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WELCOME TO A REVOLUTIONARY WORLD. 2 Presentation Plan 1 5 Telecom Industry Overview Product & Business Plan 3 About The Company 4 India – Prepaid Vs Postpaid.

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2 2 Presentation Plan 1 5 Telecom Industry Overview Product & Business Plan 3 About The Company 4 India – Prepaid Vs Postpaid Story2 Live Story Board 6 Technical Details and Support 7 The Way Forward

3 3 Presentation Plan 1 5 Telecom Industry Overview

4 4 Indian Telecom Industry – A Lucrative Option The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The industry has witnessed consistent growth during the last year on the back of rollout of newer circles by operators, successful auction of third- generation (3G) and broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum, network rollout in semi-rural areas and increased focus on the value added services (VAS) market. Indian Telecom Industry

5 One of the fastest growing cellular markets in the world in terms of number of subscriber additions – million (2011) Crossed total subscriber base of about 500 million by 2010 (i.e., more than one phone for every household) Annual growth rate of the telecom subscribers – 47 percent (2006–11) More GSM subscribers than fixed-line subscribers Maximum Prepaid Users. Total telecom subscribers – million (June 2011) Tele density – percent (June 2011) from 19% in 2007 Number of new mobile subscribers added every month – 13 million (June 2011) ARPU for GSM – USD 6 per month Telecom equipment market – USD 35,100 million (2010–11) Handset market – Rs 30,000Crore (2010–11) Indian Telecom Industry – Facts

6 6 Mobile telecom services provide an unprecedented growth opportunity for companies Minutes of Usage per Month – Mobile Services Mobile services have led to a spectacular growth in the Indian telecom industry. Currently, 12 players are active in this segment. India has the second highest minutes of usage per month. This offers huge growth opportunity to telecom companies.

7 Facts and Figure The Industry Landscape Mobile connections in India million Prepaid connections (90%) million Average recharge per month per person Rs. 200 Average recharge annually per person Rs Total Recharge IndustryRs crore (1259 Billion)

8 8 Go-ahead to the CDMA technology INDIA Private players were allowed in Value Added Services National Telecom Policy (NTP) was formulated Independent regulator, TRAI, was established NTP-99 led to migration from high- cost fixed license fee to low-cost revenue sharing regime BSNL was established by DoT ILD services was opened to competition Internet telephony initiated Reduction of licence fees 2003 Calling Party Pays (CPP) was implemented Unified Access Licensing (UASL) regime was introduced Reference Interconnect order was issued 2004 Intra-circle merger guidelines were established Broadband policy 2004 was formulated targeting 20 million subscribers by FDI limit was increased from 49 to 74 percent Attempted to boost Rural telephony 2006 Number portability was proposed (pending) Decision on 3G services (awaited) 2007 Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is the main body formulating laws and various regulations for the Indian telecom industry. Various important regulations and laws have been passed in the Indian telecom industry post-liberalisation era ILD – International Long Distance

9 9 Basic Services Operators BSNL MTNL Major Players in different segments of Indian telecom industry Reliance TTSL GSM Services Operators Airtel Vodafone Idea Reliance TTSL BSNL CDMA Services Operators Reliance Internet Services Operators BSNL MTNL Reliance TTSL BSNL Airtel MOBILE SERVICES


11 Major Players contribution-wise in Indian telecom industry

12 Urban Vs Rural India : Mobile phone connections

13 The declining ARPU implies that India Inc. is tapping a large market at the bottom of the pyramid by reducing tariffs; thereby, enhancing affordability.

14 14 Presentation Plan India – Prepaid Vs Postpaid Story2 6 7

15 Postpaid Vs Prepaid Market of Indian telecom industry

16 Prepaid Vs Postpaid demographics of Indian telecom industry


18 DTH Market share


20 DTH Vs Analog

21 21 Presentation Plan About The Company

22 Creating History Continuously.

23 First of all congratulations and warm welcome to the PAY Counter. You are joining the company, which is going to create history in Telecom Industry. Do you know people all over the world are earning substantial amounts of money through sms from the comforts of their homes. We have brought about a revolutionary concept that has the power to radically change your life. Come lets join and see the History in making. Come and Join PAY Counter. History in Making……

24 The Company VISION PAY Counters Vision is to be the world's best Utility Service transaction service company. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, and value, so that we make every customer smile. MISSION Pay Counters Mission is to organize the world's most unorganized businesses of handling micro transactions and make it universally accessible and useful.

25 ABOUT-US PAY Counter Want To Activate 10 Lakh Shops Across India With in PAY Counter Has Enabled Each & Every Corner Shop To Get Into Recharge Business PAY Counter Maintains the Balance And Also Purchases in Bulk Quantities To Give Its Network The Cost Advantages PAY Counter Places Purchase Order For All Mobile Recharge And DTH Recharge With The Respective Service Providers

26 OVERVIEW The retailer will witness a growth in sales as a result of and increased footfall in his store Reduce logistic and administrative issues and costs with easy and automatic reporting and reconciliation Single point of contact for India wide distribution Improve use experience, in terms of availability of the TELCOs offering Release new prepaid schemes Offers and reduce the Time to Market Reduces the potential for pilferage

27 Low Commission and Heavy Investment making it non lucrative for retailers to go in for this business exclusively.(Almost all shops offering recharge facilities deal in handsets accessories and others).An average investment of 40000/- with a return of 3% on average monthly volume of 45000/- making the pay back period over 3 years. Here comes the opportunity of this One MOBILE RECHARGE BUSINESS which requires an Investment of max. 1499/- (Rs 499/- for Kit, Rs 1000/- for minimum recharge balance. Market Opportunities

28 28 Basic Services Operators BSNL MTNL Major Players in different segments that Star Network Caters : Reliance TTSL GSM Services Operators Airtel Vodafone Idea Reliance BSNL DTH TTSL – Tata Teleservices Ltd. MOBILE SERVICES BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. MTNL – Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Ltd. TTSL Virgin MTS AIRCEL

29 29 Presentation Plan 1 5 Product & Business Plan

30 Product Portfolio:

31 SMS Recharge Agent Send a specific SMS Format to Incoming Server. Just by sending sms recharge can happen. Server process the SMS and Send it to Recharge Server. Agent and Client receive Success / Failure Message from Outgoing Server. Recharge Method :


33 Easy and Simple Management:




37 Current Scenario – Multiple Mobile Phones for Multiple Brands


39 Current Scenario – Multiple Balances with Multiple Service Provider Mr. Sad


41 Current Scenario – Multiple Times Multiple S.P. Balance Check Mr. Sad

42 Current Scenario –Individual Mobile Battery Check Mr. Sad





47 Lets All Make More Money out of Less One Mobile One Balance Mr. Happy



50 50 Presentation Plan Technical Details and Support 7

51 Our Server : Our Server is Connected to Several Local Servers and these local servers are connected to the Distributor / Retailers Mobiles

52 Recharge Flow Diagram

53 Our Software:

54 Daily Service Provider-wise Sales Tracking Daily Purchase Tracking Daily Retailer-wise Sales Tracking Daily Distributor-wise Purchase Tracking Daily Number of PINs activated Daily Status Report Daily Suspense A/c Report Search Recharge Our Reports

55 Service Provider-wise Sales Tracking In His Area Purchase Tracking In His Area Distributor-wise Purchase Tracking In His Area Number of PINs activated by D His Purchase Report and Status SDBR can Monitor :

56 Service Provider-wise Sales Tracking Purchase Tracking Retailer-wise Sales Tracking Retailer-wise Purchase Tracking His Purchase Report and Status Number of PINs activated & Available Daily Status Report Daily Suspense A/c Report Search Recharge DBR can Monitor :

57 Service Provider-wise Sales Tracking Purchase Tracking Search Recharge Retailer Can Monitor :

58 58 Presentation Plan The Way Forward

59 All In One Mobile Recharge System Utility services DTH Recharge Travel Services PBH Existing Product Portfolio

60 Move Forward With us We appreciate your interest in PAY Counter. REGIONAL OFFICE : # No. 005, 1st FloorI Adithya Park Apartments I Kashinagar Road Amruthahalli I Bangalore| I India Mahim M Jannu

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