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Joy Of Giving Global Foundation An Overview Copyright of Joy of Giving Global 2012.

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1 Joy Of Giving Global Foundation An Overview Copyright of Joy of Giving Global Foundation @ 2012

2 2 Agenda.. Joy Of Giving Global Foundation Facts and Figures What Sets us Apart? Some Shocking Statistics & Thoughts Our Motto What we are ? Key Members of JOG Foundation JOG Work Towards Our Approach, Aim, Vision, Mission, Objectives Online Giving How our work different from others How and what to donate Impact of JOG Global Foundation Program Partners NGO Partner What are we looking for? About NGO Tech Support LLP Future Plans Contact Details

3 3 A warm welcome to one and all, on behalf of Joy of giving Global Foundation…. A foundation, working for the cause of the underprivileged, with a missionary zeal… Bringing in unprecedented levels of transparency to the charity-sector… Joy Of Giving Global Foundation A not-for-profit Organization, involved in empowering grass-root NGOs, not just with funds and in-kind resources but also with technological support… Of the NGOs…..For the NGOs…..By the NGOs…..! Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

4 Joy Of Giving Global Foundation A non-profit organization, operating in the charity-sector, registered in 2011, under section 25 (1) (a) (b) of Companies Act 1956. Head quartered in Bangalore A self-monitored, semi-democratically governed body, working on sustainability model, in the charity-sector Stands firmly on the pillars of TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and CREDIBILITY Undertake activities related to fund-raising as well as fund disbursal, by providing a platform where giving becomes customised while receiving, truly need-based and honourable Have developed a state-of-the-art mechanism to scrutinize NGOs for credibility, to ensure that the resources reach those whore genuinely underprivileged 4 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

5 Facts and Figures There are over 3.8 million (38 Lakhs) societies and trusts across India as on 2008. Only 2897 organizations out of them are registered under section 25 of Companies Act, 1956. This particular registration has to be approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. JOG is proud to be one among those privileged 2897 organizations as on March 2012 5 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

6 This in turn, entitles us to meaningful partnerships with Government, Private and Foreign bodies, as it demands high levels of credibility and transparency High visibility that we get, because of this status, helps us to touch new horizons in charity-sector There are three components to our operations and the Foundation has prioritized them in the same order as you find them below: Community Development NGO Support Business oriented services (such as Micro Finance, Entrepreneurial projects) 6 What Sets Us Apart...? State Wise No. of Reg. Under Section 25 Companies Act as on 1 st March 2012 Maharashtra966 Delhi517 Tamil Nadu306 West Bengal210 Gujarat145 Uttar Pradesh132 Karnataka116 Andra Pradesh110 Kerla84 Madhya Pradesh63 Rajasthan54 Punjab25 Orissa22 Bihar22 Haryana21 Chattisgarh20 Jharkand20 Assam13 Chandigarh13 Himachal Pradesh10 Goa7 Pondicherry7 Others14 Reference Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

7 Some Shocking Statistics... India is estimated to have a third of worlds poor 41.6% of total Indian population falls below International poverty line of $1.25 a day [Rs.21.60 a day in urban areas and Rs.14.30 in rural areas], according to a 2005 World Bank report UNICEF records show that 1 in 3 malnourished children worldwide are found in India 42 percent of children under five are underweight A total of 58% of children under five surveyed were stunted Average literacy rate in India is far below the world average 7 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

8 In a country well-governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of; in a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of… (Confucius) Thoughts to ponder over… Thoughts that shaped JOG… Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because its only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential … (Barack Obama) We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty… (Mother Theresa) 8 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

9 Our Motto Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections. Some literally give their lifes blood. BUT EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO GIVE! (Barbara Bush) 9 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w Help to live…..Live to help…..

10 Its time to share; Its time to care! Indias GDP is on the rise India has no dearth of resources to cater to the needs of the poorest of the poor Modern Indian middle-class is highly tech-savvy. This has opened up new avenues for awareness programs, resource handling etc. But, ironically, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, day by day Without Inclusive Development, progress becomes meaningless And, Inclusive Development should occur out of novel entrepreneurial efforts and not out of subsidies (A P J Abdul Kalam ) 10 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

11 11 What We Arent ! We are not a Funding Agency We are not an NGO Networking Agency Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

12 12 What We Are… A Foundation that is Self-monitored Semi-democratically governed body Working on sustainability model in the charity sector Steadfastly moving towards its goal … Of the NGOs…..for the NGOs… the NGOs….. Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

13 Key members of JOG Foundation Mr. Punith Kumar Founder and CEO of Joy of Giving Global Foundation Founder and Secretary of Blue Bird Welfare Organization Since 2009 Key role in devising and implementing Global Delivery Mechanism; NGO Management Mr. Bhimsen Kulkarni Director, COO of Joy of Giving Global Foundation Founder and President of Janahita, Raichur since 1999 Active in Rural Community Development, Education and Health sectors ; Training Consultant Mr. Narasimha Murthy Director, Vice President of Joy of Giving Global Foundation Founder and Secretary of Abhivriddhi (Society for Social Development), Bangalore since 1992 Active in Women and Child Development and Natural Resource Management 13 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

14 We Want to Work Towards Devising excellent Collection and delivery mechanisms Developing certain vital standards for the NGO sector Uplifting the quality of life of the underprivileged, in terms of: Food and nutrition Health and hygiene Education Employability Women and Children Welfare Rural Development Enabling less-fortunate sections to grow independent of charity, by imparting skills, which will help them to stand on their feet 14 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

15 Our Approach Providing efficient organizational monitoring mechanism to facilitate a smooth flow of resources to the right person at the right time Providing an online platform: For donation of resources, both monetary and in-kind To track donations To track overall transactions of Joyofgiving Global Foundation To check the credibility of NGOs associated with us Providing technical support to NGOs associated with us 15 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

16 Aim To be a one point contact for collection and distribution of resources, monetary or otherwise, thereby giving a life of dignity to the underprivileged Streamlined systems for handling of funds are already in place We plan to achieve excellence in mobilizing and channelizing non- monetary and not necessarily brand new resources, by devising a streamlined system, to derive maximum benefit out of them. 16 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

17 Vision To espouse an active role in developing a well-knit synergy in the Donor – Grass root NGO – Beneficiary community, to usher in economic stability into the lives of the underprivileged Visionary platforms thatre enabling this: To Donate Online To Track donation and its utilization Organization Monitoring System To track overall transaction of JOG Foundation 17 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

18 Mission We seek to carve a niche for ourselves in the charity sector by devising state-of-the-art, self-monitoring systems for NGOs and also by developing and adopting certain standards, which in turn will completely streamline the process of mobilizing and delivering funds and other reusable resources to the underprivileged. We seek to promote our mission by undertaking activities that have far- reaching effects on fund-raising as well as fund disbursal. 18 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

19 Objectives To create and manage a network of donors and receivers, such that both giving and receiving become less cumbersome and more meaningful. To mobilise resources, monetary or otherwise, from donors To act as trustees of those resources and to ensure their efficient and effective utilization, by adopting mechanisms that allow us to reach out to those who are genuinely in need of those resources To be thoroughly accountable and transparent in all our endeavours To be open to the idea of broadening our aims and objectives in order to strengthen the impact we have on society 19 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

20 Why Online Giving? No hassles of any paper work; no logistical headaches Donating online is far more efficient compared to conventional modes of donating, as it significantly reduces the cost of its handling Online donation platform works wonders in India as we have a thriving online community, which outnumbers the online communities of many nations put together We provide a safe and secure online donation platform We levy a minimal 5% on the donation you make, as Operational / Administrative expense 20 Donate and then track it from the comfort of your home or office! Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

21 Via Web Access Our online platform has harnessed the power of the internet to make giving extremely easy and customized Gives an opportunity to direct your charity towards The cause of your choice The NGO of your choice Gives a detailed picture of the credibility of the NGOs listed under Benefit in the form of tax savings Efforts are on, to make fund-raising a fun-filled and joyous activity, by organizing fund-raising events 21 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

22 How our work different from others… Though donations are made to JOG, donors have an option to get associated with the Cause of their choice NGO of their choice Wide range of donation options In-depth details of NGOs listed with us More than 90% of your donation goes into charity. Our fund-raising cost is one of the lowest in the charity-sector because of self monitoring system Feedback on how the donation has made a difference in somebodys life Managed by a thoroughly professional team 22 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

23 Donation Options Choose to mentor a child : You can take up the cause of a particular child, by choosing to sponsor him / her through all walks of life Choose to educate / feed a child : You can choose to sponsor a child in a specific area of your interest Choose to donate Grocery and the like, enabling us to feed the needy Choose to act as a co-ordinator of JOG and thus choose to give a life of dignity to the underprivileged, by mobilising resources from companies / apartments / other communities Choose to donate reusable items to the underprivileged. 23 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

24 Donations in kind Joy Of Giving Global Foundation is also engaged in non-monetary resource mobilization and channelization in order to derive maximum benefit out of resources which are already there but havent been tapped Donations in kind that were particularly interested in are: Medicines and medical equipments. E.g. Walkers, Wheel Chairs, Nebulisers, Blood-sugar Testing kits etc. Electronic gadgets like Computers, Printers, and Music Players etc. Domestic items like Stoves, Emergency lights, Washing Machines, Television sets etc. Books and periodicals 24 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

25 I mpact of JOG Global Foundation Joy Of Giving Global Foundation uses the concept of giving in kind, to the best advantage of both donors and receivers, with far-reaching impacts on various fronts: Personal Front : Enables receivers to divert the money they would require to buy that particular resource, to meet their other needs. Economic Front : Benefits on the economic front have two dimensions here as it marks a saving in terms of money for the receiver and a saving in terms of resources for the global economy. Environmental Front : In line with the 3 Rs policy : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By reusing a resource, were in fact, reducing its immediate demand and hence, prolonging the availability of a resource Social Front : Receivers can actually push themselves up the social ladder by diverting the funds on hand, to improve their living conditions. This helps in narrowing the gap between the upper and the lower strata of society 25 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

26 Program Partners Individually, were one drop; together, were an ocean… (Ryunosuke Satoro) We depend on the combined energy of individuals, organizations (govt & pvt), foundations and corporate houses to realize our vision Ready to collaborate with organizations, which have the same kind of aims and visions as we have In addition to enhancing individual strength and reach, such partnerships will strengthen the collective impact of the sector, benefiting the end-user 26 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

27 What it means to be a NGO Partner A Partner NGO will: Involve the larger Joy Of Giving community in its activities, thus creating an awareness about that activity and the sector in general Collaborate with the Foundation in creating and managing a Resource database, which displays updated contact details and other information about that sector Co-ordinate with the Foundation in setting up Resource Collection Centres wherever and whenever needed Act in the capacity of a specialist in the sector and respond to specific queries and play an advisory and active role in the process of evolution of the sector 27 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

28 What NGO Partners can get Visibility enhancement services, by means of displaying the profiles, activities and updates of partner NGOs on the website of the Foundation The Foundation will set up and host a resource section for a particular sector, which will be co-ordinated by the NGO partner The Foundation will facilitates linkages for a partner NGO with available resources such as volunteers, donors, experts, other organisations etc. 28 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

29 Criteria for listing of NGOs Must be registered in India Must be completely non-profit oriented in nature Must be actively involved in implementing developmental projects in India Must not have any political / religious affiliation and must ensure total impartiality w.r.t political / religious affiliations of its beneficiaries Must give a guarantee that at least 80% of the resources are routed to beneficiaries, who are economically backward. Must strictly adhere to the norms set by Credibility Alliance. If not, it has to be ensured that the norms will be met within six months from the date of getting itself listed Must provide a prompt feedback on how theyve utilized the resources 29 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

30 What are we looking for…? Meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with: Like-minded individuals Corporate Houses Government Organizations Private Enterprises Non-Government Organizations Funding Agencies and other Foundations The Foundation welcomes: Monetary / in-kind donations Infrastructural and logistical support Volunteering initiatives Corporate houses which plan to outsource their CSR activities 30 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

31 About NGO Tech Support LLP Provides low-cost, high-impact solutions for grass-root NGOs, with a view to provide them with greater visibility and more resources NGO Tech Support is a One-stop solution to all NGO needs: Organizational and technological support for NGOs Providing NGOs, an access to modern technology (software, hardware and other IT services) Administrative, accounting and organizational services for NGO and corporate foundations Employment and social programs for disadvantaged people 31 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

32 In the pipeline… The Foundation is planning to: Set up an International Research and Database Centre for Community Development (IRDCD) Take up extensive research on need-based assessment and allocation, facts & figures and surveys and utilize the resultant wisdom to enlighten national and international organizations involved in charity sector Organization Credibility Bureau(OCB), which will evaluate the credible NGOs/Institutions/Enterprises/Stake Holders and provide a list of performing NGOs, institutions who excel up to the expected Benchmark level of the donors. This will serve as a valuable guide for funding bodies and other benefactors. A "Search Engine Service for NGOs, by name Scammer Bureau, to provide a list of scams and frauds in the charity sector, with details and cautions 32 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

33 Contact details Lets set a new relationship in motion. Please do feel free to contact us to realize your charitable ideas. 33 Joyofgiving Global Foundation, No.38, 1 st main, KPA Block, Chandra Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore – 560040 Helpline Number : +918884884884 Land Line : +9180-23184940 E-mail : Website: Reach out to us to help us reach out to the genuinely needy…. Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

34 34 Joyofgiving Global Foundation : An overvie w

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