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Janette Harris Formative and Summative Feedback.

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1 Janette Harris Formative and Summative Feedback




5 Janette Harris Student Guide to Formative and Summative Feedback

6 (QAA) (2006) states: Formative assessment has a developmental purpose and is designed to help learners learn more effectively by giving them feedback on their performance and on how it can be improved and/or maintained. Reflective practice by students sometimes contributes to formative assessment. Formative feedback also aids the tutor to understand the students needs for future developments. Guide to Students What is Feedback? Formative Feedback Definition:

7 Critique Assignments Face-to-face tutorials Formative Feedback Quizzes Formal assessment point within the semester Web Learn (blogs, discussions, chat) E-mail (Feedback as subject heading) Telephone conversation Class and group discussion Conversation outside of office or teaching time

8 Please note, summative feedback can be formative, within a programme of learning. Guide to Students What is Feedback? Summative Feedback Definition: QAA (2006) states Summative assessment is used to indicate the extent of a learner's success in meeting the assessment criteria used to gauge the intended learning outcomes of a module or programme.

9 Mobile text messages Student e-mail Blackboard 9.1 upgrade for WebLearn Piloting Formative Feedback Voice files Online student personal portfolios

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