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Feedback/feedforward: a view from the Law School Dr Jane Bryan.

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1 Feedback/feedforward: a view from the Law School Dr Jane Bryan


3 What did students understand by the term feedback?

4 What did students value about feedback and what did they do with it?

5 What did students think good feedback looked like?

6 Selling existing practice

7 Working smarter

8 SUMMARY Clear signposting of all feedback given in order to raise awareness amongst students that feedback takes many forms and occurs regularly throughout the year and not just after assessments.

9 Emphasis should be placed on feedback as a means of improving future work. The role of the personal tutor as a general academic advisor should be highlighted. The availability of external advisors, such as the Warwick Academic Writing programme, should be well- publicised.

10 Feedback on assessments Written feedback should contain detailed, specific comments about individuals work with clearly signposted suggestions for improvements. Generic feedback lectures Offers of one-to-one consultations in office hours with markers or seminar tutors Electronic delivery of feedback on assessments

11 Changes to practice The provision of an assessment and feedback information pack at the start of the year with key material repeated at regular intervals (such as on feedback form)

12 The Director of Undergraduate Studies or their nominee now checks that feedback on assessments is being done in good time. Students notified in good time if any delay. Also DUG checks that the feedback meets the standards expected – as one poor piece of feedback can undo the hard work of the rest of the department.

13 New form for feedback on assignments Removed references to weaknesses – instead have sub- headings strengths of analysis and how your performance could be improved Assessment criteria and 17 point marking scale given; Links to advice on appeals, OSCOLA referencing, advice on academic writing and WAW programme Offers of one to one consultation with marker Reminders: that feedback on assessments is only one element of the feedback students receive; the role of PT as academic advisor; that feedback from one module can be applied to improve work in another module


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