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RUSSIA REVIEW. Russia St. Basils Cathedral (Russian Orthodox Church) Moscow, Russia.

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2 Russia

3 St. Basils Cathedral (Russian Orthodox Church) Moscow, Russia

4 What is the main religion in Russia? RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IT IS CHRISTIAN Christianity: JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD.

5 RED SQUARE-MOSCOW, RUSSIA Public Space, Parades, Markets


7 KREMLIN-MOSCOW, RUSSIA (Government Building)

8 Mosques and Minarets

9 Siberian Village

10 Soviet Style Block Apartments

11 Russian Ballet

12 Faberge Eggs




16 Oriental Carpets

17 Samovars

18 What? Where?



21 What? Use?

22 What? Where? Brr!!!

23 What?







30 What? Use? >

31 What climate region has permafrost? (It is mostly in extreme northern Russia.) Tundra


33 What subarctic climate region has huge coniferous trees? (In Siberia) CONE BEARING…Coniferous Taiga

34 Taiga

35 What climate region is semi-arid? (Dry grasslands) Mostly in Central Asia Steppe


37 Russia sits on two continents. Which are they? EUROPE ASIA

38 What mountains divide Russia? Ural Mountains

39 What is the name for the rich black soil west of the Ural Mountains? chernozem

40 The region west of the Urals is good for farming. It is known as The BLACK EARTH BELT where the FERTILE TRIANGLE is.

41 The land east of the Ural Mountains, known as the sleeping land is West East ->SIBERIA

42 What mountains are between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea? Caucasus Mountains Near Sochi, site of the Winter Olympics!

43 What ocean lies to the north of Russia? Arctic Ocean

44 What river flows north to the Arctic Ocean? Ob River

45 What ocean is on Russias east coast? Pacific Ocean

46 What is the body of water between Asia and North America? Bering Strait

47 What river in western Russia drains the Northern European Plain? It flows into the Caspian Sea. VOLGA RIVER

48 What river forms the border between Russia and China? Amur River

49 What is the largest inland sea in the world? Caspian Sea

50 What is the deepest and oldest lake in the world? It looks like a finger! Lake Baikal

51 What sea is drying up and why? Aral Sea

52 Before the Russian Revolution in 1917, Russia was ruled by ? CZARS

53 What kind of government ruled Russia in most of the 20 th Century? COMMUNIST

54 Soviet Russia (Communist) had what kind of economy? Government controlled everything. COMMAND ECONOMY

55 The Soviet Union fell apart in 1991. What kind of economy is there now? Free Market (More private ownership for investors gains)

56 Name the railroad that connected Russia! Trans-Siberian Railroad

57 What city did Peter the Great build? Why? St. Petersburg

58 What is the capital of Russia? Moscow

59 What is the industrial center of Russia? Moscow!

60 Where is the starting point for the Trans-Siberian Railroad? Moscow!

61 What city is the mid-point on the Trans-Siberian Railroad? Novosibirsk (Third largest city in Russia) (On the Ob River)

62 What city is the ending point for the Trans-Siberian Railroad? Vladivostok (On Russias east coast…the Pacific Ocean)

63 Russia is rich in natural resources like coal, iron ore and natural gas. Why has it NOT been developed? HARSH COLD CLIMATE!

64 Russia has pollution problems. Name one famous example! It was a nuclear disaster!!! Chernobyl

65 What city in Uzbekistan was centered on the Silk Road? SAMARKAND

66 Russia has many ethnic groups. Examples? Slavic Turkic Peoples Mongol

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