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Who was in the Americas? Northern Regions

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1 Who was in the Americas? Northern Regions
Arctic and Northwest California Great Basin Southwest Great plains Eastern Woodlands

2 Arctic and Northwest Cold climate Hunted whales and other sea life
Limited trade along coast Lived in small lineage groups Mythical stories created to strengthen lineage group Potlatches- dinners that symbolized lineage wealth totem poles represent culture

3 California/Great Basin
Warm climate Diets of mussels & shellfish Celebrated religious festivals Religion based on natural spirits of animals and earth GB - moved in small bands Built windbreak shelters

4 Southwest High desert regions
Built irrigation canals because farms had a lack of water Pueblo built adobe buildings (sun-dried brick) multi-storied apartments Some tribes were raiders rather than sedentary Religion revolved around honoring spirits of the earth Includes Hohokam, Pueblo, Apache & Navajo

5 Great Plains Between Rocky Mts & Miss. River Grasslands - dry
Hunters followed big game - bison (buffalo) Used every part of bison for food, clothing, shelter & tools Crow and Blackfoot

6 Eastern Woodlands Had protected environment due to forests
hunted (deer, turkey) and farmed (corn, squash, tobacco) Villages built, some mound builders Villages centered around religious structure and activities Formed Iroquois League to settle dispute

7 Who was in the Americas? Meso-America (“Middle America”)
Olmec Maya Aztec Inca

8 OLMEC 1500 -300 BC Near Gulf of Mexico
Carved enormous stone heads of volcanic rock Chief god - cat-like with jaguar face Division of labor Hieroglyphics calendar farm techniques - slash and burn

9 Maya

10 MAYANS Yucatan Peninsula City States
Complex religion - two layers (now and otherworld) Human sacrifice Writing, ball playing (pok-a-tok), astronomy, mathematicians (zero) Calendar (365) demise - war, drought, infighting MAYANS


12 Palenque

13 Mayan Temples

14 The Aztecs

15 AZTECS Pyramids of Tenochtitlán
Capital city of Tenochtitlan - island in middle of lake Society - hierarchy with emperor at top & criminals/debtors at bottom human sacrifice children of the sun Empire under Montezuma conquered by Spaniards (Cortes) AZTECS Pyramids of Tenochtitlán

16 Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Moon

17 Quetzalcoatl god of wind & knowledge

18 Canoe moving about the chinampas

19 Weaving

20 Aztec Calendar

21 Montezuma Cortes

22 The Inca

23 INCAS Machu Picchu Located in Andes Mountains (S. Amer)
Strong central gov’t; huge empire extending length of South America Built paved roads & suspension bridges - used running messengers Instead of writing system used knotted string to communicate messages & keep records - quipu

24 Inca terraces

25 Suspension bridge

26 Quipu

27 Atahualpa Pizarro

28 Destruction of Culture
The Meso-American kingdoms were as advanced and sophisticated as the ancient Greeks and Romans The European conquerors tried to destroy the evidence of this sophisticated culture

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