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Why use Descriptive Feedback?

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1 Using Performance Walls and Descriptive Feedback to Improve Student Writing

2 Why use Descriptive Feedback?
“Students seldom have adequate information about how well they are performing” Grant Wiggins (2004).

3 “Students want positive feedback that provides motivation, but also information about the correctness of a response. Students also want teachers to engage with their ideas and provide feedback on content and its organization.” (Vardi, 2009)

4 3 Components of Descriptive Feedback
First, students need to be told what they are doing well in relation to the criteria, “recognition of the desired goal”. Second, students need to be told what they have not yet accomplished based on the established criteria; “evidence about present position” Third, students need to be told what they can do to correct/improve upon their work. “Effective feedback must give each pupil guidance on how to improve, and each pupil must be given help and an opportunity to work on the improvement.” *Providing Students with Effective Feedback (2007)

5 It is important that students are taught to critically look at writing (their own and others) and identify strengths and next steps.

6 Webcast Video Writing Conference: Peers

7 What are Performance Walls?
A writing wall that contains: a clearly stated learning goal samples of student writing divided by achievement level specific information that students can use to improve their work


9 How are success criteria created with the students?
Students are given exemplars of writing. Students engage in peer assessment opportunities to identify exemplar levels and specific success criteria related to that level. Student feedback is posted on the board so students fully understand what is needed to achieve a level and what they can do to improve upon writing attempts.

10 Using a rubric, typed by the teacher using input from previous lessons, students peer assess writing exemplars.





15 Based on peer assessment opportunities, modifications can be made to the rubric and criteria is added to the performance wall.

16 What is the Purpose of Using Descriptive Feedback and Performance Walls?
Students understand what is needed to achieve the desired goal. Students learn how to critically examine their writing and therefore apply strategies that will help them improve. Students have access to resources that they can use when they are writing.

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