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Effort, Recognition & Feedback Mitzi Hoback ESU 4 April 17, 2012.

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1 Effort, Recognition & Feedback Mitzi Hoback ESU 4 April 17, 2012

2 Todays Goals O Examine ways we can: O Provide feedback that is meaningful O Teach and reinforce effort O Recognize and celebrate growth

3 Feedback Every word from adult to student sends a message.

4 Feedback is among the most powerful influences on achievement. The simplest prescription for improving education must be dollops of feedback. Researcher John Hattie 1992

5 Think to yourself… O Consider ideas that you think would be helpful regarding feedback. O If you are the student you want… O If you are the teacher you hope… O Key strategies that you think make feedback work

6 Have you ever received feedback like this?

7 What makes for effective feedback? O Timely O Specific and clear O Corrective O Fosters a growth mindset

8 Feedback is most effective when it happens in a low-threat environment.

9 Feedback should include the learners reflection on effort and preparation and foster a growth mindset.

10 Effective Praise and Verbal Feedback (Fixed Theory) Types to avoid O References to permanent characteristics O How good, bad, nice, naughty you are… O You are the best, my favorite, very smart, not very smart, very bright, quick to learn, not very good when it comes to… Marzano, Pickering & Heflebower, The Highly Engaged Classroom, 2011.

11 Feedback on a Task Well Done (Growth Theory) Reference how a student engages in a task. O You did a nice job on this assignment. Its clear that you did a lot of work on this. O You tried very hard on thisnice job. O You put a lot of effort into this. O You were well prepared. O You came well informedvery good. Marzano, Pickering & Heflebower, The Highly Engaged Classroom, 2011.

12 Feedback Tips O Goldilocks Principle O Not too much, not too little, but just right. O Varies case by case O Teachable moments O Point out at least as many strengths as weaknesses O Quick and Quiet Feedback O In-class Conferencing

13 Feedback O Your report is late! Whats the matter with you? O Your report is the best one in the class! You can have a free pass for your homework. O Your details strongly support your claim that we should recycle newspapers. Thats great. Where did you find all of those details? O I like the way you organized your paper by time of day. O Way to go!

14 It was only when I discovered that feedback was most powerful when it is from the student to the teacher that I started to understand it better. John Hattie, Visible Learning, 2009

15 Feedback Strategies O Fist to Five O Red-Green-Yellow Response Cards O Think-Pair-Share-Square O Take Off – Touch Down O Stump the Audience O Rock, Paper, Scissors O The teacher asks a question and each student discusses it with a partner. Students do rock, paper, scissors, and the winner has to give the response to the teacher on behalf of the team (pairs or trios).

16 Tech Tools for Feedback O Quizlet O TeachingChannel O Linoit - O Clickers O Google Docs

17 Rock, Paper, Scissors O What thoughts, questions, challenges, or ideas do you have? O Form a group of three, share your responses and determine who will share out using Rock, Paper, Scissors.

18 Reinforcing effort

19 Think-Pair-Share O Think of a time when you succeeded by continuing to try even when a task was difficult. O Find a partner and share your story.

20 What does the research say?

21 O Not all students know the connection between effort and achievement. O Achievement increases when teachers show the relationship between an increase in effort to an increase in success. O Rewards should be directly linked to successful achievement towards a goal. O Abstract or symbolic recognition has more impact than tangible things.

22 FixedGrowth MindsetMindset O Belief that your intelligence and abilities cannot be changed O Talents are carved in stone O Fear making mistakes. Belief that your abilities and intelligence can change through effort and learning View mistakes as learning opportunities. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,2007

23 Date__9/17_Date_9/24_Date_10/1_Date_10/20_ Date_10/31_ Date_11/15_Date_______ Date______ 43214321 My Progress in Writing ProcessContent and Organization Goal Achievement Effort

24 Scale for Effort and Preparation Score 4.0To be sure I accomplish my goal, Im trying harder and preparing more than I think is necessary. Score 3.0Im trying hard enough and preparing well enough to accomplish my goal. Score 2.0Im trying hard but not preparing as well as I could. Score 1.0Im not trying very hard or preparing very well. Score 0.0Im not really trying or preparing at all.

25 Effort Rubric 4. I worked on the task until it was complete. I pushed myself to continue working on the task even when difficulties arose or a solution was not immediately evident. I viewed difficulties that arose as an opportunity to strengthen my understanding. 3. I worked on the task until it was completed. I pushed myself to continue working on the task even when difficulties arose or a solution was not immediately evident. 2.I put some effort into the task, but I stopped when difficulties arose. 1.I put very little effort into the task.

26 Assessing Effort O Occasionally have students assess their effort and achievement on a task and discuss the relationship between the two. Have students create a class effort rubric.

27 Are mindsets permanent? Mindsets are an important part of your personality, but you CAN change them.

28 So how shall we respond? O Not... Wow, you got nine of ten correct. You must be really smart. O Instead You got nine right. Thats a really good score, and you must have worked really hard. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,2007

29 Feedback The message to students should always be that if you try hard and prepare well you can accomplish great things.

30 Technology Tools O RubiStar O O iRubric O m m O Values Commercials/Posters O

31 One Word O Write one word that summarizes reinforcing effort on a sticky note. O Form a group of fourish and share your words.

32 Provide recognition and celebrate growth!

33 Tips for Providing Recognition O Use concrete symbols O Make it personal Focus on achievement!

34 Use Concrete Symbols O 123 Certificates O O Certificate Creator O O Certificate Street O l l O Big Huge Labs O

35 Make it Personal O Document Classroom Activities O Digital Camera O Flip Video O iMovie O iPhoto O Animoto O O

36 o Fred Flintstone Everyone say, Yabba, dabba, dooooo! o Silent Crowd Cheer Wave arms make motions with mouth, and clap without making a sound. Fun and easy ways to celebrate

37 o Finger Snaps O Simply snap fingers o Sitting Ovations O Use both arms to form the letter and say, Ohhhhhh.... o Power Whoosh O Clap hands three times, push hands outward toward individual receiving affirmation, and say Whooooooosh! More ways to celebrate...

38 Cheers O O Google classroom cheers and boy scout cheers

39 How do you provide recognition for your students?

40 Thanks for the difference you make each day!

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