, the most effective model of tourism is undoubtedly eco-tourism.

7 In recent years, the sea, the sand, the sun next to the trilogy of great importance to people now have begun to nature tourism. Suggestion: In recent years, the trilogy of sun, sea and sand about tourism has left its place to alternative types of tourism such as ecotourism which has a great potential.

8 Sumela monastery, sun, sand, sea, tourism, alternative tourism, eco-tourism, a huge potential for varieties. Suggestion: Sumela Monastery is a site which can stand as an alternative to the sun, sea, sand tourism with its huge potential for eco tourism.

9 Sumela Monastery existing ecotourism, tourism potential to diversify and not just an archaeological site, have not considered a relic,of the evaluation in terms of ecotourism as an economic input to provide a major contribution to our country, and therefore the regions in which the other hand, the spread is provided to all in the area of tourism will lead to economic mobilizations.

10 Suggestion: The existing tourism activities at Sumela Monastery should be expanded so that the site is not only considered as an archeological site but also as a site for eco tourism. In this way Sumela Monastery can make a major economic contribution to the region. The spread of such an approach to all of the country would then lead to economic mobilization.

11 Methodology Explore the history of Sumela Monastery and Maps for the area to be found. I will take some economic statistic from Trabzon Provincial Culture and Tourism Ministry so that comparison of these statistics by year. Economic significance would be identified. I am gonna find number of tourists visiting foreign and domestic.they to contribute to the region economy or not. Based on this method I'll find.

12 Your suggestions?

13 References Journal article,website,book,surveys,magazine

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