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[ 1 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Benefits for Teaching. Impact on Learning. Introduction to Turnitin.

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1 [ 1 ] © 2011 iParadigms, LLC Benefits for Teaching. Impact on Learning. Introduction to Turnitin

2 [ 2 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC A Web-based Solution That Puts the Students Paper at the CENTER of the Online Feedback Process What is Turnitin? Engages Students Prevents Plagiarism Delivers Rich Feedback Manages Assignments and Collaboration

3 [ 3 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC So Why Doesnt It Get Used More… and More Effectively? The Writing Process Is the Key

4 [ 4 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC What is Turnitin? When Used as Instructional Support, Turnitin can Ensure That Students Are Aware of, and Held to, the Highest Standards Regarding Proper Research and Citation Support Students Development of Academic Writing Skills Turnitins OriginalityCheck Is the World's Leading Plagiarism Prevention Service

5 [ 5 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC The Originality Report Shows a Students Text Side-by-Side with Sources of Matches, Assisting Rapid Identification of Originality Issues

6 [ 6 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Wide-Reaching Content Coverage OriginalityCheck searches against: –14 billion pages of indexed web content –165 million student papers plus 200,000 new papers daily –110 million articles from periodicals, journals, and other content databases

7 [ 7 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7 50-74% Match 75-100% Match Evidence of Efficacy % of Papers with Large Matches As Originality Checking Becomes a Standard Practice, Serious Incidents of Potential Plagiarism Decrease, and the Level of Original Student Work Increases

8 [ 8 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Evidence of Efficacy

9 [ 9 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC 89% of OriginalityChec k users would recommend it to their colleagues. Instructor Recommended

10 [ 10 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Engage Students with Peer Feedback More Feedback Creates the Peer Factor Improves Reading and Feedback Skills Collaboration Without Collusion or Copying Supports Drafting and Revision Process Lightens Instructors Grading Workload

11 [ 11 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Students Provide Substantive Feedback On Other Students Work Using a Palette of Editing Marks and Focused Questions

12 [ 12 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Engage Students with Rich Feedback Faster Grading with Drag & Drop Tools and Customizable Comments Clearer, More Legible Feedback Simplifies Use of Consistent Rubrics to Measure Improvements

13 [ 13 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Instructors Deliver Rich, Legible Feedback Using a Customizable Side Panel of Editing Quickmarks Plus Unlimited Space to Type Comments

14 [ 14 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC GradeMark with ETS ® e-rater ® Grammar Usage Mechanics Style Spelling

15 [ 15 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Turnitin Brings It All Together… Overlaying OriginalityCheck, PeerMark and GradeMark Offers a Comprehensive View of the Feedback from Instructor and Peers

16 [ 16 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Students Need… To accept writing as a PROCESS. 21st century skills for thinking and communicating. To be able to communicate in every subject, including technical subjects. Preparation for high-stakes writing assessments. Detailed, relevant feedback. To really understand audience. Help juggling the myriad of details needed to prepare a written assignment.

17 [ 17 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Instructors Get… A simple interface for managing assignments & optimizing class time. A tool that helps ensure the authenticity of students work. A way to really engage students in the process of writing. To protect the integrity of their academic program. An accumulation of data and evidence for progress reporting, program evaluation & accreditation processes.

18 [ 18 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Instructors Agree 4 out of 5 Turnitin saves them time. 3 out of 4 Turnitin helps students build better writing skills.

19 [ 19 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC A Growing Educational Community 1 Million Instructors 20 Million Student Licenses 10,000 Institutions 126 Countries 10 Languages


21 [ 21 ]© 2011 iParadigms, LLC Use of this Presentation This presentation was created by iParadigms, LLC licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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