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MISTI-X Ambassadors Feedback Nathan Landman MIT 10/24/2013.

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1 MISTI-X Ambassadors Feedback Nathan Landman MIT 10/24/2013

2 Summer 2013 Junior at MIT Location: Ort Braude College at Karmiel, Israel. Project: Synthetic Tissue Engineering

3 MISTI-X Faculty Feedback - Nathan Dr. David Pundak - Takes courses on EdX. Loves checkbook quizzes. Would like to get the syllabus for classes and a precise grade after a class to grant credits in the form of transfer credits. Online learning requires discipline! 10% of students at his school would complete courses. Professor Ron Sivan- Concerned about how EdX obtains money. Wants to publish content and would be willing to translate if needed.

4 MISTI-X Student Feedback - Nathan Igor – Used OCW and is signed up for edX. Learned about it online. Prefers lectures. Contacts professors via e-mail. Prefers to take it alone vs. with a group. Guy- Thinks it costs money.

5 High School Teacher Feedback - Fangdi Impression: they already have teachers and learning materials, so they focus on bringing MIT students to Israel to teach the intangibles such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and problem solving via Global Teaching Labs. EdX presents itself as specializing in technical disciplines. Requires discipline. Might want to use certain sections (OCW like). Pop-up screens might keep students engaged

6 ORT Feedback - Fangdi Concern that EdX is too advanced for high schools. Might consider using the course along with a teacher as a guide. Could use as supplemental material (Coursera has shown this is not useful). Language barrier is significant.

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